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➡ The X22 Report article talks about rising crime rates in the U.S., a tactical flashlight for personal safety, and political issues. It suggests that Trump used the term “bloodbath” to refer to economic disaster, not violence. The article also discusses potential election interference and the possibility of Michelle Obama running for president. Lastly, it mentions the issue of illegal immigrants in Chicago and New York, and criticizes the government’s handling of border security.
➡ This text talks about the struggle for control of information in the lead-up to a presidential election. It suggests that powerful groups, referred to as the “deep state,” are trying to control the flow of information to manipulate public opinion. However, another group, the “Patriots,” are fighting back and seem to be winning. The text also discusses concerns about censorship, the importance of the Constitution, and the potential misuse of social media platforms and technology, like TikTok, by foreign countries for spying and data collection.
➡ The text talks about how the government is trying to control people, similar to what happened during the first revolution with the British government. It mentions how this control is testing the constitution and how important it is for people to understand their rights. The text also discusses how the government is censoring information they don’t agree with, even if it’s backed by science. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of the constitution and how it protects the rights of the people.
➡ This text talks about several issues. First, it discusses concerns about hidden health issues and a lawsuit by female athletes against the NCAA over transgender athletes. Second, it mentions a study suggesting people who believe in “woke” social justice ideas might be more anxious and depressed. Third, it talks about rising crime rates and debates over police funding and gun rights. Lastly, it discusses political controversies, including allegations against the FBI and issues related to former President Trump.
➡ The judge believes that the lawyers who wronged Trump should face serious consequences, including paying his legal fees, losing their licenses, and possibly going to jail. There’s speculation about changes in the Democratic ticket for the next election, with some suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris should step down. Meanwhile, former President Obama’s recent visit to the UK has raised questions, as it follows a report revealing his involvement in spying on the Trump campaign. Lastly, Trump is gaining support, particularly among minority voters, and is calling for a debate with President Biden.
➡ Trump’s campaign is about fighting against the deep state, and he’s winning the information war. The deep state might try to turn this into a physical war and control information, but Trump and his supporters are prepared. There’s a lot of misinformation being spread, especially about Trump’s use of the word “bloodbath,” which he used to talk about the auto industry, not violence. The deep state might try to make it look like Trump supporters are causing trouble, but people are waking up to their tactics.
➡ The text talks about the upcoming elections and how there’s a fear of a big loss for one party, often referred to as a “bloodbath”. It suggests that there might be attempts to cheat or disrupt the election, but the author believes that these attempts will fail. The author also believes that the people’s votes will count and that peace is the most powerful weapon in this situation. The text ends with a call for preparedness and vigilance.


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Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, they went ahead and they did exactly what I do believe Trump wanted them to do. Trump used the word bloodbath during his Ohio rally. He was talking about the automobile manufacturers, talking about China. But I do believe he knew that the deep state players, the corrupt politicians, would take that word and use it in a different way.

And I do believe he chose that word because if you go back in time, the fake news use that word all the time. The corrupt politicians use that word all the time. And when I say all the time, I’m talking about all the time. And he knew if he used that word, he would be able then to turn around and say, look, they use it all the time.

They’ve been doing this a lot longer than me. I said it once. And I was talking about the automobile manufacturers. And when you look at the definition of bloodbath. Yes, I know, the deep state, the fake news, the corrupt politicians all out there saying, oh, it’s violence. Well, the second definition is an economic disaster. So really think about what Trump has done here. He set the stage. He knew the fake news, the corrupt politicians were going to do this.

And why would he put this out there? Because once again, they’re building the narrative to do what? I do believe they’re getting prepared and ready to interfere in the election. Yes, I know they’re interfering in the election now with all these indictments. Yes, we already know that they cheated in the election, but I do believe what they’re going to do is they’re going to basically move forward with their insurgency during the presidential election.

Think about what they’ve done already. They ran a simulation of misinformation and disinformation. By the way, misinformation and disinformation has been around forever. Go back to the founding fathers. When they were fighting the revolutionary war, there was misinformation and disinformation all over the place. There was censorship all over the place. Why do you think our founding fathers used pen names? Why do you think they went into hiding? They didn’t want people to know who they were and what they were writing because they’d be arrested.

So we’ve seen this before, but think about it. They ran a simulation to see what would happen if militias, and think about that for a second. Militias interfered with the election, where it would scare off the people. So think about the insurgency. Do you think they’re going to use their foot soldiers, the illegals, antifa and others to try to disrupt the elections? But again, if they’re building the narrative that Trump is looking for a bloodpath, do you think they’re going to have people dressed up as Trump’s supporters where they will try to interfere with the elections, just like January 6? I do believe they’re building this up right now and that’s what they’re pushing.

I do believe Trump has set the stage for all this. Remember, there is an insurgency that was building since Obama came into office and there’s been a counterinsurgency being created. Now, since Trump came into office, Trump already got one piece of the counter insurgency. He got the military on his side, he took control of the country. Now he’s getting the people on his side. And you think the people are going to believe what the deep state is saying is happening? No.

This time around, I don’t think they’re going to believe it. And I do believe in the end, what’s going to happen is they’re going to bring out the military. When I say the military, DHS, National Guard, and they’re the ones who are going to have to call the ball because they’re already calling for DHS and others to get involved in all this because of what Trump said. So I do believe we’re heading down this path now as we approach the elections.

I do believe that the deep state players, they’re prepared and ready to make a change in who is going to be the presidential candidate. And the reason why I say this is because remember Jim Jordan, he is subpoenaining the records for Crossfire Hurricane which implicates Obama. Obama made a trip to the UK to meet with the prime minister out there. And remember, Obama orchestrated the spying of Trump and he used five eyes to do this.

And what country is part of five? I the UK. So I do believe he was out there to talk to them and to see where they’re at. And I do believe Obama, in the end, he’s going to have to take complete and utter control of the situation. And actually he’s going to have to remove Biden so he can take complete and utter control, which means if they remove Biden, Kamala will then be the candidate.

But I don’t believe she’s going to run because already we’re getting word that they want her to resign, which is very interesting, which means I do believe they’re getting prepared and ready to bring in Michelle Obama. So Obama, Barack Obama can have complete and utter control. But remember, the people need to see, and they need to understand that Obama is completely corrupt. He didn’t run a scandal free administration, which people can already see because remember, Biden was doing all this as vice president while Obama was president and Obama knew nothing about this, which is absolutely ridiculous.

So we can see everything is now being set up and the people are going to see quite a bit now, we’re going to be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later. But first, let’s talk about what’s happening with the illegals right now, because we shouldn’t even call them illegals anymore. These are criminal invaders into this country. And these criminal invaders, they’re being brought in by the criminals, the upper level criminals.

And we could see that they’ve been trying to keep them housed. They’ve been trying to pay for their meals. They’re using all this money to help them. But they’re not helping the american people who are living on the streets, who can’t make ends meet. They lost their jobs. Actually, they’re giving the jobs to the criminal invaders. And they are doing all of this right now. Why? Because they need these people.

Because they’re losing the actual Americans. They need all these other people that have no allegiance to this country whatsoever. But out in Chicago, it looks like Chicago is ready to evict over 5600 illegal migrants from the city run shelters. And the eviction comes as Mayor Brandon Johnson well says the 60 day limit is set to kick in. And even though Chicago has been a sanctuary city for nearly 40 years, they have to remove these people in these areas.

So where are all these people going to go? Are they just going to go to the streets? I think Chicago is going to end up to be a complete and utter mess, just like New York City. I mean, we have Mayor Adams out there trying to convince people that New York is one of the safest cities. Why is the National Guard in the subway? Why did someone just get shot in the head? Why are people being pushed onto the tracks? Why are we seeing all this if it’s so safe? Really think about this for a second and really think about this.

The government fought harder against Texas for securing the border than they did against the military age men illegally crossing the border, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know. And you can see how things are now building up. And as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we only have like seven months or so left to go. The deep state players, what do they got to do? They got to control the flow of information.

Well, remember, we’re in an information war. I do believe it’s going to go physical, but right now we’re in an information war. So what they’re going to do and what the deep state is planning to do is they’re going to try to control as much as they possibly can. Now, on the other side, the counterinsurgency. What is the Patriots going to do? They’re going to counter everything the deep state is trying to do.

And who’s actually winning the information war? It’s actually the Patriots. See, the deep state. If they had control over information, they wouldn’t be worrying about misinformation and disinformation. At the World Economic Forum, if you notice, their main topic was how to control misinformation and disinformation. If they had control over the information, they wouldn’t be discussing that. The only reason they’re discussing it is because they lost control of the flow of information.

And what’s very interesting is that right now we see that there are eight car makers that have already removed the AM broadcast from electric vehicles. So right now we have car manufacturers removing the AM radio, conservative talk shows. Is this a way to control the flow of information? Absolutely. So they’re removing this from all their electric cars so you could see where this is all headed. Remember, once you have control of the currency, once you have control of the food supply, once you have control of the creation of energy, once you have control over the flow of information, you control the people.

And this is what the deep state actually wants in the end. But it’s not working, because what have the patriots been doing? They’ve been setting up countermeasures along the way. And I do believe this new bill that Congress passed was to actually help the patriots. Yes, I know the other side, they’re going to try to control the flow of information. They’re going to try to have TikTok purchase.

But I do believe Trump and the Patriots, I do believe they’re going to be making some moves. And actually, Cash Patel said something very, very interesting about how we can divest TikTok from the CCP and take control of where all this data is going. Because, remember, foreign countries like China, they’ve been spying on the people, taking the people’s data. And I do believe Trump of the patriots, they’re about to shut this down.

Take a listen to what Cash says here, how you have viewed TikTok. You’ve done a lot of work on this in your role. Yeah. Look, in the Trump administration, I think President Trump righteously acted on national security intelligence by rolling out a discussion to ban TikTok. He actually acted on the intelligence that proved to be true and was castigated for it for three years. And just last week, we have Senator Warner confirming that TikTok is a national security threat.

I think where we need to go is if we can divest TikTok completely of any CCP ties, then towards the congresswoman’s point, we can shut down the military intelligence collection’s capabilities. But at least we’re having this conversation. It’s gotten to Congress, and we expose a major national security threat from the Chinese Communist Party against the american people and our children. Now, I do believe the other parts of the bill, this is going to be used against the deep state social media companies, because remember, these companies, they’ve been working with foreign actors from the very, very beginning.

And I do believe in the end, when Trump wins, they’re going to use all of this against them. Remember, everything that we’re witnessing, everything that we’re seeing right now, is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. And if you’re going to bring down and destroy the deep state players, you need to catch them in the act multiple times. You just can’t catch them in the act one time.

You have to show the pattern. You have to show the courts, the people. Look, they just didn’t do it by accident. It wasn’t just a glitch. They did it multiple times. It was on purpose. And I do believe this is what Trump and the patriots have been doing. And while they’re doing it, they’re waking the american people up at the same exact time. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that every step of the way, what have we been seeing and what have we been witnessing? We’ve been witnessing the attacks on the Constitution.

Because what is the deep state doing? They’re trying to violate everyone’s constitutional rights. And I do believe this is a test of the constitution. And it is actually waking the people up to show them how important the constitution is. Because you just can’t show the people. Look, look at the criminal syndicate, get the people pissed off, say, okay, we can’t take any more of this, and then have people take back the country.

The people also have to understand that the constitution is very, very important and we should never let these people, the deep state people, violate our constitutional rights. And remember, the constitution was put into place to protect the people. System update put this out there. And there is a huge court case going on right now. And it is the government trying to convince the Supreme Court that they have the right to violate everyone’s first amendment by telling the social media platforms who to censor and who not to censor.

So system update put this out and said, Contenji Jackson Brown doubles down. My biggest concern is that your view has the first amendment hamstring the government in significant ways. That is quite literally the entire point of the first amendment of the entire Bill of Rights. Libs of TikTok responded to this and said, wow, the person who doesn’t know what a woman is also doesn’t know what the First Amendment is.

So put it this way, the government doesn’t control what we the people say. The Bill of Rights wasn’t written to restrain we the people. It was written to restrain the government. The contract that our founding fathers put together, it was telling the government, you’re not allowed to tell us what we can or cannot say, you’re not allowed to go after our weapons. You’re not allowed to search our homes without a warrant.

You’re not allowed to do all of these things. It was telling the government, these are the things you can’t do. And it had nothing to do with misinformation or disinformation because we’re not children, we’re all adults. And the founding fathers, they knew that people could think logically. And again, when you read the First Amendment, it’s not the government’s job to basically curate speech. What they think is misinformation.

What they think is disinformation because let’s go back to COVID, for example. They censored people because they believed that the information that these epidemiologists were putting out, other scientists were putting out, or just everyday people were putting out, was wrong. Oh, we don’t like what this person said about masks. Everyone must wear a mask. Well, the science shows differently. But the government says, no, you must believe and do what we say or else you’re censored.

When someone says, well, I think the vaccines, they’re dangerous. I don’t think we should be taking them. Well, the government says, well, you’re not. Along with our narrative. So again, you’re putting out misinformation, disinformation, because it doesn’t agree with what we think. We have to ban you. And in the end, what happens? It turns out that it was the government that was putting out misinformation. Disinformation. Actually, everything they told us was misinformation and disinformation.

They never backed up anything with peer reviewed information. All they did was tell us, yes, this is what it is. They never showed us the science. They never showed us anything. Then they censored the people that actually did the science, that actually have the peer reviewed documentation. This is why it’s not the government’s job to tell us what we can or cannot say. The constitution is, hey, government, leave us alone.

You have no rights over us. That’s what the contract is there for. You think the founding fathers, after they fought the revolutionary war, when they sat around the table, you think they were sitting there going, hey, you know what we should do? We should make this constitution so it gives the government a lot of power. No, they sat around the table saying, you know something? We need to put something in place to tell the government, this is what they can’t do.

You can’t come after our weapons. You can’t make laws to go up against the constitution. And the rights of the people, and you can’t take them away. They did this on purpose because they fought a war for freedom. This is what the british government was doing to them. They were censoring them. They were putting people in prison because the people, the information they were putting out there, it didn’t correlate with what the british government actually wanted.

And if you went up against the british government, what did they do? They took you away, they put you in jail, and they had a sham court trial. Oh, we’re seeing that with Trump right now. So basically, everything that you’re witnessing right now is basically what happened during the first revolution. And remember, the government at the time was everyone’s government. It was the british government. The british government was tyranical.

They were trying to get control of their subjects, and the people didn’t want the british government to control them. The same thing is happening right now. The crooks, the criminals that are in DC, they’re trying to control the people of this country. And it’s testing the constitution. And the people are witnessing all of this. And the people are starting to understand, holy crap, this is how important the constitution is.

Because if you give the government the ability to censor because they believe it’s disinformation, they believe it’s misinformation. What do you think they’re going to do next? You think they’re going to stop there? No, they’re going to say, let’s move down the line here. Now, if you say anything, we’re going to arrest you. Oh, wait, that’s already happening. It’s already happening out in Germany. Remember, they don’t have the constitution like we have the constitution out in Germany.

A schoolgirl, she was arrested because she shared a video expressing political sympathies with the right wing AfD party in a harmless Smurf video. Think about this for a second. So Germany’s going back to the time when there was Nazis. They’re picking people up. If you put out information they don’t like, that’s what’s happening here, isn’t it? They’re throwing people in prison. For what reasons? They’re censoring people. For what reasons? Thank God here in the United States, we have the constitution.

And her mother, the girl’s mother, feels for political freedom and her civil rights in Germany. So now they’re panicking over there because they’re watching this play out and they’re starting to remember, and yes, this is how important the constitution is. And this is what the people now are seeing. And as they keep pushing, as the deep state continually pushes, people are going to see a lot more. They saw it back in COVID when the mayors, the governors and the blue states, they became dictators and they didn’t want to release their power.

What happened afterwards? All these different courts ruled in the favor of the constitution, showing that they didn’t have the rights to do any of the things that they did. The only reason they were allowed to do it is because the people decided, okay, we will allow you to do it. The people didn’t have to do that. But now I think this time around, the people aren’t going to allow them to do it, because sometimes you got to show the people.

You got to show the people, look, look what they did here. Don’t ever let it happen again. This is how people fight for their freedom. You got to show them what these people do, how they try to take away their rights. And then the people say, no, we’re not standing for this. This is how people begin to fight for their freedom, for their rights. And when you have the majority of the people saying, absolutely not, what happens? The deep state backs down every single time.

And since we’re talking about the constitution and the DS like to say, and the fake news, like, to democracy, we’re not a democracy, it’s a republic. But again, democracy is their system of control. Look what’s happening out in Russia. Putin held an election during the ukrainian war, and he wins 88% of the vote. And the deep state players, what do they call it? A dictatorship. Zelensky, on the other hand, cancels the elections and blames the war.

The west calls it democracy, or should we say, the deep state calls it democracy. Isn’t that interesting how that works? And by the way, clandestine. Put that out and you can really see the truth of the matter. You could really see exactly what’s happening here. Just like you could see what’s happening with COVID I mean, really think about it. During COVID the CDC, the FDA said whatever we.

And Fauci, by the way. Yeah, and Biden, whatever we say is the truth. What everyone else says is a lie. I mean, really think about that for a second. So if you don’t agree with our truth, even though we have no science to back it up, just because we’re just saying it, we’re going to have to censor you because, again, you’re not going along with our truth. And that’s what the government really was doing.

Even though we had doctors, experts, epidemiologists, and many others who were experts in their field who had peer reviewed documentation. They were saying, you are wrong. You’re putting out misinformation. It’s not backed by science. I have the peer reviewed documentation. If you would like to debate it and you would like to show your peer reviewed documentation compared to our peer reviewed documentation, that would be great. That is how a republic should work, right? The government shouldn’t just censor, they should say, okay, let me see what you got, and you should have a discussion.

But once again, they didn’t want that because why? They didn’t have peer reviewed documentation, they couldn’t back anything up. I’ll give you the perfect example. Remember when a federal judge that was appointed by Trump said, listen, I’m going to remove the mask mandates because right now I don’t see any evidence that masks work and I’m removing it from the airlines, the Biden administration, Fauci and the rest said, oh, we’re in the Department of Justice, we’re going to sue, we’re going to put this back in and we’re going to make everyone wear masks again.

Well, what happened? They couldn’t do it. Why? Because they didn’t have the evidence. They couldn’t pursue it because they didn’t have the evidence. That mask worked. If they did and they showed that it stops viruses, they would have won. But they couldn’t even bring that case because once again, you would have to prove that you have the peer reviewed documentation that shows that it works because the other side would say, well, we have peer reviewed documentation shows that it doesn’t work.

And this is how it fell apart. Now, the thing that’s very interesting is that during the Supreme Court hearing, they said something that’s very interesting. And Sean Davis put this out and said in oral arguments before the Supreme Court over whether the government has the authority to bully media outlets into censorship on behalf of the government. The government’s attorney just argued that the censorship was okay because the government really wanted the people to be bullied into getting vaccine shots.

Think about that for a second. Unbelievable. And Wall Street Silver put this out and said, never forget going back in time to 2020. PBS put this out. Is 6ft far enough for social distancing? Here is what science says. Fast forward to 2024. New York Post COVID 6ft. Social distancing sort of just appeared. Likely lacks scientific basis, Fauci admits. So think about it. The fake news was spreading propaganda because the government was telling them what to say and they were giving studies.

And you have to be very, very clear on this, studies that aren’t peer reviewed are worthless. They might help you understand certain things, but until they’re peer reviewed, it doesn’t mean that they’re right. It doesn’t mean that this is the true science. So you can use many different studies and remember, a lot of the studies that are out there are done by certain groups to push a certain narrative.

That’s why peer reviewed documentation is the way to go. Because once you have the study, you should have unbiased scientists take it and repeat it and say, yes, this is exactly what the study is. We were able to repeat those results. Remember, the government and all their scientists, they didn’t have the peer reviewed documentation, but they like to use the word science and studies to convince you that this is real and it’s case closed.

That’s why they say the science is settled. And the reason why they were saying science was settled because they didn’t want peer reviewed documentation. They didn’t want people looking into it. So how do you stop people from looking into it? You censor them, you shut them down. That’s how you do it. But don’t worry, the CDC, they finally released their 148 page study, a myocarditis. Now remember, we had many different individuals do different studies.

There are a lot now that are peer reviewed. And they’re showing that, yes, those people that took the vaccine, they are getting myocarditis. And when the CDC released their information, every single word is redacted. Think about that for a second. Do you think the people have the right to know information that the government has? I think so. Remember, these are elected individuals in government. We should have the right to see this information.

The government works for we the people. We the people control the government. It’s not the other way around. And we should see the information. So when they redact every single word, what does that tell you? It tells you that something is going on here. How severe were the results? Did they know about this ahead of time? Which I do believe they did. Because remember, we had many, many doctors out there saying, yes, we’re seeing cases of myocarditis.

Yes, we see it. It’s clear as day. The Vaers is actually showing it. But look, they hid everything from the people. Again, that should tell you everything you need to know. And the other thing that should tell you everything you need to know is that the women now are fighting against the government, fighting against the trans movement, and they’re taking everything back. A group of female athletes, they filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic association.

They’re doing this because they’re saying that transgender athletes shouldn’t be competing on their teams, they shouldn’t be using the locker rooms that are meant for women. And the lawsuit was filed by the independent Council of Women’s Sports on behalf of over a dozen female athletes. It alleges that the NCAA violated title nine, a federal statute that guarantees equal opportunity for men and women in college sports. And it seeks to prohibit biological males from competing against female athletes.

Further, it demands the NCA revoke awards received by transgender athletes who competed against women in tournaments that were governed by the organization. And they’re absolutely right. And now you could see more and more women are waking up to this. More and more women are fighting back. And I do believe this is going to be a huge movement as we move forward. But the other thing that we’ve come to find out, and there are two studies on this right now, and this study is out of Finland and has found that people who believe in woke ideas of social justice are more likely to be anxious, miserable, and depressed.

Now, the study that was done, and it’s not peer reviewed yet, but again, I do believe once it’s peer reviewed, you’re going to see that this is going to become fact. But there are two studies now that are showing this. And actually, we could start to actually look at Antifa, who are made up of a lot of trans people, those people that are running around shooting people. There’s something going on, and I think people can see this right now.

And the study, entitled Construction and validation of a scale for assessing critical social justice attitudes, was carried out by Oscari Latinen, a senior researcher at the Invest research flagship center at the University of Turku. And it sought to establish the prevalence of the woke worldview and the kinds of people who hold it. And an intriguing aspect of the study was its exploration of the relationship between critical social justice and mental well being.

And they found a correlation between higher agreement with critical social justice attitudes and increased reports of anxiety and depression, which kind of explains everything. And I wonder if this has to do with the medication that they’re on. And most likely it probably is. And we’ll have to see how this all plays out when others go to peer review the documentation, and then people will get their answer. I mean, I think we’ll get a lot of information when they release the manifesto of the trans shooter in Nashville.

And since we’re talking about Nashville, remember when the deep state players wanted to fund all the police? And now we have crime all over the place and it’s wreaking havoc on the cities. The people are getting really pissed off. And now the people are saying, you know what? Enough is enough. We need the police back. Well, a Democrat Tennessee state senator has called for riots after republican lawmakers passed a pro police bill.

State Senator Charlene Oliver was responding to the passing of legislation that prevents cities from restricting police officers from making certain types of traffic stops. So she’s calling for riots because they’re giving the police a little bit more power. Really think about this for a second and think about what people are seeing all across the country right now, where all those different blue areas where they said, let’s defund the police.

Crime is completely and utterly out of control. And the people who live there, they see it and they want the police back. And most likely, I think people are saying, why don’t we have weapons? Because when you see these things happen and you see the crime, the shooting and everything else, what do people want to do? They want to defend themselves. If the police aren’t there, you need to defend themselves, defend yourself.

Even if the police are there. How long does it take the police to get to you? A couple of minutes? Well, you could be dead at that point. So I do believe we need to go back to our roots and we need to go back to the second amendment. And the people should have the right to carry wherever they want. Actually, wait, they do have the right. That’s why all these ridiculous laws are meaningless, because once again, they’re violating our constitutional rights.

We don’t need a law that says we have constitutional carry. We don’t need any type of ID that says, oh, we can have a weapon, because if you read the second amendment, it shall not infringe. It’s pretty darn clear here. And every single law infringes on our right to carry a weapon. And you can see the deep state players have been trying to brainwash the people for a very long time.

Now. The other thing that’s very interesting is we can see that January 6 and the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer, that is completely falling apart. I do believe the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer was a dry run of January 6. And what’s very interesting is that revolver news, they put out something out on truth, and it says, leaked audio exposes FBI dirty dealings with key informant, architect of Whitmere kidnapping plot.

Trump responded to this and said, wow. And we know that the FBI orchestrated the entire thing. Just like the FBI, the Capitol police, Nancy Pelosi, CIA, now DHS and many others, they were all involved in January 6, and they overthrew the United States government. They had a coup d’eta, actually. They were planning and trying to push a coup d’eta back in 2016. It failed. They actually pulled it off in 2020, where they overthrew the United States government and they put in a puppet government.

That’s what they really did. That is treason right there. I mean, they did this to other countries. Look at Libya, look at Iraq. Look what they were trying to do in Syria. They did it to Ukraine. They did it to Somalia. They did it to many, many countries. They did it here. And now their entire insurrection that they had against Trump is completely falling apart. Trump, he put this out and said, our great secret service has totally crushed Cassidy Hutchinson, who I barely knew, made up fake stories about me roughing up secret service agents from the backseat of the beast limo.

Has she now changed her testimony? Will she be prosecuted for what she did and said? What about the unselect January 6 committee? They destroyed almost everything, including real evidence and findings. What’s going to happen with them? Serious crimes have been committed. Now, is anything going to happen to them right now? No. But I do believe Trump. He’s building this narrative, letting everyone know that they created a fake story.

They used fake evidence to try to charge Trump and to cover up everything that they did. And when it didn’t work and the house was voted in with the MAGA patriots, they knew that they were going to be coming after that information. Actually, the MAGA patriots said, listen, do not destroy what you have. You must preserve it. So what did they do? They destroyed it. Is anything really destroyed? Absolutely not.

Why did they do that? Because they’re covering up their crime. The COVID up always gets you. Now, in regards to Trump’s case with Letitia James, Peekaboo, it looks like Trump cannot come up with 454,000,000 and he won’t be able to get that bond, which means the talk about protecting your wealth. If you have a bank account, pay attention. Your savings could be at risk. The US banking system is once again under extreme stress.

This jeopardizes you and your family, but there is an easy way to protect yourself. Gold. Contact Noble Gold investments today and safeguard your family’s financial future. As a thank you for opening a qualified account, they’ll give you a free quarter ounce gold standard coin. Visit x 22 gold. com to claim your gold coin. That is x 22 gold. com. Or click the link in the description. Corrupt system will probably go after his buildings, unless Trump then can find some type of judge or someone to come to his aid.

Now, this doesn’t mean they take his building, they knock it down, and they’re going to hold it in escrow and it’s going to allow Trump to appeal. And Trump will appeal. And I do believe in the end, once Trump gets a federal judge that actually follows the rule of law, they’re going to look at this. And I wouldn’t be surprised in the end if this federal judge says, this is a miscarriage of justice.

These people need to pay the lawyer fees of Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get disbarred. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cannot work ever again. Actually, they should go to jail for what they have done. Now, the judge might just rule in Trump’s favor, but I do believe in the end, I do believe these people, they should be disbarred, they should go to jail, and they should pay every dime back, and they should apologize to the people of this country.

Let’s see what happens. This should be very, very interesting. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that Judge McAfee, on page 20 of his ruling, tacitly invites Trump’s legal team to file a motion gagging da Fonny Willis from making any more legally improper speeches or comments about the case that might taint the jury pool, as she did at a black church in Atlanta. That is very, very interesting.

But now, what do people know? The people know that she’s corrupt. The people know that she’s unethical. And when people saw everything play out, they realized that the system is completely and utterly corrupt. And I think the people are learning this every single day. They’re seeing the two tier justice system. It’s becoming very, very clear. And what’s becoming very, very clear is that all these indictments and everything they’re trying to do with all the trials before the election, this is definitely election interference.

And actually, Roger Stone points out something very, very interesting. It’s something that Adam Schiff says, where Adam Schiff says the DOJ should have moved faster with Trump indictments, and he’s saying that Trump probably wants to have the trials after elections. Roger Stone responded to this and said, more proof that the indictments are really manufactured. Election interference against Trump. Shifty Adam Schiff, architect of the russian collusion hoax, says it out loud.

The left is hysterical that Trump may not stand trial on a fabricated charge before the election. And he’s absolutely right. Then Trump put this out and he said, can you imagine Adam Shifty shift talking about me evading justice when he is the most outrageously crooked politician out there, with the possible exception of Crooked Joe Biden. The worst president by far in the history of the United States. Absolutely.

But I do believe the deep state players, they’re prepping and preparing to basically have a change of battery. And it looks like they’re already starting the narrative right now because Kamala Harris is being called to resign from her position in order to give Joe Biden a better chance at re election. So Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post editorial board penned the opinion editorial, which was published on Friday, and wrote that they should now remove Kamala Harris.

And she said, this is why I proposed, with all due respect, that Harris step away from the ticket. Please, Madam vice president, do it for our country. So the Kamala conundrum comes down to this. She was picked because she was black and female, a combo tantamount to a job security. Now that she has become a burden to the democratic ticket, Biden can’t fire her. He can’t risk alienating his base.

Full stop. So what are they suggesting now? Are they suggesting that Kamala won’t be on the ticket? And will they trade one black woman for another? Will they bring in Michelle Obama saying that she’s running as Joe Biden’s vice president? Really? Think about this for a second. Then what happens when Biden has a full and utter breakdown? Will then Michelle Obama then run for. Hmm. It seems like they’re planning to do something and something is in the works.

Very, very interesting. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump is continually telling Biden it is time to debate. He put this out on truth. He said, it’s time for crooked Joe Biden and I to debate. We owe it to our country. Anytime, anywhere, any place. Let’s see how this plays out. I wonder if he’s going to debate. This should be very interesting. But since they’re asking Kamala to get off the ticket and don’t run with Biden, I find it very interesting that Barack Obama decided to go to the UK and visit the prime minister there.

So you have to ask yourself a simple question. Why would Obama be going to the UK? Why would he meet with the prime minister? Well, it shows you that he’s really the one that’s pretty much calling the shots, telling Joe what to do. But again, why is he there? George Papadopoulos put this out on X and said, obama rise at ten Downing street to meet with senior UK political and security officials.

This unannounced trip comes just days after Obamacare report revealed he involved the UK’s intel agencies along with the CIA to spy on the Trump campaign and administration. So remember Jim Jordan, he is looking for information on the crossfire hurricane case. And remember, Obama was behind this. Trump has said it many, many times before that Obama spied on me. So let’s go back to post 1667, July 3, 2018.

And I’m going to read the top part first and it says will be extremely important going forward. UK primary turn taken FBI, DOJ to state Hussein White House including CIA and other appointments start to foreign bad actors. Rod Rosenstein Deadline we have this server down below, it says normally intelligence passed on the member of the Five Eyes Alliance, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US to another member comes through an official channel for intelligence sharing.

However, Nunes, upon reviewing the document that formally launched the FBI’s investigation, said there was no intelligence shared through that official channel, meaning that the intelligence was shared through unofficial means. So again, why was Obama out there? Was he out there to talk to them, to say, listen, do not give anything to them, do not tell them what we did here? It’s starting to seem that way. Then if we go to post 4044, May 2, 2020, it says Spygate.

It shows Obama, it shows Baker, Comey, Brennan, Clapper. And down below, it says, never has a president left office to collude with others to impede the next sitting president of the United States of America. Down below, it has a link to Trump’s Twitter account. He has a tweet there. And down below, it’s Kimberly strassle. It says the FBI knew Michael Flyn wasn’t colluding with Russia, so it plotted to get him to lie.

New documents reveal that by the end, the bureau just wanted a scalp. Trump responded to this and said the Russia hoax is the biggest political scandal in american history. Treason. Let’s see how this ends. I do believe that Obama right now is in the crosshairs. I do believe Trump and the patriots are forcing the change of batter one way or another. So this way, Obama comes into focus.

Already we have crossfire, hurricane out in the open. Jim Jordan is subpoenaining the records. We have Obama flying all the way to the UK to meet with the prime minister and others to talk about what is happening. You think he’s panicking right now? Absolutely. Sometimes you got to show the people who the corrupt, treasonous people are. Remember, Obama picked his United States Secret Service name. His secret service name is Renegade, traitor, treasonous.

Think about it. Turncoat. So the insurgency started when Obama came into office. And he’s building the insurgency this entire time. Trump came in in 2016, and he is building the counterinsurgency to Obama’s insurgency. Trump already got one part of the counterinsurgency, which is the military. He got that on November 3, 2020. Now, on November 5, 2024, he’s going to get the second part of the counterinsurgency, and that is the people of this country.

And once you have the people in the military together, you have the counterinsurgency. And this is what Trump has been doing this entire time, showing the people how important the constitution is, showing the people, this is what you have to do to fight for freedom, showing the people, this is what you have to do to take back the country. And this is what you have to do to keep the country.

Because without knowing what the criminals look like, without knowing what their system does and how it operates, you can’t take it back. Can’t take back the country and you can’t keep it. So you got to know how to do it. And you can see Trump is winning. Trump, he put this out, and this is pointing to Nate Silver. And it says Democrats are hemorrhaging support with voters of color.

The trend is real in polls. And you can see that they are losing the minority vote. They’re losing the blacks, they’re losing the Latinos, and it’s getting worse and worse for them. Then Trump put this out. And this is coming from the Washington Times. And the headline says, Trump’s electoral map and coalition are expanding. The 2024 presidential election will be an issue based campaign, whether President Biden likes it or not.

When you step back and you really take a look about what’s really going on, and you take a look at the, this, everything that you’re witnessing, everything that you’re seeing today, open borders, crashing economy, war, this is Trump’s campaign. This is his campaign to get the people. All he needed was the deep state to follow the 16 year plan. And all he needed was them to show everyone how they were going to destroy the country.

This, everything that you’re seeing, this is his campaign. It’s his campaign against the deep state. And he’s winning. How do we know this? Well, it’s very interesting because the New York Times put this out and said how Trump allies are winning the war over disinformation. American first legal put this out and said America first legal and its allies in Congress are winning the war against censorship. The New York Times is actually admitting that Trump is winning the information war.

And this is why I do believe the deep state players are going to try to move the information war into a physical war. And yes, they will try to control information. They will try as hard as they possibly can. And eventually what’s going to happen is when they can’t control it anymore, they will just shut it all down. And it looks like we’re heading in that direction. And I think Trump and the Patriots, they know that they’re going to use violence because that’s what an insurgency is.

And they’re getting prepared and ready to do this. And I do believe Trump gave them the ammunition to bring and move their plan forward. Because remember, this is about catching them in the act. This is about the american people seeing it. And if you want to guard the elections, if you want to go to paper ballots, what do you got to do? You got to allow the enemy to do what they do best.

Don’t interfere with them. Let them do it this way. We can bring out the national Guard, we can bring out the military. We can have a protected election. We can guard the election and have a fair election, because you take it all away from the deep state. You take their computer systems, their mail in ballots, their dropboxes, and the people that guard their elections, these just take it all away from them and let the people have a fair, transparent election.

But you can see the deep state players, the fake news, the corrupt politicians, they’re going crazy over bloodbath. So Biden’s communication director, Michael Tyler, goes on the show of the former Biden press secretary, Jen Psaki, to spew disinformation. Tyler says Trump’s bloodbath remark was an endorsement of political violence. He was talking about the auto industry. Tyler backs up his hoax with the hoax that Trump called Nazis. Very fine people.

We even had MSNBC hosts sitting there going, yeah, we hear all the people on social media. We hear all the people saying, oh, it was about the automobile manufacturers. Well, you people are stupid. He’s calling for violence because he used the word bloodbath. Bloodbath is just that, a bloodbath. Well, what’s very interesting is powertie put up a video of Joe from NBC repeatedly calling for bloodbaths over and over and over again.

And this was before Trump said it. So I do believe what Trump did. He’s kind of set these people up because he knew that they used the word bloodbath all the time. And Trump, he actually allowed the deep state now to take this narrative to make people think that Trump is going to have a bloodpath now, the Trump supporters, the people that are thinking logically, they know that this is all BS.

But again, the deep state players, they’re going to try to do what they did on January 6. They’re going to try to have people dressed up as Trump supporters. They’re going to try to make it look like Trump’s people are very angry because there might be a stalemate or they might not certify the elections. This is what they’re going to try to do. But actually, when you look at the definition of bloodbath, and John Ocasio, Rodham Nolte put this out and said, here’s the first definition, a great slaughter.

The second definition, a notably fierce violent or destructive contest or struggle. The second part of that definition is a major economic disaster. So Trump, he was talking about a bloodbath in regards to the automobile manufacturers and electric vehicles. But again, you could see what they’re doing right now, because CNN, MSNBC, they’re using this to spread disinformation, to get the feds to meddle in the elections against Trump. That is what they’re trying to do.

Juliet Cayenne put this out and said a proposal, it is good. Biden is talking about the threat to our democracy coming from the violence Trump promises. We have a whole department created to address terrorism, and it would be nice to hear a plan about protecting our homeland security. DOJ is not built for this. So they’re projecting what they’re going to do. And I do believe in the end, under the Biden administration, they’re the ones who are going to be calling the ball.

And I do believe they’re going to try to make it look like that it is the MAGA supporters that are out there protesting, but it won’t be, or I shouldn’t say protesting, rioting and causing havoc. But what it’s really going to be, it’s going to be people dressed like Trump supporters. And I do believe they’re the ones who are going to call the ball and the real military is going to come in and round everyone up who’s causing this problem.

Because remember, people are going to find out, wait a minute, these aren’t Trump supporters. These are illegals. These people are antifa. So I do believe they’re projecting what they’re going to do and it’s all being set up. And I do believe Trump, he mentioned that word, knowing that they mentioned this word multiple times. But I think he knew they were going to use it in this way and they were going to push the idea that Trump was going to have violence during the election.

Remember, they did this during the last election. He was never going to leave the White House. He’s going to want to stay in control. What do you think is going to happen this time? It’s going to be them, the deep state players who are going to try to stay in the White House. It’s going to be them who are going to say that the elections are rigged this time around, everything is going to be on them.

And remember Nancy Pelosi, how she talked about the wrap up smear campaign? Well, this is exactly what she’s doing right now. Charlie Kirk put this out on X. Just take a listen to what she says here. What does that mean? He’s going to exact a bloodbath. There’s something wrong here. How respectful I am of the american people and their goodness. But how much more do they have to see from him to understand that this isn’t what our country is about? Wrap up smear.

You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it, and then you write it and they’ll say, see, it’s reported in the press that this, this and this. So they have that validation that the press reported the smear, and then it’s called the wrap up smear. Now I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made. It’s a tactic and it’s self evident.

So what’s different this time around is that the people are wide awake. The people now know their tactics. They know that what they’re saying is not true. And this is going to be very, very difficult for the deep state players to actually pull this off this time around, because think about it, since Trump said it, how quickly was this debunked? So do you think when there’s violence and chaos, you don’t think this is going to be debunked very, very quickly? Absolutely.

Because, again, who’s controlling the flow of information? The patriots are. DC Drano put this out and said, record violent crime in cities, bloodbath. Ukraine, war, bloodbath. Instability in the Middle east, bloodbath. Illegal aliens murdering Americans, bloodbath. Fentanyl Cris, bloodbath. Vaccine injuries and deaths, bloodbath. They don’t want you to know the bloodbath is already here under Joe Biden. Absolutely. And then Trump, he let everyone know, look, the bloodbath word was used by the fake news.

It was used by the corrupt politicians. He put this out on truth and said the fake news made a big deal out of the word bloodbath knowing that it was about our shrinking auto manufacturing business and the fact that they use the same name all the time. They are so bad. Take a listen to the fake news and how many times they use the word bloodbath. com. Reports tonight on the, quote, bloodbath at the RNC.

Headlines calling it a, quote, bloodbath. A bloodbath. Not only is it going to be a bloodbath, but after they leave New Hampshire, it’s a bloodbath on her home turf. That’s really tough. Trump has left a lot of corpses in his wake. I mean, we can count the bodies as part of the, quote, Maga drive to take over Maricopa county. And the headline refers to it as an impending bloodbath.

Columnist Charles Blow has a new piece for the New York Times entitled a Biden Bloodbath 2018 midterms. You can bet that they 100% are fearing a slaughter. In fact, the word bloodbath and massacre come up frequently. The republican party will be destroyed. It’s going to be a bloodbath. There’s going to be a bloodbath one way or the other. Bloodbath. For Bernie Sanders, it’s been a bloodbath. They’re shaping up to be a bloodbath.

Head off. A bloodbath in next year’s crucial midterm off year elections are often a bloodbath. This week’s bloodbath for Democrats, a bloodbath at the ballot box. There could be a republican bloodbath. Talk about a bloodbath. It’s a bloodbath. I have to talk about you and LA is going to be a bloodbath all day long is in for a bloodbath. Hasn’t been a bloodbath on the way down with Donald Trump.

Bloodbath. Be a bloodbath. Predicted to be a bloodbath. May not be the bloodbath. It would be a bloodbath. More of a bloodbath. It’s going to be a bloodbath in November. Possible Biden bloodbath this November. A bloodbath on Wall street. There’s going to be a bloodbath in Alabama. Into a bloodbath. Obviously there was a bloodbath. It was a bloodbath. We’re down 800 points. This bloodbath at Department of Homeland Security and it’s a bloodbath today.

There was going to be this bloodbath election bloodbath. It could be a bloodbath for them. Bloodbath. Possibly bloodbath that went through with the attorney general bloodbath 99 days out, the bloodbath is going to look like presided over a bloodbath in the diplomatic corps. Pollute, in my opinion. Bloodbath. The Democrats are calling it a ticket sales turn into a bloodbath. Ticket sales for singer Taylor Swift’s latest tour, it’s safe to say the fans had a bloodbath for the company after the fiasco.

So right there, you could see that Trump, he set the stage. And the deep state players, they’re going to continue with their narrative that Trump is going to have violence, because again, as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, this is when they’re going to have the insurgency. This is when they’re going to have the attackers remember. They’re going to try to cheat, they’re going to try to do whatever they possibly can.

But they know this time around, it’s going to be very, very difficult. Why? Because Trump has the people. It’ll be too big to rig, like Trump says. And if it’s too big to rig, what are you going to do? You’re just going to let Trump win? No, you’re going to have to try to stop them any way you possibly can, just like they did back in 2020. They used the virus to cheat.

They knew they had the ability to do it. They knew they had everything in place. The people wouldn’t come out to vote. They could use the mail in ballots. It was a perfect plan, except they got caught by the military. But again, this is part of the sting operation. This time around, they know all of that that they did cannot work. So this time, they can’t have an election.

They have to change things up. They can’t cheat the way they did before because it’s going to be too big to rig. So they’re going to have their insurgency, which they’re building up right now, as you can see, and they’re going to try to postpone the elections any way they possibly can. I do believe Trump, the patriots, they’re leading them down this path because they want the people of this country to have their vote count.

They want their voice heard. And the only way to do this is with paper ballots. The only way to do this is with an election that is protected. And if you think back to the simulation that they had, they wanted to see how people reacted. If militias were violent and attacking people when they’re going to the voting booths, they wanted to see how people would react. Would people go to the voting booth or people wouldn’t go to the voting booth.

So what are they going to do? They’re going to use their deep state players, their insurgency, to try to keep people away, which means the military is going to have to guard these areas. And I do believe in the end, this is not going to work the way they think it’s going to work. And I do believe this is going to give the people their vote. Now, once again, once the people vote and the electoral college and the popular vote are completely lopsided in the favor of Trump, you know, the deep state players, they’re not going to accept this.

They’re going to say, no, this is rigged. He was working with foreign government. Everything they said about him in 2020, they’re going to say the same exact things and they’re going to try to get the vice president to send the votes back to the lectures, but it won’t work because they took that power away from themselves. So they’re going to try to use chaos to try not to certify the elections and they’re going to build up war to try to not certify the elections.

But in the end, Trump has the most powerful weapon. It’s called peace. Because once the military gets involved, once the military rounds up these people and Trump negotiates peace, even if the elections are still in know, just pending, it destroys everything the deep state trying to do. They can’t win. It’s impossible, because peace is the most powerful weapon. If they don’t have war, they don’t have the chaos, they’re completely exposed.

And the people are going to demand that Trump be their president, because again, the people, they went out, they had the paper ballots. We can count it again if everybody wants. It’s going to show that Trump won. And if it’s called upon every person showing up, I do believe every single person would show up and say, look, here’s my vote. I voted for him. I’ll do it again.

So in the end, this is not going to work. It’s going to fail. But I do believe Trump and the patriots, they’re leading them down this path, because once again, we have to round up the bad actors and we can’t go to war. We have to have peace. So during this entire time, as we approach the presidential election, these are the things that Trump is going to say.

He’s going to say, I can have peace, just elect me. We can have an economy that’s booming, just elect me. We can close the borders. Just elect me. We will stop the central bank digital currency, just elect me. And as these things build up, the people, they’re going to wake up. The people are going to be with him. And this is the counterinsurgency. Sometimes you just got to show the people the truth.

And once this counterinsurgency is complete, it’s game over for the deep state players. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Close. .

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