Conservatives Rally to Defend American Liberties from New Marxist President

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Republicans in several states have called for libraries to cut ties with the ALA, citing a tweet in which Drabinski called herself a “Marxist lesbian.”

In a turbulent political climate, the American Library Association (ALA) finds itself at the center of a heated controversy over the appointment of its new Marxist president, Emily Drabinski.

As a fervent advocate for “inclusivity and progressive values”, Drabinski’s vision for the ALA has ignited both support and intense opposition from conservative factions.

Emily Drabinski, who assumed the presidency of the ALA in July, had ambitious plans for her tenure, focusing on critical issues facing libraries today. These included securing funding for libraries and combating the growing number of book ban attempts across the nation.

Her primary goal was to ensure that marginalized communities, particularly the LGBTQ+ and Black populations, found representation in library collections.

She had also aimed to prepare libraries for the “challenges of climate change”, pointing to recent severe flooding in the Northeast as evidence of the urgency of the matter.

However, a tweet of hers has become the focal point of a concerted effort by conservative Republican lawmakers in several states to defund and dissociate libraries from the ALA.

The tweet in question, which has since been deleted, referred to Drabinski as a “Marxist lesbian” and expressed excitement about “building collective power for a better world”.

In response to the tweet, lawmakers in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Wyoming have pushed their states’ libraries to sever ties with the ALA.

Montana became the first state to heed this call, citing a refusal to be associated with an organization led by a “Marxist.”

These efforts have branded the ALA as radical and accused it of promoting a sexual agenda to children, further entrenching political divisions surrounding libraries and the ALA’s role.

Drabinski, however, remains steadfast in her decidedly twisted convictions and has chosen not to conceal her political beliefs.

In her first interview since assuming office, she expressed her pride in her identity as a Marxist and a lesbian, believing it was crucial to represent peers who share these identities.

Critics aren’t sure if any of that is in her job description.

While she did not anticipate the backlash, she “regrets the backlash affecting library workers across the country”.

Drabinski’s presidency comes at a critical juncture for libraries, as they have increasingly become targets of protests and legislative measures aimed at restricting certain book titles, especially those featuring LGBTQ+ themes.

The ALA recorded a record number of attempted book bans in 2022, raising concerns about intellectual freedom and access to information.

Conservative senators, including Marco Rubio of Florida, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, and Mike Braun of Indiana, have demanded a halt to federal funds for the ALA, alleging the organization has advised librarians to discriminate against a Christian book publisher.

Mike Flynn, a retired Army general and former Trump adviser, has also joined the fray, attacking the ALA as being led by “Marxist thugs.”

Drabinski, who grew up in Idaho and is a librarian at the City University of New York, views these criticisms as part of an organized campaign to undermine public institutions and hinder access to information for all.

In response to the mounting challenges, the ALA is planning to strengthen its support for libraries facing political obstacles, including fundraising efforts to hire lawyers and providing crisis communications support.

Additionally, the organization plans to launch a “campaign school” aimed at encouraging individuals who value intellectual freedom to run for school and library boards.

The battle over the ALA’s leadership and mission continues to rage on, with both sides steadfast in their convictions.

As our libraries face an uncertain future, the outcome of this polarizing debate will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the institution and its role in American society.

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  • This might explain why when I went in to get our schools suggested reading materials to read to my daughter not one book was in the library. I asked the librarian if I was doing something wrong. He was shocked saying that all the books on the list weren’t ones they carried even though they were known to be acclaimed books. He said he had his own ideas as to why they were no longer carried. Maybe this was it. They were books on America and its founding fathers. Slowly choke out our history…one day poof! No one will really know what the constitution really meant.

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