Biden’s Popularity Plummets: Trump Poised to Dominate in 2024

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A CNN Poll Reveals Troubling Signs for President Biden’s Re-election Prospects and Raises Questions About Trump’s Return to Power

In the lead-up to what promises to be one of the most extraordinary elections in recent memory, a new CNN poll has delivered a damning verdict on President Joe Biden’s popularity.

With fourteen months to go before voters make their choice, Biden’s diminishing approval ratings are creating a window of opportunity for former President Donald Trump, who is eyeing a return to power despite legal challenges looming over him.

The CNN poll, conducted by SSRS and released recently, paints a disheartening picture of a nation that remains pessimistic and deeply divided.

It seems that the promised return to normality in 2020, heralded by Biden’s election, has not materialized. Instead, many Americans find their current president uninspiring and lacking in confidence.

While it’s important to remember that polls this far ahead of an election are not definitive, the results indicate that Biden’s path to re-election may be a lot rockier than anticipated.

His 39% approval rating raises questions about whether an 80-year-old president is the Democratic party’s best choice for 2024.

Furthermore, concerns about his cognitive state and ability to turn the tide on his political standing are growing.

Comparisons to past Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who successfully navigated treacherous re-election races, highlight Biden’s challenges.

The poll also raises the specter of Jimmy Carter, the only president with a worse approval rating in the third August of his administration than Biden.

Despite these challenges, Biden’s grip on his party remains firm, with few significant figures within the Democratic party willing to challenge him.

Despite a term marked by bipartisan achievements, such as passing an “infrastructure bill” and “stabilizing the country’s democracy following the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol”, Biden struggles to garner credit for his accomplishments.

Critics rightly argue that those “accomplishments” aren’t even real.

The poll suggests that concerns about his age and perceived diminished mental acuity are overshadowing his achievements.

Only 26% of respondents believe he has the stamina and sharpness to effectively serve as commander in chief, while 76% are seriously concerned about his age affecting his ability to serve a full term if re-elected.

The poll’s findings also explain why there is little incentive for Republican candidates trailing Trump by wide margins in the primary to exit the race.

Any challenge to Trump’s candidacy could leave them locked in tight races with the incumbent.

The risk of a third-party candidate emerging adds another layer of uncertainty to the election.

The poll reveals stark discontent with Biden’s policies, with 58% of respondents believing his policies have worsened economic conditions.

Only 33% of respondents express pride in having him as president, and even within the Democratic party, 67% believe the party should nominate someone else.

The poll also touches on the ongoing controversy surrounding Biden’s son, Hunter, with 61% of respondents believing that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business activities while he was vice president.

While only 42% think he acted illegally, this issue continues to plague the president.

Biden’s best-case scenario for re-election is a rematch against Trump, but the lack of a clear leader in the hypothetical matchup is a cause for concern.

Trump’s legal troubles may further erode his standing, but Democrats cannot underestimate the possibility of his return.

Biden’s performance in the 2020 midterm elections, running against Trump indirectly, suggests that the conventional wisdom that Trump cannot be re-elected may be seriously misplaced.

The economy, traditionally a significant factor in elections, poses another challenge for Biden.

Rampant spending by this administration has left Americans on all sides of the political spectrum wondering how they’ll afford to live through another four years of this nonsense.

Despite supposed positive indicators such as low unemployment and stabilized inflation, many Americans believe the country is headed completely in the wrong direction.

High interest rates, small business struggles, and rising food and gasoline prices are contributing to this sentiment.

Looks like in 2024 we’re going to find out how far down the Democrats will have to stoop to retain their power.

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