BREAKING! Trumps Buildings To Be Seized! Russia Threatens Nuclear Attack Against Washington DC? | David Nino Rodriguez

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➡ The host of Ninoscorner TV, David Nino Rodriguez, discusses recent news about Letitia James potentially seizing Trump’s buildings, and the portrayal of Vladimir Putin in the media. He also promotes his show and various products, and shares a personal anecdote about a near confrontation with a deer.
➡ The speaker discusses the concept of Peter Pan syndrome, where older individuals behave as if they’re still in their 20s, and considers it a mental disorder. He also talks about a recent interview with Putin that changed many people’s views on the ongoing war, but criticizes the media for trying to push their own narrative about Putin. The speaker also mentions threats of a nuclear strike against Washington from Russia if forced to give up territory, and discusses a case where former President Trump may have his assets seized if he can’t pay a large civil fraud fine. Lastly, he predicts a decline in New York real estate investment due to this case.
➡ The U.S. believes Russia might test a nuclear warhead in space by 2024, which could accidentally destroy many satellites. Also, there’s a lot of talk about a Russian critic of Putin, Alexey Navalny, who was scared of a second term for a person referred to as Mr. T. Navalny died in prison, and now his brother is wanted in Russia. Lastly, a Russian-American ballerina has been arrested in Russia on treason charges.
➡ A man named Alexander Samal was arrested for giving false information about President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, to the FBI. He claimed that Russian intelligence was involved in a story about Hunter Biden and that Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid the Bidens 5 million each. In other news, George Soros bought a large stake in America’s second largest chain of radio stations, and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley suggested that Mr. T was at risk of developing dementia. Lastly, limited edition sneakers from a former president are selling for thousands on eBay.
➡ The text discusses a power struggle where the old guard is losing control but refuses to accept it, leading to a messy situation. It also talks about the potential of AI taking over various aspects of life, including the court system, which could lead to a dystopian future. The text also mentions a lawsuit against dating apps for allegedly creating addictive behaviors in users. Lastly, it criticizes the current state of society where mental disorders are becoming the norm.
➡ A Florida couple was arrested after the wife was found to have inappropriate relations with their family dog, which the husband filmed. Four dogs were taken from their home and are now being cared for at an animal shelter. In a separate case, a woman in Mississippi was arrested for filming herself in an act with a dog and sharing it on social media. In other news, scientists have successfully grown working testicles in a lab, which could potentially help solve male infertility issues.


All right, folks, how’s everyone doing out there in Internet land, in YouTube land? Good morning, everybody. A lot of stuff happening. Breaking news, Letitia James says she’s prepared to seize Trump’s buildings if he can’t pay the 304 $354,000,000. So they’re going all in. It’s a attack time. All assets, all asses or asses. All asses are deployed. All the asses are deployed. All assets deployed. So breaking news, Letitia James is prepared to seize Trump’s buildings.

All his buildings. They’re going all in. They got to stop this guy at every cost. Folks, this is getting serious. And Vladimir Putin has declared. This is where I think after the Tucker Carlson interview, they got to double down. They got to triple down. They got to quadruple down and say, we’re going all in now. We got to really villainize this man and scare the shit out of everybody.

They got to scare you. And I’m going to prove that to you today in this episode of Ninoscorner tv. So I’m going to show you what they’re doing, the propaganda, how it’s coming out now, because now they got a double and triple down on villainizing Putin. So we’re going to go into that, folks. You can venmo me. D Hyphen Rod 1977 D Hyphen Rod 1977 when the lights go out on Amazon.

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Is this one going to be fire? I got to tell you, folks got me thinking about a lot of things because I know since day one I’ve been lied. Just, I’m not saying I know all the answers. And that’s why I have an open mind. I approach everything like a child. I want to know. I want to understand. I don’t believe anything they told me. Once you understand that, at least you understand that.

Then you can open your mind up to everything else. And so he states his case tonight on Ninoscorner tv. You’re going to want to be there and you’re going to want to be in the general’s tent tomorrow. Tomorrow I got Kathy O’Brien. If you sign up today, you get a free autograph when the lights go out, booked by yours truly. You see, Kathy O’Brien and the ghost are teaming up tomorrow on the general’s tent.

Take your questions, fire them away. We’re going to be talking about mind control super soldiers. We’re going to be talking about the next event. It’s coming. Oh, it’s coming. Because they’re running out of options, okay? They’re running out of options and they’re desperately trying to make you understand that Putin is the bad guy. Let’s villainize him. So we’re going to go into that, folks, by the way, before you turn it down or turn it up, I got something to say.

I almost got into a street fight last night with a deer. Let me say that again. I got it recorded, too. It’s on my phone. I almost got into a street fight with a deer. I’d like to take walks at night. And I was like, you know, I’m going to go walk the mountain. It’s about a three mile walk up the mountain and about four houses down. All of a sudden, there’s a herd, a big herd at a buck of deer in my neighbor’s yard.

And I’m like, oh, whoa. I was switching out my air pods, and I looked at him and I was like, hey, say big guy, he was a big deer. And he’s like, looking at me like, gangster. Like mad dog at me. So I’m like, okay, that’s kind of weird. I thought deers were supposed to be friendly. Why isn’t it running? Why isn’t the deer running from me? I’m way bigger than the deer.

Well, not really. This deer was pretty big, actually. And it kind of just looked at me like, the fuck’s your problem? This is my area. And I was like, so I take out my phone, I start recording, and he starts walking towards me like, what’s up? So I’m like, okay, what do I do here? What do I do here? He’s challenging me. He’s kind of challenging me. So he starts walking a little closer to me, like my turf, you’re my turf is my bitch, and it’s my kid.

So I go, hey, budy, I don’t want any problems type thing. I’m kind of stepped back onto the street, and he keeps walking towards me like, you want some shit? So I’m like, okay, this is going to be really awkward. There’s a chance that my neighbors are going to see me fighting with a deer. And I don’t even know how deers fight, but I got to feeling they stand up on their hind legs and they kick, right? So I’m, like, getting prepared for that.

In my mind, I’m like, all right, he’s going to stand up and he’s going to come at me kicking. So I’m going to, boom. I’m going to catch him with a hook, drop him, live my glory days all over again, and be champion of the deer kingdom. But that didn’t happen. I just went my own way and let him have his day in the sun. Let him have his glory.

I didn’t challenge the deer. I didn’t fight him. I was thinking, what am I going to throw on him? Okay. His body will be exposed when he comes up to kick at me. So I’m going to go and then bam. And then off to the side. Bing. I don’t know. He didn’t have antlers, so that’s a good. That he didn’t have his antlers on, whatever that means. But he was big, so I thought I was going to fight a deer.

I had adrenaline. I haven’t had adrenaline like that in a while. I was like, this is interesting. I’ve never gotten in a street fight with a deer. I’ve never had a street fight with a deer. I’d be really sad if I lost. Got my ass kicked by a deer. I could never live that down. Oh, boy. So, folks, let’s turn it down or turn it up, baby. Oh, yeah.

Coming at you from the apocalypse, folks. Oh, yeah. All right, folks, here we go. I was talking to a friend the other day. I had these random stories. They kind of sit on my mind. I’m like, I got to get storytelling time just for a second. And Peter Pan syndrome is a real thing. There’s a lot of guys, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel young and you shouldn’t feel like you could work out.

That’s different. That’s different. But being trapped in your 20s when you’re in your fucking late 40s, that’s a mental disorder. And I’m very intrigued by that because you see these guys when I was, like, in my. Doesn’t matter how good looking, it doesn’t matter how you look, how good looking you are, how you feel you’re an asshole. If you’re still in the bars with the 20 something year olds and you’re in your late thirty s, you look weird.

You’re the weird guy, okay? You’re the fucking weirdo. No matter what you think. And I really think a lot of people are suffering from this mental disorder. I think it’s a mental disorder. And that’s another reason I got out of the bars, by the way. I was like, I still consider myself a good looking guy. I’m a good looking fella. But you look like a fucking dork. You look like a weirdo if you’re still in the bars hitting on waitresses.

I mean, you don’t think they talk. You don’t think they know your real age? Come on. You’re not fooling anybody. You look like a dick. All right. Just my little two cent there. So let’s get into this. How’s everyone doing today? Everyone feeling pretty good. Pretty good. So after the ground shaking incredible interview Tucker conducted with Putin, it changed a lot of views. It sure did. It changed a lot of views and outlooks on this war that’s raging right now.

Right? Everyone’s like, ah, he sounds like he’s got his wits about him. He doesn’t seem like he’s off the handle. He’s very logical. He’s got a level head. That’s what Tucker displayed in this interview. But they won’t let you go that, folks, now comes more propaganda. Okay? So in full panic mode, and they’re like, we got to pull the people back into believing our narrative. We got to do it.

We got to show Putin it’s fucking crazy. Okay? So they got to have you believe that. It’s a battle for the minds. So what can they do? After I call it the Tucker torpedo. I call it the Tucker torpedo that he landed on the DS. So now they’re going to double, triple down in villainizing Putin. Now they must make you believe their narrative. How will they accomplish this? Well, how do they rebound from such a disaster? They simply push it in your face more and more and more.

They double, triple, quadruple down. And, folks, you got to understand, the media is run like this. The top few people control the top, just like everything else. And it all trickles down, even to your local media. It’s all coming down like this, okay? Taking orders, taking orders, taking orders. No, you can’t say this, but you can’t say that. Oh, you can’t say this. So it goes like this.

So if you wonder, like, well, how can they all be? That’s so ludicrous. I don’t understand this. How can they all be? They are, okay? That’s how it works. Once you understand a bunch of shit bags run everything. Psychopaths. And it’s really easy to understand. A lot of people ask me, I believe in humanity and I believe in the goodness of people, and I just don’t buy it.

I don’t buy it. You’re an idiot. You got to understand what type of personality, what type of people want control. They’re psychopaths, they’re not empaths, they’re not nice people. They want to have it all. They’re different. They’re a different breed. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s a different game. And they take advantage of good people like you. Nuclear threats and killing prisoners. Russian prisoner of war. So when Tucker brought up the guy, Navalny, I’m going to say Navalny.

I hope that’s how you say his name, Navalny. In Navalny’s last letters, the russian dissident called Mr. T agenda for a second term. Really scary. So they’re saying he was a. So they’re painting him in this picture to be one of them, a good guy, and he dies in prison. But now more rhetoric is coming out, more propaganda is coming out that they’re going to bomb Washington. Nuclear space threats to destroy all our satellites.

They’re going to Washington, DC, apparently. Allegedly. I got to say it like that. Allegedly. The threats are coming in now. Now they’re pouring. Guess, you know, after. After Putin’s interview with Tucker, he just had a change of heart. And he was, eh, changed my mind. I want to go batshit crazy. I don’t know. I was feeling good during the Tucker interview, and then all of a sudden, I don’t know, I just changed my mind.

I’m fucking crazy. That’s what they want you to believe. That’s how it went down. He just all of a sudden left there. He’s a tucker. You want to have a beer? And then shit went down. Oh, yeah, the world. What do you say, Tucker? You want to get in on it? You want some of this? It’s bad shit crazy. That’s what they want you to believe. I’m being honest.

I’m just telling you that it’s the way. This is how they’re playing it out, and I’ll just lay it out for you all to play it out. So they need to get the narrative back that Tucker, that blew them out of the water, which he did real journalism. Let’s begin, shall we? So here, this is interesting. Top russian official warns of nuclear strike against Washington if forced to give up territory.

One former russian president, Dmitry Medevirvi, who is now the deputy head of the Russian Security Council that controls Moscow’s special military operation, has threatened a nuclear strike against Washington if United States and its allies act to force Russia to give up its territorial gains in Ukraine. Aren’t we forcing them right now? I mean, isn’t that where all our tax dollars are going? So I don’t understand this. Mr.

Mederve has threatened a nuclear strike on several occasions amid the war in Ukraine, most recently in the summer of 2023, when the much vaunted, vaunted Ukraine counter offensive loomed large before it ultimately failed to take back territory that Russia annexed and now calls its own. Now, as russian top brass believes another ukrainian counter offensive may be in the works, Mr. Medarvev has issued a new nuclear warning. While its counters, while its contours are basically the same as prior warnings, it seems to be the first time that Mr.

Has threatened the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine if Ukraine and its western backers try to force Moscow to relinquish control of the fuck these words regions that the Kremlin says they’re part of Russia. So Scott Bennett is down there, I think. Scott Bennett, if you saw the trailer, it’s on Nino’s corner tv. Scott Bennett’s on his way to Russia and he’s going to do some boots on the ground reporting down there.

It’s going to be pretty damn, pretty damn impressive. Scott Bennett, man, you got to give him credit, man. That guy walks the walk. Not many people walk the walk. So Russia is now threatening to the shit out of Washington, which to me is there any better way to clean up the swap? I’m just saying. And Letitia James says she’s prepared to seize Trump’s buildings if he can’t pay 354,000,000 civil fraud fine four days after judge ordered former president Mr.

T to pay 354,000,000 in his civil fraud case, New York Attorney General Leticia James Motherfucker told ABC News that she’s prepared to seize the former president’s assets if he is unable to find the cash. If he’s unable to find the cash to cover the fine, if he does not have the funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court and we will ask the judge to seize his assets.

They’re going after him, James said in an interview with ABC News. Was fined 354. 8 million plus approximately 100 million in prejudgment interest on Friday after Judge Arthur Ingrown. I say like that. I like to say it like Ingeron, right. Determined that he inflated his net worth in order to get more favorable loan terms. This is going to kill the real estate in New York, by the way.

It’s the nail in the coffin. Nobody is going to go there and invest. I don’t think you guys understand. I don’t think you guys understand. Just this single act. What this judge did, just scared off every real estate developer and investor to ever go into New York. Dude ever was even thinking about going into New York. They ain’t going. It’s over. New York is done. It’s done. Nobody is going to.

If this type of shit can happen, they ain’t going there, folks. Nobody’s going there. This is the nail in the coffin for New York. It’s done. Believe me when I tell you this. It’s done. US says Russia will test space nukes this year. Space nukes. Sounds like a movie. Space nukes. Coming to a theater near you. Space nukes. The US assessment of Russia’s space war breakthrough is that they will launch a test nuclear warhead into space by the end of 2024.

Russia supposedly doesn’t plan to detonate the warhead, but the US fears an accident would have catastrophic consequences, whipping out over 30% of all. Wiping out, whipping out. Wiping out over 30% of satellites. Space nukes. We got space nukes, folks. Space nukes. Oh, I know why I said it sounds like a movie. Spaceballs. Sounds like a really bad b movie. Space nukes. Space nukes. Let’s blow up the moon.

We never went there anyway. That’s what I’m saying. You guys think there’s a firmament? I don’t know. I think about it quite often. I think there’s something up there that we can’t get past with the Elon Musk rocket that went up there. I look at it and I go, you know, it doesn’t look like the thing didn’t look like it blew up. It looked like it punctured something.

And then. I don’t know. They say they have all these scientific reasons why the sky is blue, but to me it’s blue because there might be water up there. I don’t know. I’m not scared to say I don’t know. I don’t know. And neither do you, okay? Neither do you. You don’t know either. None of you do. I don’t care. What you fucking learn in school, because what you learn in school, you discredit yourself automatically right out of the gate.

Okay, well, that’s not what I learned. I don’t give a shit what you learned, because what you learned is Navariz. How do I say his name? Should I say it like that? Navariz. Last letters. The russian dissident called Mr. T’s agenda for a second term really scary. Or was it? Is it really scary to you? Is it more scary than you being in a fucking russian prison? You’re in russian prison.

I don’t think you get. But Mr. T scares you. You want me to believe this? You want me to believe this? See what they’re doing here, folks? You got to understand what they’re doing here. A russian prisoner who’s already locked up dead, now fucking eight, that sucks. But not as bad as a Mr. T’s second term. That scares this guy more than anything. Damn it. That just does it for him.

That’s it. That’s just a Mr. T’s second term. That’s too much for this guy to handle. Alexei Nlavani, Vladimir Putin’s most prominent critic. Prominent critic. He was a critic of Putin. Commented on us politics months before his death. Okay. Oh, how convenient. Nirvani expressed concern in letters to a friend over a potential second term from Mr. T. Briefly mentioned Navalri’s death in a true social post on Monday.

Alexey Narvani, a dissident and a political nemesis of Russian President Vladimir Putin, spent the past few years of his life behind bars, but still managed to stay connected to the outside world. Letters from the final months of his life obtained by the New York Times show that Nirvani, who’d been imprisoned since January 2021 and managed 2021, managed to stay on top of current events. And gosh darn it, he hated Mr.

T. He couldn’t stand Mr. T. He was scared of him. He’s already serving time in a russian prison. I mean, the worst hands have been dealt with this guy. But you know what? He found time in his jail cell to hate Mr. T because he’s scared of him. He’s already doing time in Russia. He’s already in prison, probably getting beat to death every day. But you know what? Mr.

T scares him. Do you see the bullshit here? Please give me a thumbs up. That’s all I’m trying to do, is bring the bullshit front and center. I go down real deep. I pull up, I go in the muddy water real deep. I pull up the bullshit. I bring it up to the surface. And say, hey, look, folks, look at this bullshit right here. Am I doing a good job of this? Because this is what I do? Here’s the bullshit.

I went down deep to find this one. And here you go, a big clump of bullshit right here that they’re feeding you, breaking the mind control. And we’re going to be doing that on Ninoscorner tv. Get over there and sign up. Cancel Netflix, cancel everything else. Come with me. Come off into the green pastures of truth. Russia issues arrest warrant for Alexey Lavani’s brother. His brother now after critics unexplained death.

So now they’re going, supposedly, or I should say, they want you to believe that they’re going after his brother. Alexey Nalvani’s brother has been placed on a wanted list in Russia just days after the opposition figure was announced dead in a russian prison, as reported by russian state media. The russian interior ministry said on Tuesday that Oleg, of course that’s his name, Oleg Arkhilvorchevich Lervani, is wanted under an article of the criminal code.

The russian authorities did not state exactly what part the code of the code Oleg has broken. Moscow’s Priobrasky’s court had already handed Oleg a one year suspended sentence in 2021 for trying to organize an unauthorized rally. So these guys, I guess, are just. Damn it, they’re a thorn in Putin’s side. There were calls for Olek suspended sentence to be changed so he could be put behind bars. But he eventually managed to flee from Russia and does not know where Oleg fled.

I’m sure he’s on social media. I bet you he’s on TikTok making videos. I bet you he’s on TikTok doing something. They’ll find him. He probably has a Facebook page under some alias. They’ll find him. Everyone’s on social media, no matter how wanted you are. Okay? Everyone gets on there and does something. They can’t stay away from the social media. Maybe he’s on a dating site. Yeah, that would help.

Hit the like button and share and subscribe to my videos. It helps me help you. Rewarding brutality Putin promotes prison official accused of torturing Alexey Navarny just days after dissident’s death so a prison official accused of torturing Alexey Nirvani is in the feared polar wolf jail. Has been promoted. Has been promoted by Vladimir Putin. Do you believe this? I don’t know. I mean, it could be true. It could.

I’m just bringing to your attention because I think it’s probably not. Okay. Excuse me. When you fought all your life in the professional heavyweight ranks, you see a lot of bullshit. And when you raise street smart around a criminal element, you don’t fall for shit anymore. And when you understand criminals run the planet, you don’t fall for anything anymore. You don’t. You just don’t. Prison official accused of torturing Alexi Nalvani just days after dissident’s death has been promoted.

He got a, uh. Sure he did. President Biden to hit Russia with major sanctions in response to death of Navali. So now they’re going to use this. See what’s happening here. So now Biden is going to capitalize on this. Do you get it? Is the picture becoming more clear now? Is it becoming more clear? The Biden administration will impose major sanctions on Russia, the White House said Tuesday, in response to the death of Alexey Lalvani, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who died in prison last week under mysterious circumstances.

Maybe he’s hanging out with Epstein somewhere. John Kirby, the White House national security communications advisor, said the new sanctions are designed to hold Russia accountable for what happened to Mr. Navanny, as well as its actions over the course of the vicious and brutal war that has raged in Ukraine for two years. President Joe Biden plans to unveil the sanctions package Friday. Kirby declined to elaborate on what the new sanctions could look like or explain how might they differ from previous us sanctions targeting Russia.

So he’s going to get tough. He’s going to get tough with Russia because you know what? Putin is a bad guy. Got to put those sanctions on him. Got to get tough. LA woman detained for high treason in Russia by Putin’s feared the reason I’m reading all these articles about Russia is because I want you to understand what they’re doing, how they’re putting the pedal to the metal with more russian propaganda.

So I’m reading these to you so you understand. LA woman is detained for high treason in Russia by Putin’s feared FSB security on suspicion of making of raising 51. 51 what? 51,051,000. I don’t know. It just says 51 for the Ukraine army video posted by a russian news agency shows 32 year old Senya Carlina being led into a courtroom in handcuffs with her face blurred. Vladimir Putin’s secretary, federal security service, has arrested a dual russian american ballerina on treason charges, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Videos posted by russian news agency shows 32 year old Cassiena Carolina being led into a courtroom in handcuffs and with her eyes blindfolded. It’s not clear where the video was recorded. Do you even believe this? I often think of that movie wag the dog or what’s it called? Wag the tail of the dog or however they do it. Carrie Elena is a resident of Los Angeles who became a us citizen in 2021.

Her social media pages are littered with photos of her smiling, loving life in the US. She was arrested on the same day in January that Putin sat down for his widely planned interview with Tucker Carlson. So she was arrested on the same, huh? The apprehension took place outside a movie theater in Yuccasburg. The initial charges related to swearing offenses. Man, I got to put this out there for you guys.

DOJ FBI informant said russian intelligence involved in Hunter Biden’s story folks. Russian intelligence involved in Hunter Biden’s story. The FBI confidential source charged last week for alleged providing false information about President Biden and his son. Hunter Biden implicated russian intervention poor court documents filed Tuesday. The big picture. Alexander Samal, 43, admitted that officials associated with russian intelligence were involved in passing a story about Hunter Biden per government’s memorandum in support of his detention.

Do you guys believe this one? Prosecutors alleged in the filing that Smyrnov told the FBI handler that the russian intelligence Service intercepted several cell phone calls placed at a hotel by prominent us persons the russian government may use as component compromise in the 2024 election. So they’re already setting the stage, aren’t they? Catch up quick. Special counsel David Weiss changed or charged Smirnoff. I’m going to say Smirnoff.

That’s like a liquor, isn’t it? With felony false statement and obstruction crimes for providing allegedly false information about President Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Thank you very much. Jilly bean live. Thank you. Smimov. I don’t know if it’s Smyrnov or Smynov or Smimov, but he was indicted by a federal grand jury in the central District of California after being arrested at the Harry Reed International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prosecutors allege Smirnov falsely told FBI agents in June 2020 that officials with the ukrainian energy company Burisma paid the Bidens 5 million each. So they’re going after these people now. They’re going to say this was fabricated. It was fabricated. Man this is scary. We are living in some scary fucking times. Scary, scary times folks. It, have you guys ever tried cigar in a coffee? Ah, I gotta say it’s, it’s, it’s a good pick me up in the morning.

I got no vices anymore. I love hanging out with all of you. It’s fun. How do you guys like my deer story? That was pretty crazy. That’s real. I’m not making shit up. That was real. I have the video. Maybe I’ll post the video. I got, like, a couple of minutes of it on video before I was like, all right, I got to start hauling ass. There was a neighbor.

One of the neighbors was looking at me across the street. I guess he was fiddling around and his foot texting on his phone or something. And I could tell he was looking at me like, what the fuck am I watching right now? What am I witnessing? Could you imagine watching somebody fight a deer? But I let the deer keep its pride. All right, so George Soros scoops up 220 us radio stations ahead of the 24 election.

Folks. They’re covering all their bases, aren’t they? George Soros has purchased a potentially controlling stake in America’s second largest chain of radio stations, according to bankruptcy filings cited Wednesday in the New York Post. His Sorrow’s fund management has bought 400 million of debt in the Odyssey chain, the Post reported. That fund stake comes to about 40% of Odyssey’s debt at a value of about fifty cents on the dollar.

Although not a majority, it could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy, the Post wrote. Wow. 220 us radio stations right there under control, folks. See what I’m talking about? See why you need Ninoscorner TV? Do you see it now when I read this one? Dumb onion. You guys know what I’m talking about when I say dumb onion? Dumb Onion wins access to Newsmax journalist texts in its defamation case.

The ruling is a blow to the conversation news organization, which said in filings that it had avoided such a mandate in a similar case. Dumb onion. You know what systems is entitled to review personal communications and text messages from Newsmax Media journalists in its defamation suit against the conservative media company, a Delaware judge ruled last week. The ruling is a blow to Newsmax, which successfully avoided such a mandate in a similar case and sought to allow its employees to voluntarily offer up any relevant communications.

Dumb onion sued Newsmax for 1. 6 billion in 2021, claiming that the conservative news network. Defamed. Defamed. All right, this is why I read the news the way I do a lot of you, like, why do you read the news the way you do? Well, do you see what I’m reading here? It’s fucking unbelievable. So it deserves to be read like this. Imagine if I changed up my style and I decided to start combing my hair and putting on a suit and being serious and having a script.

The news doesn’t deserve to be read like that, folks. It deserves to be read like an ass clown, like the way I’m reading it because it’s so fucking unbelievable and so ridiculous. I’m trying to wake you up. Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley. News calling out dementia. She’s calling out dementia. See, they got enough was happening with Biden. Can this lady know? You’re not allowed to say anything about her on flufftube, so I can’t.

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on Tuesday suggested that Mr. T was at risk of developing dementia, stoking the online fire of his MAGA supporters. Haley, who has previously served as the United States ambassador in the Trump administration, remains the only other major candidate besides the former president in the race. She’s still in the race. That tells you something. That should tell all of you something. Someone’s behind the scenes saying, stay, you’re going to look like a hero.

These charges are going to stick very soon. And when he’s out of the picture, which he will be, we’ll let you rise and people will say you were never a quitter, that you stayed in the race. Do you see what they’re doing? That’s what they’re doing. Hate to break it to you like that. That’s what they’re doing here. Just stay. Just stay. Act like you’re tough, like you have grit, you have a backbone.

You’re a fighter, because when these charges stick, we’ll prop you up. People will go to you because they’ll believe you’re the fighter. That’s how they do this shit. And that’s what she’s going to run on. Allies prepare to infuse christian nationalism in second administration, something you all need to be very scared about. An influential isn’t it fucking crazy how nowadays everything that’s right is wrong. What’s wrong is right.

Isn’t that crazy? They want you to look at this and be like, oh, no, we can’t have that. We can’t have any christians in office. We cannot have that. An influential think tank close to Donald developing plans to infuse christian nationalist ideas in his administration should the former president return to power. According to documents obtained by Politico. Spearheading the effort is Russell Vought, who served director of the office of Management and Budget during his term and has remained close to him.

Vought, or Voight, who is frequently cited as I’m terrible at these last, huh? Cited a potential chief of staff in a second White House as president of the center of Renewing America think tank and leading group in a conservative consortium preparing for his second term. Christian nationalists in America believe that the country was founded as a christian nation and that christian values should be prioritized throughout government and public life.

They want you to be real scared of this. Oh, we can’t have that. We cannot have that. We need open borders. We need everyone to come here. We need a bad economy. We cannot have christians doing anything in this country. Get them the hell out of here. People selling out thousands of dollars for limited edition gold sneakers. Shelling out. So limited edition. Have you guys seen this? Have any of you watch? I don’t know what these, I saw a picture of them.

Gold sneakers. I don’t know. Is it like real gold or is just the color gold? Because people are selling out a lot of money for these sneakers. Limited edition sneakers from former president already selling for thousands on eBay. A pair of never surrender high tops, which just sold out within hours after being launched at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia over the weekend, fetched 7500 on the shopping website. Other final bids of the shoes on eBay show buyers paying anywhere from 4000 to nearly $6,000 for a pair of sneakers.

Sounds like Michael Jordan. There’s no difference to me. So what’s so bad about this article? People are willing to pay for something. That means there’s a market for it. And if there’s a market for it, it’s all good. So one seller is even asking over 45,000 for a pair. $45,000 for a pair of sneakers. Gold sneakers completed auction show the shoes also selling for 5750 5250. I mean, only 1000 pairs of these never surrender sneakers were made.

I talked to Juanito the other day and I asked, know, we have our conversations time to. I said, you know, when’s this going to pick up? What are we looking at here? What does the battlefront look like? How are things going to change? And I have no doubt that we’re going to win this. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that we’re going to win this. It’s just going to be really ugly.

It’s going to get really ugly. And it’s going to continue to be ugly because the old guard is losing power. And here’s what’s fascinating about this power struggle. The old guard that’s losing power does not believe they’re going to lose power. Okay? Understand that. They don’t think they’re going to lose. They’re going to lose, but they don’t think this. They’re very arrogant. They want to remain power. So what they’re going to do is squeeze harder.

They’re going to more power, more power, more losing. And that makes them lose grip, believe it or not. And that’s how they lose power. And that’s what wakes up society. That’s how you all wake up. Not my audience. Some of you might be new here, whatever, but they’re going to remain arrogant till the very end. This is not something that they’re going to be like, oh, gosh darn it.

You got us. All right, we give up. That’s it. No, they’re going all the way. They’re going all the way. They’ve been in control for a very long time. They’re not going to just give up power because fuck it, I guess, live to fight another day. That’s not what’s happening here. It’s not going to be like me and the deer. I didn’t kick the deer’s ass. They’re going all in.

Both sides are going all in. And this year, I’m expecting any day now for shit to go wacky. And it’s going to. And I think the first thing we’re going to see, the first sign of it, is when there’s going to be some kind of announcement. Maybe, I got to say, maybe we’re all decides he’s had enough and it’s better for the country if he just steps down.

I think we’re going to see that. I think we’re going to see that. And when he does, it’s going to hit the news like crazy. They’re going to be like, dang, he’s stepping down. He doesn’t want to do this anymore. And he’s going to bless whoever they get as a nominee, which could be Big Mike. Yeah. I don’t know. Nobody really knows who they’re going to thrust and promote, but it’s coming.

It looks like it’s coming. And with that being said, favorite to replace Joe Biden if he drops out is the most likely candidate to replace Joe Biden as the 2024 democratic presidential nominee should the incumbent step down before the election, according to a leading bookmaker, despite the former first lady not having launched a White House bid. So you see what they’re doing here. And I think she might be very open about things, if you know what I’m saying.

Don’t put it in here, but she might be very open about it. And if you don’t like it, you’re a bigot. You’re going to be a bigot and a phobe. A you know what phobe. So don’t you dare say anything because she’s going to be the first in a lot of ways. If you think I’m kidding. They’re desperate. They’re desperate and they’re arrogant. That’s a really weird, fucked up combination.

I don’t think I’ve ever this a desperate, arrogant person. Think about that for a second. Desperate and arrogant, you’re liable to do anything. And guess what? If you don’t like it, kind of like, I don’t know, let’s think about like, what was kind of the same thing that happened. Oh, Bud light. Bud light kind of did that, right? Nobody really liked Bud light. But then this is going to be different if this happens.

And folks, by the way, all my morning shows, in their glory, in the rawness, if you watch this and sometimes you’re like, I missed that, why does it get cut out? Or why does that get cut out? Or I don’t understand why that just cut, chopped and it’s all hacked up. Because I have an editor that keeping my nose above water and all these videos go on Nino’s corner tv so you can listen to them in their entirety in raw form and really get it the way I want it to be delivered.

You get it in the live show if you’re here. But go to Nino’s corner tv and the original version will be placed on Ninoscorner TV. It’s about to get interesting. I’m just going to tell you that right now. And who said it first? Ninoscorner TV. Who said it first? Juanito. Who said it first? Juanito on Ninoscorner TV. He’s been talking about this forever. But when that doesn’t work out for them, which it won’t.

Event. Event. And will the first series of the events start? Maybe April, may? I don’t know. I got to be very vague on here. I don’t know. I don’t know. One thing I want to bring to your attention. Movie making magic, directed by AI OpenAI’s Thursday unveiling of Sora, which turns verbal commands into remarkably lifelike movie clips, sent shockwaves through both the tech and media worlds. Why it matters other firms have their own text to video tools, but OpenAI has upped the wow factor.

Everyone knew this was coming, but not this soon. What’s happening is AI is a tool for the execution of human intentions. Seem to take another leap with Sora’s ability to take a couple of sentences from a user and crank out a convincing video up to a minute long. Folks, we’re coming into a time that’s going to be very dangerous. Can you imagine? This was brought to my attention.

Can you imagine? Not just AI running movies, running entertainment, running music. They’re going to be running everything. It’s going to suck the soul, the human soul, out of everything artistic. AI will control everything, including, oh, what if they start controlling the court system? We just say, you know, we’ve had enough with this now. Everything’s going to be controlled with AI. When you go to a court, when you got a jury, a judge, it’s all AI.

Tell me that doesn’t scare the shit out of you. You can’t play the sympathy card with AI. Can you imagine AI controlling everything? You go to court and it’s in front of an AI judge with an AI jury. See where this is going? Humanity will cease to exist anymore. You’ll have an AI lawyer appointed to you. I got to tell you, folks, this sounds like a dystopian nightmare to me.

I hope heaven’s real. I hope we don’t be reincarnated. I hope I’m not reincarnated. I would hate back here. And I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to me when people say reincarnation, because outside this existence, outside the third dimension, is there’s no space and time, right? So why would I keep coming back in a linear aspect to the future? Why would I keep coming back in another body, another time in the future? What if I go back to, like, the 18 hundreds? What if I’m reincarnated in 1312 or 1452? Why do you have to keep coming back in the future? Guys, get what I’m saying here? Doesn’t make sense to me because if death is outside time and space here and I get reincarnated, well, doesn’t mean I’m going to be reincarnated in the future, right? The shit that I think about, I’m just saying.

What I do think, though, is our future generations, we’re leaving a hell for them if we don’t turn this around. If we don’t turn this around, we’re leaving a cesspool of shit controlled by AI. And then who controls the AI, by the way? Psychopaths, criminals. They control the AI, but they make it sound like it’s really nice to all of you. Titter hinge deliberately turn users into swiping addicts.

Lawsuit says so. Are you a swiping addict on Tinder? Are dating apps turning us into addicts instead of helping us find love. Yes. Claims a lawsuit brought against the owner of Tinder, hinge and the league. You could sue anybody for anything now. In a class action lawsuit filed February 14, Valentine’s Day, six dating app users accused match group of having a predatory business model and deliberately employing psychologically manipulative features to ensure they remain on the app perpetually as paying subscribers.

The lawsuit argues that match’s apps violate consumer protection laws. Match intentionally designs the platforms with addictive, game like design features, which lock users into perpetual pay to play loop and prioritizes corporate profits over its marketing promises and customer relationship goals, said the lawsuit. So they’re saying it’s kind of like saying I eat McDonald’s and it makes me fat. I’m suing you. Same shit. The more I read shit like this, the more I want to get the fuck out of this country.

Okay, this is crazy. You made me an addict to swiping. I don’t like to eat McDonald’s because it makes me fat, but I keep eating there, so I’m going to sue them. That’s a world we live in now. Mental disorders are the norm. That’s the new norm. Let’s get to some what the fuck news. What do you say, folks? I got a doubleheader. I got a good what the fuck news today.

All right. What the fuck news? And what the fuck news? Married man had sex with. Oh, my God. I forgot how disturbing this one was. Oh, boy. Get ready for this one. A married woman. Sorry, not married man. A married woman. Not that it makes it any worse. Had sex with family dog while husband filmed. Four animals have been seized. A woman had been accused of having sex with her pet dog multiple times while her husband filmed the axe.

The couple has been arrested and the dogs have been taken away. A Florida couple has been arrested after a woman, Samantha White, 26 years old, was accused of having inappropriate relations with a family dog multiple times while her husband, John White, 29 years old, filmed it. Police in Lee county said that the wife will face charges related to the acts with the animals while the husband will be charged for recording inappropriate images or videos.

Four dogs were taken from their home by animal services to check for any injuries. They’re now being cared for at an animal shelter. They’ll never be the same. I’m pretty sure they’re traumatized. The police are still. I never told you all my donkey story. The donkey show, that’s the one chapter in the book that my dad made me take out. I witnessed a donkey show when I was 14 years old and it scarred me.

For the rest of my life. The police are still investigating. After arresting the couple in February. I didn’t think it was real. I went because it was like, let’s go see if this is real. And it was real. It was real. The donkey walked in, it was already hard. It knew what it was going to do. It was excited and the rest was very disturbing. So I won’t go into that here.

But it was in my book. My dad made me take that out of the book. It’s disgusting. The news follows a similar case a few months ago where a woman in Mississippi was arrested for filming herself in an act with a dog and then sharing it on social media. 19 year old Denise Frazier had a car accident in Merrick, Mississippi a week ago. She was seen on the side of the road with a leased german shepherd.

The police have charged her with being cruel to an animal. If she is found guilty, she would go to prison for up to ten years. Someone local told the police about what Fraser had done after they saw the video online. In my 17 years in law enforcement, this is one of the most disturbing cases that I’ve ever investigated, said Sergeant J. D. Carter from the Jones County Sheriff’s department.

The girl said she was threatened to do it and that she gets money from the videos. But the police said they didn’t find any proof that someone made her do it. Damn. Sergeant Carter. Sergeant Carter talked about who would fucking buy this and make who gets off on this shit. Sergeant Carter talked about one of Fraser’s videos which she says happened between February 23 through the 20 eigth.

And it looks like it was in a jeep at the Freedom Baptist church parking lot. The police think Fraser did bad things with other animals too, like a german shepherd. And she filmed it. They got this idea from one of Fraser’s videos that showed three different dogs. Now those dogs are being taken care of and getting help from a vet. I think they need more than a vet.

Double header. Double header. What the fuck? Double header. What do you think, folks? Lab grown testicles created in male fertility breakthrough scientists have successfully grown working testicles in a dish that could one day help solve male infertility, which affects one in twelve men worldwide. Researchers at Barland University in Israel produce tiny organoids, artificial miniature organs that closely mimic the structure and function of natural testicles. These lab grown organs culture from cells sampled from mouse testes form small tubules that parallel the sperm, producing seminiferious tubules found in real testicles.

Artificial testicles are promising, are a promising model for basic research on testicle development and function, which can be translated into therapeutic applications for disorders of sexual development and fertility or infertility, says lead researcher Dr. Nizan Goven of the BiU Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences and the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. In a statement, research shows one in eight couples encounter problems when trying to conceive a child, and in around half of the cases, the issues lie with a male partner.

Low sperm count or poor sperm quality can have multiple causes, including genetic defects, hormonal imbalances, and damage from cancer treatments. Growing artificial testicles offer scientists a unique widow into understanding and potentially treating these disorders. So you can grow testicles in a dish? Well, they’re growing your meat in a dish. Wadis is famous for the. Yes, it is very famous for the donkey show. Now, that’s a pig. How do I do a donkey y? Is that a good donkey? I got my pig and the donkey.

Well, today was a special episode. Oh, boy, I wish you didn’t know. I have some good guests coming on Nino’s corner tv. It’s going to be pretty good. I’m excited about it. I have to go on to another podcast right now, folks. I love all of you. Thank you for tuning in to this batshit crazy show that I have you all endure. Well, I went over an hour today.

All right, guys, I’m out of here. Love all of you. Please share this video far and wide. If you just take a moment to share it for me to show your appreciation. Also, Venmo d Hyphenrod 1977 super chat works. I appreciate all of you. God bless and the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting, baby, I’m out of here. Love all of you. Take it easy.

Steve Friday. .

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