Everybody Is Broke Most Cant Afford Their Rent… Man Explains Why People Are Struggling To Live | The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels

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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how the video is a review of a man named Campaign SG who talks about the struggles of paying rent and the need for multiple income streams. He shares his experience of rent increases and the challenges of living independently. The reviewer emphasizes the importance of expanding vocabulary for content creators and warns against falling for investment scams promising unrealistic returns.
➡ The text discusses the importance of managing your lifestyle and spending habits to build wealth, rather than focusing solely on earning more. It emphasizes the need to be strategic with your money, especially in times of rising living costs. The author suggests that quick, short-term financial gains are not as beneficial as steady, long-term investments. He also encourages reducing unnecessary expenses and seeking multiple income streams.


I want to review one more video before we get up out of here and it’s a man that says that people cannot pay their rent and they’re basically going broke out here in these streets. Let me see what his name is. Hey, what it is? His name is Campaign SG. His name is Campaign SG living with Papa Dozier. That’s a heck of a name. Listen, big dog. Make sure if y’all like what it is that he’s talking about, then go and check out his channel. His name is Campaign SG. Y’all sent this to me to review, so I’m gonna check it out.

As of the recording of this video, he got 1.3,000, 1.37,000 subscribers, Campaign SG living with Papa Dozier. You gotta shorten that name up, big dog. That’s bad marketing. Anyways, we’re gonna review the video. Let me see if I can get this up. We’re gonna review the video. Make sure y’all hit a like for the algorithm. If y’all like his channel, go and check it out. Tell him I sent y’all. Let’s get to it. What up, Quinn? Hey, what it is, YouTube? It’s your boy, Papa Dozier, Campaign SG. Back with another video, man. On my way from the job.

On my way to the career from the job. I seen this topic on YouTube, man. I just wanted to speak on it, man. You know, because I got a little interesting story about it, man. But, hey, man, I remember, I be saying I remember like it was so long ago, but it wasn’t that long ago, but like, a few years ago. Try out the M5. Let me send it. See, send me an email. I’ll come and check y’all out. Man, when everything kind of first shot up and I moved in this apartment, you feel me, rent was like $1,600 when I first moved in it.

A year later, rent went up $400, you feel me, to $2,000. And, man, I ain’t gonna lie, like, I remember, like, people’s rent was going up $500, $600 in one year, like, and I’m gonna be real, that was the first time I really, like, moved out on my own, so I’m like… Welcome to the real world, young man. Life is not a game. A lot of people rented during the pandemic, and what happened was they got a really, really, really good deal during the pandemic in order for people to stay because the market demanded for it.

And so, people dropped their prices, and y’all thought that y’all was going to be able to keep those same prices for a long time. It wasn’t. It was gonna go back up to market rate. And if you didn’t lock in for a longer-term lease, then you was gonna be forced to make an adjustment based off of whatever the market was. The other side of it is, you moved out on your own. I always personally recommend for people to stay as long as they possibly can, unless you get married or something. And even if you get married sometimes, you can still stay and stack up.

Stay as long as you possibly can for you to be able to make a real move. Use the time that you have, living with your parents or living with whoever it is that you live with, in order to run up a bag. In order to run up a bag. I am not letting my daughter move out on her own until she gets married. As a matter of fact, I think I’m gonna build a guesthouse and let her stay in the guesthouse of the new property that I’m closing on today. Alright? So, let me continue to hear what you gotta say.

Because when they gotta drop the rates in order to be able to survive, you not gonna come over and pay extra. And so they gonna take advantage of when the boom bus cycle, when it’s booming, they gonna boom. When the rent moratorium was on, y’all wasn’t trying to pay y’all rent on time, y’all was just gonna hold on until y’all got kicked out. Listen, don’t listen to nobody sit there and complain about whether or not you making your bag. At all. That’s just greed. Well, go live somewhere else. That’s why we live in a free market.

You can go and do whatever it is that you wanna do. But if you want what’s happening over there, you gotta pay for it. You can’t just pick and choose the prices that you wanna pay based off of what you think that they should be charging you. You don’t know what they costs are. They can have an adjustable rate mortgage. They could sell it over into a completely new investor. And then a new investor wanna raise the prices because they gotta get a return on them. You have no clue. You just assume it. You have no clue.

That’s a good girl, you know. Shit get more expensive. That’s a good girl. You know, we’re a team, you feel me? But, like, I had put some money into this thing, like, this little investment. I put a few thousand dollars and, you know, I started making money from it every month. But I remember how, you know, somebody, I had a family member who was living in the same complex, whatever. And, like, certain people could take these type of situations different because it just show how messed up. And I don’t wanna say how messed up the economy is, but it just show that even if you out here working, you just doing the average shit, it ain’t enough, bro.

Because this shit had people, like, on eggshells, I’m talking about, praying and it ain’t nothing wrong with that, but it’s like, damn near wanna, like, cry behind this shit, you feel me? Because it’s like, like, think about it, like, I don’t wanna say think about it because I know a lot of y’all went through this same thing, you feel me? I seen some people say they rent one hundred six, seven hundred dollars in one year. Y’all got, listen, shout out to homie. Again, his name is, let me show his name in order. His name is Campaign SG, living with Papa Dozier.

Listen, y’all, if y’all gonna be content creators, you gotta expand your vocabulary. You can’t say yes and all that stuff. You gotta listen back to the stuff that you saying because if you communicate this way on camera, you communicate ten times that way. In person, on interviews, networking, talking to people, putting yourself in a position for people to subscribe to you, taking you seriously when it comes to the content that you create, you have to expand your vocabulary. You can’t say yes and you gotta invest in yourself, invest in growth, alright? I wanna hear the rest of what he’s saying.

And I don’t make no sense, you feel me? And then even, like I moved out that apartment, but the year after that, it went up another two hundred dollars. So that means rent would’ve went up six hundred dollars in two years from sixteen hundred to twenty two hundred. And it’s like, how can, how we supposed to get ahead with that going on, you feel me? Nah, I don’t feel you. The job of the business owner is not to try to get you ahead, it’s to make sure that they are profitable. But that’s why it gonna come back to the way I feel about working the job and all that.

That’s why you can’t just put all your ads in one basket and expect a regular one hourly pay rate. You might, I don’t care if you make thirty dollars, forty dollars an hour, you can’t expect that to save you, bruh. I agree. Because, I agree. It’s just like, it’s ridiculous out here, you feel me? Can that go back into what I be talking about like, man, we gotta, we gotta be on a mission to create more money, you know, build, try to build wealth. So, multiple streams of income, you feel me? Like, real talk because it ain’t just rent, but that was a, that was, that was a big one and I experienced it.

But I remember like, even though the thing I put my money into, it ain’t go as planned because I put the six thousand, I had put six thousand in it. And by the end of the year, it’s supposed to have been like forty, fifty thousand. Y’all gotta stop getting finessed, bro. Listen, listen. Y’all have to stop getting finessed. I don’t know any investment. This is just me personally. If somebody is promising you, let’s see, six, twelve, eighteen, twenty four, thirty, thirty six, forty two, forty eight, fifty four. So, if somebody is promising you a one thousand percent return on your investment in less than a year, you’re getting finessed.

If somebody is promising you a one thousand percent return on your investment in a year, you are getting finessed. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what his investment is. But see, we got this mindset, that quick money. I want to turn six thousand into forty, fifty thousand in less than a year. It was supposed to do that. Where? Who? And what’s his name? Because Warren Buffett said that if you’re getting an eight percent return on average, eight to ten percent return on average, you beat the majority of investors and you’re killing it.

And when I say on average, it’s going to be up years, it’s going to be down years, it’s going to be that. But on average, you get an eight to ten percent return and then you compound it over a period of time. And that’s how you get rich. We got to get away from these short term finesse, man. That sounds crazy. Now, I did make a few thousand off of it, but it ain’t go as planned. But it’s like, what do you mean? Them situations had, you know, that type of stuff made me just like wonder, see, I’m not I’m not the type of person who’s going to sit around and be scared and complain.

I’m just thinking of a solution. And that’s what a man is anyway, though, you feel me? But like real talk, though, man, like it’s crazy. I’ve seen this topic because when that situation happened, they’d be like that shit. Like that was I was like, yeah, man, hey, it’s hard. I am being a dog. You feel me? Like this shit ain’t no no no play play. This shit ain’t no fairy tale. Like, you really got to really try to get your shit together. You feel me? And you got to do whatever it takes. You will be out here.

Nowhere to stay home. You know, like it is messed up because the job’s not even paid like like that. They had to happen rent going up and all this. But then the job, the pay rate stay the same. They might give you a fifty dollar raise. I mean, fifty cent raise depending on where you work. And another thing, man, the people who make like close to six figures, because I asked somebody on one of my videos, talk about he make 80K a year and just like be bragging about this shit. I’m like, man, he people crazy.

I don’t know where you stay at. But it ain’t. Hey, that’s good, man. You know, if you’re making good money in these type of situations, not hurting you as bad, that’s good. But the worst thing you could do out here is just get comfortable because that’s a comfortable statement when you are. I mean, this amount. I’m going to know, bro. You’re not good. You feel me? Don’t give a damn how much you mean, especially if you especially if somebody giving you this because when you work and somebody giving you that. Now, listen, that’s good money.

But the problem, listen, people don’t have a earning problem. Most people have a lifestyle slash spending problem. Let me say it again for the people in the back. Most people do not have a earning problem. They have a lifestyle slash spending problem and they want to get it fast. And we also live in this microwave Instagram culture where everybody is following people based off of the fact that they think that it’s easy to get, but they’re not trying to understand how they get it. You know what I’m saying? And so you have to spend more of your time listening, researching and understanding.

And I always said that slow money is the best money. It’s not about how much money you make. I know people that make, you know, two, three thousand, two, three hundred thousand dollars a year and their lifestyle is a two to three hundred thousand dollar a year lifestyle. They’re not stacking and not reinvesting. They’re not doing any of that. They’re not looking for multiple streams of income, any of that. And so most people’s Achilles healed is the fact that they, they adjust their lifestyle to whatever it is, the amount of money that they’re making.

But your man, like, you know, I agree with him. You shouldn’t have to get too comfortable. I’m never comfortable. I’m always looking to figure out how it is that I can do something a little bit differently. And it kept going. It ain’t go down since then. This was probably three years ago. It ain’t go down. Everything is just expensive now. You feel me? This is the new norm. You feel me? Apartments. That was eighteen hundred a month. Now they’re twenty five hundred. Especially where I live. You feel me? I mean, I’m in South Florida.

You feel me? So I knew it. I said that either he was in Houston or he was in South Florida all day long. And the cost of living is going up in these places. And that’s why I keep telling y’all that a lot of times y’all are in these places that’s not conducive for what it is that you’re trying to build in your lifestyle. You’re going to fall behind. Listen, South Florida and a lot of places in South Florida, it’s a it’s a huge display of haves and have-nots. It’s not for the regular folk.

Yeah, it’s real there. Yeah, you know, but. And it’s like, man, I know it’s hard to get ahead. I know. I grabbed my computer. It’s hard to get ahead like that. You feel me? But that’s why we got to kind of like just be more serious about everything. Cutback on tribe. There’s a cutback on beer. I don’t give a damn if it’s Netflix. I don’t even I don’t even use Apple music no more. You feel me? I’m driving it to. I got Apple music. I don’t even use Apple music no more though. You feel me? That’s only what? $12, $11 a month.

But it’s like I’m trying to really level up and trying to, you know, trying to do this. You got to really be strategic about where your money going in because every dollar count now. Every dollar, every dollar count. But your man, like, man, that ain’t. Man, that rent went up on us $400, man. We read that paper. I can’t believe it. You feel me? Like real talk. And it made me look at where I’m living. Because you go from paying $1,500, you know, there’s a nice little apartment. It’s our first apartment to get out of me.

I’m a girl. You know, you know, feel good when they go up to $2,000 a year. Lady, like, man, this shit ain’t worth the whole place. You just use a lot of apartment. Now you’re looking at it different. But it ain’t just it ain’t just the rent. Everything, you know, inflation. Right. Everything is just through the roof right now. I’m going to move it. So that being said, and what I’ve been on, I’ve been just trying to get all my bills down. I paid my car. You know, that’s good. I was able to do that.

Can’t cross it. You know, you know, them a thing. Whatever. Hey, you got to make this happen. You got to do it. You got to do it. Real talk. Listen, shout out to him for paying his cars off. I think that he has the right mindset. It just needs to be refined a little bit. I don’t necessarily disagree with anything that he’s saying. I just think that we have to make bigger adjustments to get bigger results, not necessarily look to invest a whole bunch of money and get a really, really quick return. So shout out to him.

If y’all want to go and check out his channel, it’s called Campaign SG Living with Papa Dozier. I’m glad that he’s lowering his expenses. But hopefully a girl is working too and she can carry some of that load. She can carry her own weight and then y’all can go from there. Listen. [tr:trw].

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