[DOCUMENTARY] Shocking Details Revealed From Child Sex Trafficking Survivor!

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This is an incredible video that Ally, Shelly and a team of people helped put together. Ally just posted it on her Telegram channel last night. 


Here is a message from Ally + (about this most recent video)


We have been fighting hard to get this information out to y’all. While many of you sit back to view this, most won’t understand the price of truth.


In this first half we barely scratched the surface of 5 different topics.


Freemason police, CPS corruption, a snippet of Allys childhood stuff, a snippet of MK ultra, and corruption in the mental hospitals.


We have given up on doing interviews as there is far too much information to try and compress in 20 minutes, and most doing the interviews were not as interested in the truth as they were in the clickbait topics and views.


The second half of this segment will contain more on the MK ultra and how it looks, Ally’s alters, trafficking to the Islands, her connection to the elite bloodlines, etc…


It has taken 5 videographers, 4 editors, a make-up artist, a ton of 90s Angel’s, Ally and many of the alters putting the information in a cohesive and logical order, 11 states, 2 studios, 6 “on location” sites, thousands of miles traveled, sleepless nights, tons of stress and meltdowns, tons of prayer, dodging gangstalking, dodging threats, backlash to us, backlash and spiritual warfare to the editors and videographers, all while everyone is working together from different states, no one is charging a single dime, and everyone is coming together to fight crimes against humanity in the only way they know how.


Part 2 to segment 2 coming soon.”


You may have seen or heard from Ally Carter here before. 


She is a child sex trafficking, satantic ritual abuse, MKULTRA, CPS survivor.


Her and her mom Shelly have been on the run ever since they came out with a video that went viral near the end of 2020 (relating to Joe Biden and other celebrities, which you can watch below)


You can also see some of what she was doing before that video. And then what has happened since then…




And here is a video from “a day in the life” of a survivor. This is Ally on March 20, 2021…




Thank You For Watching This & Sharing To Help Get The TRUTH Out About What Is Behind Child Sex Trafficking & The Life of Survivors! 




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  • This entire issue is the most complex of All Crimes, including drug trafficking. In addition it happens to the very complex human being.. It will a very journey for world to learn what looks like the very basis for society. You wouldn’t engage in a secret society (e.g. Mason’s, etc) unless you are ashamed of a huge Truth, a Crime…. This ongoing, centuries old Crime.. is multi-tentacled, multi level, pervasive and generational…

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