Ep 3279b – Is The 25th Amendment In Play? [DS] Following The Patriots Path Safeguards In Place

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➡ Dave talks about how our online privacy is at risk because many websites share our data with big social media platforms. He suggests using Virtual Shield, a tool that helps protect our personal data. He also discusses political issues, suggesting that Trump is trying to expose the corruption in the government and unite America. Dave believes that Trump is in control and is leading the country down a path to reveal the truth about the system.
➡ This text talks about how some people believe that President Biden wasn’t the first choice to run against Trump, but was chosen because he was popular and had worked with Obama. There are also claims that Biden might be replaced due to concerns about his mental health. The text also suggests that Trump wants to expose some hidden truths about the Obama administration. Lastly, it discusses allegations of the Biden family receiving money from foreign governments, which some people see as a problem.
➡ Trump has accused Biden of using private email accounts to hide his actions, similar to other politicians like Obama and Hillary Clinton. He suggests that this is part of a larger criminal organization that has been controlling the country. This organization is also accused of keeping the borders open, leading to increased crime and dissatisfaction among citizens. The text also mentions a controversial interview with Putin, where he questions America’s priorities and accuses the CIA of trying to overthrow his government.
➡ This text talks about how some people believe that powerful groups are trying to start a war with Russia for their own benefit. It also mentions a new law proposal that would require members of Congress who vote for war to actually go and fight. The text also discusses health issues related to certain foods and how North Korea is becoming more aggressive. Lastly, it criticizes how some officials have used the COVID-19 pandemic to gain more power and control.
➡ The text talks about how crime is increasing in New York and how some people believe that instead of focusing on this issue, authorities are targeting former President Trump. It also discusses a controversial event that happened on January 6, where some people believe that the real troublemakers were disguised as Trump supporters. The text also mentions that Trump believes he was the real target of this event, not the government. Lastly, it talks about how some people think that Trump is being unfairly targeted by the legal system, while others who have done wrong are not being held accountable.
➡ This text talks about how some people believe President Biden is not fit for his role due to his declining mental abilities. They think he might be removed from office using the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president and majority of the cabinet to declare the president unfit. This would make the vice president the acting president. The text also mentions that some people believe Biden’s poor performance is being used to cover up his past mistakes.
➡ This text talks about the possibility of using the 25th Amendment to replace the current president. The 25th Amendment has been used before to temporarily give power to the vice president when the president is sick. Some people think that Vice President Kamala Harris and others might use it to replace President Biden. There are also rumors that other politicians, like Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, or even Michelle Obama, could be brought in to run for president.


Report. My name is Dave. This episode 3279 bn today’s date is February 9, 2024, and the title of the episode is is a 25th amendment in play. Deep state following the patriots path. Safeguards in place. Let’s talk about protecting ourselves online. It’s now been revealed that thousands of websites share your information with social media giants. Most of us know that our every move online is tracked. It’s no longer a surprise when we get an ad for a product we previously searched for.

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Get it now free by signing up@virtualshield. com. X 20 twovpn that’s virtualshield. com x 20 twovpn. Try it now. You have nothing else to lose. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters, they are now following the path that the patriots created for them. And you could see that they are now doing everything that Trump and the patriots want.

Remember, when you step back and you take a look at what’s exactly going on, and you go back to the very, very beginning, back to 2016. Trump’s plan was to take control of the country, to put certain things in place, make sure he has continuity of government. And yes, you were going to see bad things that you didn’t like happening because it had to be this way. And he needed to put the resident in place because he basically took the 16 year plan and completely turned it around and put it back on them so people could see it.

And they actually accelerated the plan so people wouldn’t not see it. So I do believe the deep state players, they’re following the Patriots path. And yes, to wake the people up in this country, you’re going to have to do certain things that is going to scare the population, because remember, to wake people up from their slumber, you got to really jolt them somehow, some way. Now, yes, Republicans are going to wake up a lot faster.

The MAGA crew is going to make up a lot faster. Independents are going to wake up a lot faster. But the Ds, they’re going to need a lot more. And remember, this is America. And yes, Trump is going to unite America. And I do believe what he’s doing right now is he is now bringing the deep state players down a path so people will understand how bad the deep state is, how bad the system is.

And people will see the system once and for all. Because remember, people have been living in this system for a very long time. People think that this system is normal. Like it’s on the up and up and everything is okay, but it isn’t. And yes, it’s going to get scary. But I do believe there are safeguards in place. And I do believe that Trump, by taking control of the country, he’s making sure that the country is safe.

But he also needs to show the people the truth. Now, he could have just explained it to the people, which he did, actually. If you go back in time and you look at a lot of his speeches and what he said about Joe Biden, he did tell the population exactly what was going to happen. Do you think the population believed him? Do you think the population go, holy crap, are you serious? The border is going to be open and we’re going to have an event.

Well, we shouldn’t do it. No, the people didn’t do that. The people said, you’re crazy. I don’t believe you. That’s why he needed to show everyone. And everything that we’re witnessing right now is not to make the country better, because you can’t make the country better when you have a criminal organization running the country. It doesn’t work. You need to expose the criminal organization and you need the people to remove it.

See, once it’s transparent, once the people see it, they won’t be able to unsee it. And I do believe this is why Trump wants Obama front and center. Yes, we’re going to see terrible events, but I do believe they are controlled in a certain way. Yes. Are we going to head towards war? And I don’t mean, oh, look, war is coming. Is everyone scared? No. When I say war is coming.

I’m saying people are going to be afraid. Remember 911? We know it’s an inside job, but remember when that happened? Remember Pearl harbor? Well, I do believe we’re going to see many different instances where people believe we are going to war. And you’re going to have the fake news on one side, the Biden administration on one side saying, yes, we need to go to war, and it’s going to look real, just like the events are going to look real.

Because how do you wake the american population up? You have to break the hold of the fake news. And I do believe this is where we’re all headed. And yes, everything that we’re seeing is not to make it better. Like I said before, it’s about exposing, showing the people the criminal syndicates, showing them what the system is and how it actually works so you can understand it. Because again, if you don’t understand that the country was infiltrated, if you don’t understand that we’re run by a criminal organization, how in the hell are you going to take it back? How are you going to understand this now, those people that are awake, Trump is not going after you.

You understand this. You want this to come to an end. You don’t like what’s going on. You want to vote right now and say, yeah, we’re voting for Trump. I get it. But again, think about all the other people that don’t get it. I mean, you will know when the tide is actually really turning. And I do believe it is turning right now. But you’re going to see a lot more people.

They will start coming out and they will say, yeah, you know what? I was snowed by the fake news. Actually, Michael Rappaport right now is coming out and saying, listen, the fake news lied to me. I believe whatever they said. But when I went back and I read the transcript in Charlote, I noticed that, hey, wait a minute, Trump didn’t really say these things. A lot of people are going to start to wake up now.

Everyone wakes up at different times and it takes a certain number of slaps in the face to wake them up. And that’s why you’re experiencing this. You see, the people that are awake right now, they’re getting nervous and afraid because they’re awake. They’re seeing this play out and they’re like, I don’t know, is Trump in charge? I don’t get what’s going on here. See, you’re not the person that is being woken up and you’re seeing it from a different perspective.

But again, I do believe Trump is completely in control. And I do believe he wants Obama front and center because all roads lead to Obama. Yes, we needed to expose Biden. Yes, everyone needed to see that he is a criminal because remember, he was doing this under Obama’s watch. And now you just saw her say, yeah, you know what? The guy’s old, mentally unstable and we can’t really press charges right now.

So we’re going to just let him go. Even though he was a citizen, he wasn’t allowed to have the documents. It was illegal for him to have it. But look at the poor guy. I mean, he’s mentally ill. He can’t remember things. But then why is he the president? Think about that for a second. So is the 25th amendment in play? It’s starting to look that way now.

I do believe that Trump, he could have kept Joe Biden in that place. Joe Biden would have been a perfect candidate to go up against Trump because Trump would win with no problem whatsoever. Because Biden, he would have a mental breakdown. People would see more of his crimes. People would see the open borders. People would see us going to war. I don’t think Trump would have a problem beating Biden and becoming the president.

But once again, is that what this is all about? Or do we need to show the people who have been pulling all the strings, who are the people that have been pushing this type of agenda? Do we need to show the people, who are the people that infiltrated this country? I do believe that’s what Trump wants to do. He wants to show the people, look who’s been doing all of this and look how they’ve been doing it.

And yes, Biden, he wasn’t really supposed to be going up against Trump. Actually, Obama wanted Kamala Harris, but her poll numbers were so low, they said, holy crap, we’re never going to be able to pull this off. So who else do we got? I guess we got to use this guy right here because he’s pretty popular and he was under the Obama administration and people will resonate with him and that’s why they had to use Biden.

But in the end, I do believe they’re going to get rid of him. And I’ve said this going back, way, way back in time, and it looks like the process has already started. Like I said, I don’t believe the Republicans are going to impeach him because that would then recognize that he is the president, which he is not. He is the president. I do believe Trump and the patriots want Biden taken out one way or another.

Now, he might be stubborn. He might not want to go. They’ll probably try to make a deal with him. And if he doesn’t go, they will then push the 25th Amendment. I think people are already pushing for the 25th amendment because they’re saying, listen, if you put that in a report that he’s mentally unstable, he can’t remember things and you can’t prosecute because of this reason, how in the hell can he have the nuclear football, which I don’t believe he has, but the american public believes he has the nuclear football.

And how can he run the country? Because if he’s in this state, he’s going to bring us to war. He’s going to destroy the country. And I think the DS now, they’re starting to see this. Now, remember, they’re not going to do this very, very quickly. They’re not going to say, all right, Biden’s out, we’re going to bring you the next. Because again, the DS need to accept it and they need to do it slowly.

They need to introduce it. This is why they were coming out with the poll saying that Trump is way ahead of Biden because they need the DS to understand, and this is why they put this out in the report. Basically, they are now getting ahead of what they’re going to do. The DS, they need to start to accept it. Because remember, for a very long time, the DS, they were hearing that Biden was fine.

Now they’re hearing the opposite. And I do believe the fake news. Yes, they’ll try to spin a lot of this, but eventually what’s going to happen? They will get the memo saying, okay, it’s time to tell the people, the DS, your audience, that he is not the guy that we need. We need to replace him. So, yes, naturally, you’re going to see this turn over. Now, once again, I do believe he will be the nominee.

And as we move forward, at the same time, you’re going to see his dementia start to really kick up. Now, is his dementia real or is he using it for plausible deniability? Well, it might be both, but I do believe that he’s really starting to play it up right now. And I do believe in the end, I think the DS, they might use the 25th amendment, because I remember Trump saying when he was at the border wall, he was letting everyone know that the 25th amendment is not really going to hurt him.

It’s going to hurt Joe Biden. And I do believe they might put in Kamala Harris as the acting president. Now, once again, I do believe it will be an easy switch to go from one black woman to another. Remember Kamala Harris? She doesn’t have the poll numbers. She’s pretty stupid, actually, if you ask me. And they know that she’s never going to be able to pull this off.

So I do believe that’s what they’re going to do. And she’s probably going to say she’s not running. And then they’ll bring in Michelle. Now, they might bring in Newsom or someone else as a placeholder, or they’ll try to build this up saying, yeah, this is who’s coming in. But I’m going to tell you right now, if they bring in Newsom, if they bring in anyone else, Trump will destroy them, hands down.

If they bring in Newsom. I mean, just think about the DeSantis debate. I mean, think about that. What do you think Trump would do to him? If they bring in Gretchen Whitmer or Pritzker or anyone else, Trump will destroy them. And remember Trump, I do believe he wants Obama, Obama front and center because all of this revolves around Obama. He put the plan into place going way back when he started his term.

And I do believe Trump wants to show the country, look at this guy. He’s not a citizen of this country. He’s been trying to destroy this country. He infiltrated this country. And he wants the people to see this. And he wants the people to see who the traitor really is. Now, moving forward, we know from everything that has been happening, we know there’s going to be certain events.

We already know from the sheriff out in Butler County, Ohio. He is now warning the people that, yes, events are coming. But I do believe there are safeguards in place. And I do believe this is why Trump wanted control of the country, and this is why he needed them to cheat in the election and have that insurrection so he could actually implement continuity of government and have the military control, the military intelligence, monitor everything that’s going on.

And I do believe this was done on purpose to control everything that was going around him. Now, I don’t mean he has control over civil suits and the other things that are going on in the cities and like that because those are for the local authorities. I’m talking about the country where we’re not actually going to war, but it’s going to look like we’re going to war. I do believe this is part of the show.

This is what needs to be done to wake the american people up. And it has to be done so that people could take back the country. And the first part of this was to actually show the people what the criminal family actually looked like and how this was being done right under Obama’s nose and nobody said a word. Plus, people needed to see, look, the DOJ, the FBI and the rest, they’re all on board with this.

And I do believe this is what the people have seen and this is what the people are noticing. And they’re now realizing, yeah, you know something? This is pretty darn bad. We are run by a criminal organization. Now. We’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later and what is going on with the Supreme Court and with Nikki Halle. But let’s first talk about Biden right now, because the oversight committee, they’re continually putting out transcripts, and this one is Mervyn Yan.

And they released a transcript of Mervyn Yan. And this is a Biden family associate connected to the Biden’s dealing with the chinese government linked energy firm CEFC. So Mervyn Yan struggled to define what Hunter Biden’s value add was to the business ventures. Hunter Biden and James Biden had previous business relationships with CEFC, a company that had close ties to the chinese government that Mr. Yan worked to further facilitate.

As part of the deal, the Bidens and their associates sought to have CEFC obtain a stake in us oil and gas companies in order to export american made energy to China. While Hudson West II attempted to facilitate five separate energy infrastructure deals for CEFC in 2017, none of them came to fruition. Despite this clear business failure, Hunter and James Biden were still compensated with large salaries for trying to land these deals.

By 2018, James Biden was no longer included in the business venture. However, the compensation fee going towards the two Bidens remained the same. In James Biden’s Lionhall group, Yan did not know what expenses these payments were covering and admitted to merely eyeballing each transaction. Sarah Biden also received the Hudson west third credit card despite having no formal role within the business. Mervyn Yan’s main business partner, Gong Wen, Kevin Dong, has been allowed back into the United States since Patrick Ho’s indictment for bribing foreign officials.

So we could see right there that nobody knew what was going on. They were still receiving money from foreign governments. And this is not normal for a vice president and not normal for a president. James Comer put this out and said the White House, Biden lawyers, Democrats and their corporate media allies want you to believe that Biden’s family influence peddling schemes are normal. Reality is, the Biden family’s influence peddling is the swamp at its worst.

And he’s absolutely right. And what’s very interesting is Trump is reminding us of Biden’s private email accounts. Because remember, when you’re a criminal, what do you do? You have to hide your crimes. So you create private email accounts, you cover up everything. You use your family, you create shell companies, you create foundations, you create institutions, and you launder through this. Nothing goes through yourself. And that’s exactly what Biden has done.

Trump, he put this out on truth and said the following. As early as 2010, Joe Biden would truly use a private email account with a fake name to conduct official government business as vice president, and at times copied his sons and brothers on exchanges that included some of the highest ranking officials inside the White House, according to documents released under historic lawsuit against the National Archive. So what other reason would you have a private email account when you’re the vice president? Obama had private email account.

Hillary Clinton had private email account. That should tell everyone exactly what’s going on. And I think the people, they’re starting to realize, yes, this is a criminal organization. And a criminal organization has been running this country for a long time, and they’re trying to destroy this country. Remember, none of these people were elected. They have their cheating system in place. They install the people they want. They install the people in Congress because those who are behind the curtain, the unelected people, they tell the installed people what to do.

Yes, they have something on them. Yes, they pay them. This is how they become wealthy and they run the country. I mean, all you got to do is look at it today. Why wouldn’t everyone want the border closed? Why wouldn’t everyone vote and say, let’s close it? Why wouldn’t the mayors, the governors, why wouldn’t they want it closed? Look at the crime. Look what’s going on in their cities.

And once again, in New York City, for example, we have more illegals beating up cops and wokeness on x. Put this out and said body cam footage released on the NYPD, officers getting attacked by a gang of illegal migrants in Times Square. And people are noticing this out in Chicago. They’re noticing it out in Boston. They’re noticing it in California. And yes, this is getting worse and worse as time goes on.

So why wouldn’t these governors and mayors say, let’s close the border? Look at, this is awful. The people, they’re suffering in these cities, they’re seeing people sleeping on the streets. They see crime. They see these people beating up cops they’re taking the recreational areas away from the people who pay for all of this. The people of these areas are probably very pissed off and angry. But once again, the installed people, they’re doing what the criminal syndicate wants them to do.

And they will never, ever say, hey, let’s close the border. That’s not part of the criminal syndicate because remember, their plan is to infiltrate America. That’s what they’ve been doing for a very long time. Trump and the Patriots, they wanted everyone to see this. Do you see what’s happening now? There’s a lot of people saying, you know what? I’m fine with it. I’m fine with people coming over the border, because that’s what this country is all about, immigration.

People want a better way of life. Well, let me ask you, when an event happens, which I do believe one is on its way, there might be something happening with the Super bowl or maybe something after that, but we know that something’s on its way. Do you think the same people that are watching this event play out are going to say, yeah, this is incredible? No, they’re going to go, holy crap.

Well, how did these people get in here? Open borders. Well, are there more of them? Yes, they’re running around the country. So we’re going to see multiple events like this. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they use drones or something, which we discussed before. And people, they’re going to wake up pretty darn fast, because when something like this hits home, that’s when people wake up. That’s when people go, holy crap, what just happened? And what happens when people hear it was Hamas or Hezbollah or some other group? Yeah, people are going to wake up pretty darn fast, just like people are waking up with the Tucker Carlson Putin interview.

Now, remember, this wasn’t an interview to tell the world everything. I do believe this opens the door and it gets people to think. And they can now understand the side of Putin without the networks, without the CIA and everyone else getting in the way to actually create the narrative that they want. And I do believe this is what the deep state players were so afraid of, is that people would start to think and people start to ask questions.

And this, I do believe, opens the door. And people now are seeing something very different. Remember the fake news, the CIA, the deep state players, they weren’t able to control this. They don’t have control over x. And there are over 100 million views on this interview, which tells you everything you need to know. Now, the first thing, an ultra peppy lives matter. Put this out and said Putin, he wanted to know why America is fighting for Ukraine’s border and refusing to defend its own border.

Do the United States need this? What? For thousands of miles away from your national territory, you have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with national debt, more than $33 trillion. You have nothing better to do, so you should fight in Ukraine. Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Russia, make an agreement, realizing that Russia, that will fight for its interest to the end, return to common sense and look for solutions? And Tucker asked Putin who blew up the Nordstream pipeline, and he pretty much came out and said it was the CIA, Joe Biden, that’s who really did it.

And the other thing that he said, which is very interesting, is that the CIA is trying to overthrow his government. Now, think about this. Does the CIA overthrow governments? Well, just look at Libya, just look at Lebanon. Just look at Ukraine. Look what they were trying to do in Syria, and then look at the United States. It’s the same exact playbook. Yes, they overthrew the government of the United States.

Yes, they cheated in the election. They had the insurrection on January 6. That was the completion of it. And yes, they put in a puppet government. But are they really in control? No, I do believe they are. The president and Trump, he took control of this country because there was an insurrection. And Trump let everyone know there was an insurrection, but not by Maga, not by Trump, by Nancy Pelosi.

The deep state players, Joe Biden, Obama, the intelligence crew, the FBI, you name it, they were involved. Yes, the tyranical government was involved in overthrowing the government. They had a coup. Trump allowed it to happen. He could have come in with the military. But again, the optics wouldn’t be good. The people wouldn’t understand, and it would ended up in a civil war. That’s where all of this would have ended up.

So Trump decided, you know something, let’s take control of the country and let the people decide. Let’s show them everything. Let’s show them the 16 year plan and let the people understand, learn, and wake up and let them decide. We will actually create our own courtroom. The people of this country will be the jurors, and they’ll be watching the trial of the deep state players. Let them make their decision.

At the end, this was all about the 2024 election. And I do believe this is exactly what’s been happening. Now, Putin, he also said something that’s very interesting and green lives matter. Put this out on X and said, putin brought up how Zelensky and Trudeau gave a standing ovation to a Nazi in the canadian parliament and says that western media has been censoring this. The president of Ukraine visited Canada.

This story is well known. But being silenced in the western countries. The president of Ukraine stood up with the entire parliament of Canada and applauded this man Nazi. How can this be? Because Nazis applaud Nazis. Criminals applaud criminals. Patriots are in control. Put this out and said, well, isn’t that interesting? There seems to be a near complete media blackout on Putin’s reference to Nazis in Ukraine and his attempt to denazify the.

Hmm, I wonder why that would be. Well, because when you’re Nazis and you’re part of the same group, why would you expose yourself like this? You wouldn’t. You would actually hide it. Now, Putin said he has no plans to invade any other countries and that it goes against common sense to spark world War three. So the mainstream media’s fear mongering was entirely fake. And if he really wanted to go into Ukraine, go back to 2015 when Ukraine was fighting Putin, Putin pushed the Ukrainians way, way back.

He could have taken over the entire country, but he didn’t. And why didn’t he? Because that wasn’t his objective. And once again, could he take over Ukraine right now? Absolutely. Let me continue. You don’t have to be any kind of analyst. It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of global war. A global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction. They’ve been scaring everyone with us all along.

Tomorrow Russia will use tactical weapons. No, the day after tomorrow. In order to extort additional money from us taxpayers. The goal is to weaken Russia as much as possible. Tucker said, can you imagine a scenario where russian troops to Poland, Putin only in one case. If Poland attacks Russia, we have no interest in anywhere else. Why would we do that? It’s absolutely out of the question. And I do believe he’s right.

And all of this has been created by the deep state players and the fake news. Think about all the other story the fake news has told us. None of it is true. It’s all fake. And look, the deep state players, they’re continually money laundering. They’re trying to start a war with Russia. They’ve been trying to do this for a very long time. This is part of the 16 year plan.

And yes, they will try to do this, because in the end, they need the biggest distraction the world has ever seen. Just like going back to 911. They needed a distraction. They needed the ability to get into the Middle east. They needed a story to convince the american people, and that’s exactly what they did. But what’s very interesting is all those senators and representatives that voted to send money to Ukraine.

Well, Representative Anna Pauline Luna, she introduced a bill mandating frontline duty in Ukraine for members of Congress supporting Schumer’s $60 billion proposal. Now, the bill is dubbed the Schumer act, an acronym for senators can help underpin military engagement and readiness. The proposed bill aims to mandate the members of Congress who support military aid to Ukraine must themselves serve on the front lines of the conflict. This initiative directly challenges the support for a Schumer backed proposal that advocates for an additional 60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

And actually, these individuals in Congress that are voting for war, they should go, and they should be the first ones on the front line. And I do believe this will make them think twice in what they’re doing. I mean, back in the day, you had the leaders, they were out in front leading their armed forces. General George Washington leading his armed forces. You’ve seen this in the past.

So if these people are so convinced that we need to do this and we need to go to war, they should be going over there. Here’s your rifle, here’s your uniform, here’s your helmet. Let us know how it goes. And I do believe most of these people, they’ll say, don’t hold on. We’re not doing this. And I do believe this bill should pass because this would stop wars in its track.

Because instead of having a senator or representative sitting comfortably in his office or out to dinner on the golf course or taking their private jet that all the taxpayers are paying for, they would have to go to the front lines. And you think they really want to do that? Absolutely not. But we could see that war is building, and we could see that it’s getting worse and worse as time goes on.

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And I do believe this is going to be a huge problem for the deep state players. And this is what they were most worried about. Because, again, who’s the boogeyman? It’s Russia. It’s Putin. Now, people seen a different side. And are people saying, hey, he’s still the boogeyman? Probably not. And we can see that things are now escalating in North Korea. Remember Trump? He had peace in North Korea.

He walked across the DMZ. They stopped firing missiles. And now North Korea has a sub where they’re able to fire a ballistic missile. They have an underwater bomb that creates a radioactive tsunami. They are no longer really working with South Korea. And Kim Jong un said something else. He said that North Korea must be ready to occupy the south. So in a speech marking the 76th anniversary of the founding of the north korean army, Kim praised the military for firmly protecting the sovereignty and dignity of the country from imperialist military threats, blackmail and the risk of war.

And he says that North Korea must be prepared to see South Korea in the event of an emergency. So once again, we can see things are starting to build. We have the Middle east. We have North Korea. Yes, we still have Russia. But the people of this country, they’re now questioning all of that. And we have Taiwan. So once again, we could see things are really building. And I do believe this is one of the scare events where it’s going to wake a lot of people up.

And when I say we’re going to war, I mean it’s going to get very, very scary. I mean, think about it. If North Korea or any other country decides to fire a missile at the United States, a ballistic missile, remember how the fake news could actually play this up? Because, again, there are three different levels where the United States can stop the missile. First, we have our long range missiles, and we have to wait until that missile, the ballistic missile, hits a certain point.

Then if that misses, then we have the ships out at sea that can fire their missiles. And if those missiles miss, then we have the missiles on land. So could the fake news build this up to make people think that, yes, we’re heading towards war? Would people be afraid if something like this happened? Absolutely. Then after that, if we had a cyberattack or something? Yes, people would be afraid.

People would think we are going to war. And again, when people see this, people start to think in different ways. Yes, they’re very brave. They’re out there saying, listen, I hate Trump. But again, if war is approaching, it becomes real. And if you have someone saying peace and you have someone saying war, and when I say someone saying war, that’s the Biden administration. That’s the fake news. That’s the deep state players.

People are going to think twice because now it’s hitting home. Remember, the war is not going to be off in a foreign land like Ukraine where you don’t see anything. War will be here. And I think we’re going to get a taste of that when the event happens. I do believe there is going to be an event and the people are going to get the first taste of this and this is going to be a slap in the face.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see the deep state players during COVID They became dictators because that’s really what they are. They’re installed, they’re dictators. You could see it. The prosecutors, the mayors, the governors, they all became dictators. Then they backed off. But again, if the Constitution wasn’t there, if people didn’t push back, they would go full dictator on everyone. And we could see out in New York, the New York Supreme Court delivered a tough response about the length of which New York da Alvin Bragg went to prosecute citizens who purchased and passed off fake COVID vaccine cards during the pandemic.

So he went after those people that didn’t want to get a vaccine. They had a fake vaccine card, which is completely unconstitutional, and he used the law to go after them. But all the other criminals, they’re okay. And the Supreme Court, well, they pretty much hammered him and said that this was not okay. In the state Supreme Court, recent ruling, Justin Brendan T. Lantry dismissed the felony charges of Bragg leveled against the two vaccine card fakers who are identified as J O and Rv in the court documents.

And the Supreme Court said, this was absolutely ridiculous, what you did here, and once again, is he stopping crime in New York, or is it getting worse and worse? No, it’s getting worse and worse. And they’re too busy going after Trump, who’s trying to make America great again, instead of going after crime. And we could see the entire January 6 operation is completely and utterly falling apart. And what’s very interesting is that Derek Evans, he put out a video and there’s footage that is completely going to destroy the fake news.

Phony insurrection. There was an individual who climbed up on the scaffolding. He had a weapon, it looks like a revolver, fired it twice in the air. And once that happened, the police started to fire tear gas, and then he climbed right back down. Was this person ever arrested? Who is this person? Once again, they had many confidential human sources. There were a lot of them in the crowds dressed up as Trump supporters.

And once again, they’re the ones who had the insurrection. They just needed MAGA to cover up what they were doing. But they were the insurrectionists. And I do believe Trump, the patriots, knew this, because when Trump put out that tweet and Trump made the speech, he wasn’t talking to the MAGA people, he was talking to the deep state people, all the confidential human sources, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Obama, the FBI, the DOJ, the Capitol Police.

He was talking to the insurrectionists saying, stop it. Go home peacefully, don’t do this. They didn’t listen. They completed the insurrection. That was the signal right there. If you read the insurrection act, that’s what the president has to do. And once again, the insurrection was against the president. They didn’t certify the elections. Biden wasn’t certified yet. The president was Trump. So if there was an insurrection, it was totally against Trump because he was the president.

The president doesn’t have an insurrection against himself, and he doesn’t have an insurrection against someone who wasn’t certified yet. It makes no sense. So the deep state players, they had an insurrection against Trump because he was the president at the time, and they needed the MAGA people to cover it all up. But now it’s all coming out, and now they’re screwed big time. And this is why the deep state players are going after Trump, because they realize that he knows exactly what they did.

Remember, he was president. He saw all the classified information, he took control of the country. They wanted to know what he’s planning. And this is why they raided Mar a Lago. And they’re trying to make him fold, and they’re trying everything they possibly can, but it is not working. And we can see that Jack Smith, he’s having quite a bit of trouble. But the people of this country, they’re seeing the two tier justice system and they’re realizing what they’re doing to Trump.

And Trump, he put out a simple message to Jack Smith and to Biden and the rest, and he put this out on truth. He said the following. If special counsel Jack Smith wants to do good for our country and help to unify it, he should drop all litigation against Joe Biden’s political opponent, me, and let our country heal. This would be a far bigger and better achievement than anything he has ever done and will be easy for the great patriots of our country to understand in the light of special counsel Robert Hurr’s document report on Joe Biden, where the evidence is overwhelming that he’s willfully retained important documents.

Absolutely. Now, we’re going to be talking about that in just a sec, but I want to talk about the Supreme Court and their ballot ruling right now. And it looks like the judges were asking Colorado attorneys a lot of questions. And remember, the 14th Amendment does not apply to the president. And they were asking many, many questions saying, listen, the president isn’t listed here. They listed everyone else, because once again, if you’re going to have an insurrection, it’s against the president.

Secondly, the judges also said he wasn’t convicted of an insurrection. So this entire case is moot. And I do believe that the Supreme Court, they’re probably going to rule maybe nine to zero, or maybe we’ll have one or two people dissent to make it look good. And I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe Kavanaugh or some other person that Trump actually put into place, they might dissent because that will make it look good that they’re not all for Trump.

Think about the optics of all this. But it would be great if it was nine to zero to show the deep state players, look, your ballot removal, it didn’t work. But think about what is happening right now. Think about the caucuses. Think about how Nikki Haley is hanging on now. She’s losing every step of the way. She didn’t win anything. Why doesn’t she drop out? Really think about it.

So think about the deep state players. What are they doing? They’re trying to push Trump out. So he’s not the nominee. Nikki will wait there. First, Trump lost the case against E. Jean Carroll. He has to pay $83 million. Now, once again, he’s appealing. So does he have to pay right now? No, he doesn’t. But they’re putting pressure on him Angoron is holding back his ruling and I think he’s waiting for South Carolina or something else.

And I do believe his ruling. They’re going to find Trump guilty. I think that’s a given right now. And I think he’s going to say, okay, it’s 300 and 7500 million, 600 million, whatever it is, and they’re going to put a lot of pressure on Trump. Now, the Supreme Court, the deep state is also waiting to see what that ruling is because remember, Nikki Haley, she is put into place here.

Wait for the Supreme Court. See if he’s off the ballot because then you would be the candidate. Let’s see if he folds with the 83. 3 million award. Let’s see if he folds when Angora puts out what he’s going to put out and let’s see what the Supreme Court does. So they’re waiting for all of this. Now, they wanted most likely to have Jack Smith case, which is going to be marred on March 4.

But again, that didn’t work out for them. So they pushed that down the line. And I do believe they’re going to use a conviction later on and they’re going to convict him right before the elections to try to convince the people that you shouldn’t be voting for Trump. Yes, this is a multi layered plan. But again, Maga, the people that are watching Trump, they’re realizing he’s a victim and that’s what this is all about.

People are seeing him as a victim right now and people are going, holy crap, look what they’re doing to this guy. They’re just continually coming after him. And the people know it because Trump says it many, many times before. They’re really not coming after me. I’m just in the way. And yes, eventually what they’re going to do is they’re going to come after everyone else. And Trump needs everyone to see this and he needs the people to wake up.

And this is exactly what we’re seeing right now. Now, once again, what did people just see? The people just saw that we have a two tier justice system because the special counsel, her, he found Joe Biden willfully retain top secret military and national security information. And he knew he had the documents, he knew they were classified. And there were no criminal charges against Biden. But they did put in that he’s a well meaning elderly man with a poor memory and we won’t be able to press charges, which I do believe they put that in there for a specific reason.

Matt Visor put this out and said, the report said a jury would find Biden a well meaning elderly man with poor memory. It’d be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him by then. A former president well into his eighty s of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness. Yes, maybe a civil trial, but what about a military trial? I do believe in the end, most likely they will give him a choice.

And remember, Trump has always said he’s going to hire a special prosecutor. Think about all the evidence that is being produced right now. This will be used against him later on. That’s when the fun begins. Julie Kelly put this out and said it’s clear Biden intentionally took documents related to Afghanistan to write a book criticizing Obama and bragging how he never wanted to expand. That became a very unpopular war.

He changed his mind and pivoted to a sympathy play about Bo. This was willful. Trump charged with willfully retaining 21 documents with top secret markings. Biden, according to a chart at the end of her report, retained 18 files with top secret markings. Trump charged with willfully retaining non files with secret markings. Biden had 36 papers with secret markings. But Biden who wasn’t the president, Biden, who was a vice president and a senator, he broke the law, but there’s no charges.

Think about this. Can everyone see how the criminal syndicate protects their own? I think people are really starting to see this. And yes, the deep state players, they already planted the seed. And I do believe there’s probably different factions within the deep state organization. One of them is Obama. I do believe they’re pushing to get rid of Biden because again, he’s done. There’s too much evidence out there.

His poll numbers are not looking good. If they’re going to try to cheat in the election, they’re going to need someone halfway decent. But before we get to that, Representative Troy Nells put this out and said, special counsel Robert hurt states President Biden willfully retain and disclose classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen, but will not be bringing charges against Biden. Trump responded to this and said, very unfair.

This is nonsense. This nonsense must end, he says. And then Biden, he’s proving to everyone that his memory is perfect and he’s not too old, except what’s happening now. Well, it’s backfiring on him. Biden has referred to the egyptian president El Sissi as the president of Mexico. He got very angry at reporters when the reporters, and Ducey was one of them, when they were asking him about his age and mental acuity after the special counsel calls him elderly man with poor memory.

And basically, he’s having a very, very tough day here. The New York Post put this out, elderly man with a poor memory. So once again, the deep state players, they are now building the narrative to get rid of Biden. I don’t believe the Republicans should impeach him because that would confirm that he’s the president, which he is not. He’s the president. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots want the deep state players to remove Biden one way or another.

Now, is the 25th amendment in play? Yes, I do believe it is. Does that mean he’s going to be taken out with the 25th Amendment? Well, I do believe it can go both ways. And really think about this, how they’re going to play this, because if they say, okay, you know what? And Biden says, as I should say, if Biden says, I’m not running for the presidency because I’m old, I can’t remember things, well, people will say, okay, that’s okay.

It’s naturally occurring. And I do believe this is exactly what they want. But if he just steps away and allows the other candidate to come in, people are going to question, well, wait a minute. If you can’t run for presidency, your memory is failing, and you don’t look too good, and you’re too old. How are you protecting the country? How are you running the country? And why do you have control of the nuclear football, which we all know that he really doesn’t? But again, the people are going to question that.

So I do believe in the end, they might have to go down the path of the 25th amendment, which we’ll be discussing in just a sec. But first, Charlie Kirk put this out and said no one should be tempted to feel sorry for Joe Biden because he’s an elderly man with poor memory. Disgraced us in Afghanistan, encouraged an invasion of 10 million plus illegals. Brought us 10% inflation that impoverished the working class.

Vilified half the country as domestic extremists. Weaponized the justice system to imprison political dissidents and indict his top rival. Sold us foreign policy for profit, endangered the US dollar’s global dominance. Spent 160,000,000,000 on an unavoidable war in Ukraine that’s killed hundreds of thousands. Insisted on running for and remaining president when everyone could see that he was physically not up to the task. Joe Biden is not a well intentioned grandpa.

He is malicious, corrupt, disaster, and will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in american history. And also he’ll be remembered as a criminal, a treasonous criminal. Rasmusser reports. Put this out and said, do you feel like over time, Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp? Democrats, only 36% of Democrats say yes, 54% say no. Not sure, 10%, but 59% of everyone combined say yes.

His mental abilities are declining. So again, the deep state players, and I do believe this is being driven by Obama, they have to slowly now convince the DS, those people that watch MSNBC, CNN and the rest, that Biden isn’t their candidate. Now they just can’t come out and say, hey, by the way, he sucks. Look what he did to this country. And yes, by the way, all those things that we said where we covered for him, his mental ability is declining and, yeah, we need to get rid of him.

No, they got to do it very slowly. They got to do it naturally and they need to explain it to the people. And I do believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So over time, they’re going to make it seem and they’re going to make it look like it’s happening very, very naturally. The fake news is going to be on board and the people are going to be convinced that he shouldn’t be running for president.

And the people are then going to question, should he be in office at all. Now, Rasmussen reports, they put this out and said, tea leaves. The bargain is we write you up for the 25th amendment treatment, but we don’t recommend prosecution for serious crimes. We have you dead to rights on. We’re publishing this and expect you to meet with your family and retire. Kamala, wipe that smile off your face.

Now, I do believe, yes, Obama is making this deal. Yes, you’re going to hear calls from many of the Republicans saying, let’s use the 25th amendment. But again, I do believe this is going to come down from the DS. Now, I just want to go back to two posts. This is post 4851. This is October 14, 2020. It says, lesson of the day. If you run for POTUS, all your past crimes magically disappear.

No, they don’t. Sometimes it takes transparency to force action. Let’s see what happens in this case. Does having early stage dementia help you re previous deniability harmful politically? Drain the swamp? I do believe this is exactly what Biden is using. Then if we go to post 18 October 31, 2017, in the middle of this post, it says, why is Pelosi’s memory going? Could it protect against prosecution? How so? I do believe we’re going to see many individuals say, you know what? I don’t remember these things.

I think all of a sudden their dementia is really going to start to kick in. So the question is, are they going to use the 25th Amendment? Well, Josh Howley, he put this out on x and said the following. Merrick Garland has a duty to invoke the 25th amendment to his fellow cabinet members or prosecute Biden. If he won’t prosecute, then invoke the 25th now. Well, let’s see how the 25th Amendment works.

The 25th amendment has four sections, each one detailing presidential succession and capacity procedures. Section one confirms that the vice president is elevated to president if the presidency is vacant, while section two explains how a vacancy in the vice presidency is filled via appointment and confirmation by a majority of both chambers of Congress. Section three outlines when the president can temporarily give the power to the vice president in the role of acting president.

When the president is unable to perform their duties, the president must notify the president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the House when he is doing so, and when he is again able to perform his duties. The category getting the most attention in the aftermath of the special counsel report is section four, which allows the vice president, with a majority of the cabinet, to send a letter to the president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the House declaring the president unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, at which point the vice president assumes the position of acting president.

If the president contests the assessment from their vice president and cabinet, they can resume their duties unless the same group reaffirms their stance to the Senate’s president pro tempore and the speaker of the House within four days. If the vice president and the majority of the cabinets still declare the president unable to perform their duties, Congress would then have 48 hours, if not in session, to return to take up the matter.

Congress then has 21 days after assembly to vote on whether the president is able to perform their duties. If two thirds of both the Senate and the House of Representatives vote that the president is incapable, the vice president remains in place as acting president. If the vote falls short in either chamber, the president remains in place. So I do believe they’re going to give Biden a choice and let’s see how this plays out.

But I do believe we’re going to see the DS kick this off to remove him. I think they’re going to have to remove him in the end. So the question is, has this amendment ever been used? Well, since the amendment was ratified in 1967, the first three sections had been used at least once. Section one was used in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency, and section two was used once in 1973 and then again in 1974 to appoint and confirm Joe Ford and Nelson Rockefeller, respectively, as vice president.

Section three has been used four times, giving the vice president the power of acting president for a temporary time. Each of the four times was done while the president was undergoing a medical procedure. Section four has never been used, but there was pressure for then President Trump’s cabinet and then Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the section after the aftermath of the Capitol riot on January 6, what would invoking the 25th Amendment mean for Kamala Harris? Such a move appears extremely unlikely and would need to be with the support of most Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate to avoid embarrassment.

If Harris and a majority of Biden’s cabinet were to invoke section four, the 25th Amendment, it would be a historic move and a massive risk to declare her current running mate for the 2024 election unable to perform his duties as president. If section four were invoked and Biden was successfully ruled unable to perform his duties as president, Harris would not assume the presidency itself, but would take on the duties of the presidency as acting president.

And they can say that everything that he did here, it was because he was losing his mind. I mean, really think about it. Then they can bring in someone else that say, we can have change. It doesn’t have to be this way. And I do believe that’s exactly what they’re going to do. But what’s very interesting is that they tried to do this to Trump during the riot of January 6, which actually they did.

But let’s go back to post 4836. It says, was the 25th Amendment arrow in the quiver planned? How long ago was it expected? POTUS would be in critical health? State rec 19 recovery unexpected, impossible to unwind. That plan did not work, and it fell apart. Then we have the Daily Mail. They’ve come out, and Democrat insiders say it is now panic time and the party should dump Joe Biden.

So now the democratic party, they’re saying, yes, it is time, and they’re saying, okay, we got Gavin Newsom waiting in the wings, or we have Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer waiting in the wings. Now, I do believe they’re going to use this until they remove Biden, saying, yes, it’s going to be Gavin Newsom. It’s going to be Gretchen Whitmer. But I do believe what they’re going to do is they’re going to do the old switcheroo and sneak Michelle Obama in.

Now, they might put Newsom as a placeholder or Whitmer as a placeholder to make people think that this is the person that’s going to be running for president. But again, Trump is going to destroy these people. And I do believe Trump wants the Obamas front and center. Let’s go back to post 4014. It says change of batter coming. Why was she safe from officially announcing? Why was she reserved for a last minute change? How do you attempt to sneak one in? How do you attempt to ensure victory? And I do believe they’re going to try to use her and they’re going to try to bring in the most popular person, someone that hasn’t been in politics.

If you look at Newsom and if you look at Whitmer, they’re not good. The country knows how bad they are. I mean, look at California. I mean, DeSantis beat them in a debate. What do you think is going to happen to Whitmer with what she did to Michigan? It’s going to be a complete and utter disaster. They know they can’t bring those people in. They would be destroyed.

They need to bring someone halfway decent, someone popular where they could try to cheat. And I do believe the only person right now, unless someone else pops up, is Michelle Obama. I do believe Obama. He wants to be in charge of all of this. He doesn’t want Biden because Biden goes against him. Biden is stubborn. I do believe he wants someone who’s on his side where she will do exactly what he says or they work together to push their agenda.

And I do believe Trump, I think he wants this. I think he wants Obama front and center. He wants to expose them for who they really are. And he wants to do this with the people. This is why he’s going through the motions. Like out in Nevada. He won Nevada. I mean, he set an all time record. He wants to show the deep state players, look, I have the people and look how much more powerful I am getting with the people.

The people are with me. You don’t have the people. And it’s going to get worse. He wants to do this following the rule of law. He wants to do this where the people are actually voting for him. And you can see it is working. And the deep state players, they are panicking right now over all of this. And he broke records for the most votes received in Nevada.

I mean, really think about this. He beat his record in 2016. So Trump, I do believe what he wants to do is he wants the people to make decision in the end. And the only way to do this is to expose the system, expose the criminal government, expose who’s been orchestrating a lot of this and show the people the truth. And I do believe this is why he wants Obama front and center.

Now. Once again, when the deep state players, when they start to lose, when they realize they can’t cheat, this is when they’re going to create chaos, this is when they’re going to bring in war. Because what do they normally do to cover their tracks, to distract people? They need events. But I do believe that Trump, the patriots, they know this. And this is why Trump wanted to have control of the country, to make sure that the people were safe in this country.

Now, I’m not saying that the illegal is coming in, in New York City and things like that. And you have it on the local level. Yes, those are the local people that are handling, I’m talking about the deep state blowing up something with a nuclear bomb or something like that. I do believe he wanted some type of control because I do believe he’s a winner. He wouldn’t come into a situation unless he has control that he can actually show the people the truth.

And I do believe he wants the people to make the decision in the end. And again, the people have a front row seat. The deep state is on trial. The people, they’re going to make their ruling in the end. And I do believe their ruling is going to be guilty. Because once the people vote Trump and vote all the other people out, that is a guilty ruling from we, the people.

And I do believe the deep state players, they’re following the path the patriots have set. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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