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➡ The And We Know channel talks about various topics like President Trump’s interview, celebrities falling, a cruise trip, and the dangers of AI. It also mentions a potential digital currency and how it could be risky. The text also discusses politics, including Nikki Haley’s views on Trump and his impact on politics. Lastly, it mentions the popularity of their channel and thanks the subscribers for their support.
➡ A lady talked about how some people are saying bad things about President Trump. She also talked about the president of El Salvador, Naib Bukele, who is very popular because he has been tough on gangs and crime. She also mentioned a product called CBD from CB Distillery that can help with sleep and pain. Lastly, she talked about how some people are worried about letting people who came to the U.S. illegally join the U.S. military, and how this could cause problems.
➡ This text talks about the problems of homelessness and illegal immigration in America. It mentions that some people are struggling to find homes, while others are getting help from the government. The text also discusses how some people believe that illegal immigrants are being treated better than American citizens. Lastly, it talks about the political issues related to these problems.
➡ A man talks about how he appreciates the support he’s been getting from his friends, especially Tim Scott. He also discusses how some people are unhappy with the actions of Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. He mentions some issues happening in the world, like conflicts involving the US, Russia, and Iran, and problems with the pharmaceutical industry. Lastly, he talks about a writer from the Daily Show who passed away.
➡ The article talks about the death of actor Carl Weathers and how he was still active and healthy before his passing. It also discusses how governments can sometimes control people’s lives and how important it is to stand up for freedom. The article also mentions a new drug called Ozempic, which is supposed to help people lose weight, but it’s very expensive and there are concerns about its promotion. Lastly, it talks about a website that sells immune-boosting supplements for pets and people.
➡ A company called Novo Nordisk makes a drug called Ozempic, which some people say is bad for your stomach. Even though it’s a European company, Europe doesn’t allow the drug. Still, some doctors in America are suggesting it for teenagers who are overweight. There’s also talk about money issues in America and other countries, and how these might affect things like the cost of oil and the stock market.
➡ People all over the world are helping each other, like farmers in Europe who are standing up to bad laws. Some people don’t believe everything they hear about vaccines, but they know they’re not getting the truth from the news. We hope to keep thinking, speaking, and acting clearly and kindly, and we ask for safety for our families. Thanks for watching and supporting this channel, and look forward to a special interview on Wednesday.


Well, folks, that intro pretty much sums up a lot of the information we’re going to cover today, again, reminding everyone that a lot of folks are still waking up to this jab stuff and more. President Trump provided a great interview with Maria Bartoromo. Tucker Carlson’s on fire and will interview Putin soon. Musk is putting information on the border issues and more people are leaving the Dem party in droves for President Trump.

And we will dive into the jab again, celebrate. Celebrities are actually continuing to fall big names. And we’re going to share how they pushed the jab also. And now they’re gone. So hang in there. Here we go. So, guys, just want to remind you that we have at sea with Lt. You can join us on a cruise to Alaska, August 11 to the 18th of this year. Go to amwinow.

com to check it out. We’re going to navigate truth, hope, faith and freedom. That means we’re going to be talking a lot about how I put these videos together. We’re going to basically have a family union and hang out together. It’s going to be great with the Isaacs. They’re going to play all kinds of wonderful music. And we’re just going to have biblical teaching, too. Time to pray together, hang out and meet our family also.

That’s amyno. com for that. So just want to make sure you are aware of that one. And we keep you guys notified. Pledge to block a potential central bank digital currency. Is that about surveillance? It’s very dangerous. It’s very dangerous. One day you don’t have any money in your account. It can be a very dangerous thing. And the other thing that I think is maybe the most dangerous thing out there of anything because there’s no real solution.

The AI, as they call it, it is so scary. I saw somebody ripping me off the other day where they had me making a speech about their product. I said, I never endorsed that product. And I’m telling you, you can’t even tell the difference. It looks like I’m actually very scary. No, because you can get that into wars and you can get that into other things. Something has to be done about this and it has to be done fast and nobody really knows what to do.

The technology is so good and it’s so powerful that what you say at an interview with you almost doesn’t matter anymore. They can change things around and nobody can tell the difference. Even experts can’t tell the difference. This is a tremendous problem in terms of security. This is a problem that they better get working on right now, they, and I wonder who he’s talking about. And for those that are not in the node, deep fakes, right, you can take somebody, you can actually make them appear as if they’re actually giving a support or an interview, or they’re talking to you through the camera and looking at you, and the next thing you know, you’re caught up in something that you realize, oh my goodness, I had no idea that this person who I thought was actually talking to me is not who I thought he was.

It’s a deep fake. They made him look like somebody else. It’s really sad. It’s a deep thing that’s coming and President Trump’s aware of it and he’s nervous about it also. And anyway, you can make all kinds of videos in seconds. Here’s just an example from individual pirate. Just an idea of somebody that burned them. If you like stock market terms, think of it like dividends used to buy and discard the stock that paid them out.

But some investors hate that because it’s the type of thing that will make it pass the Howey test, which makes it easy for regulators to claim that it needs to be taxed. So that’s a deep fake. That’s somebody that know through their computer, they’re able to make it look like the real actor. Yeah, fake AI. So pretty dangerous. Some stuff to just be aware of, folks. Just want to thank you.

Also, real quick, before we move forward, for your subscribing or following us on this channel and hitting the like and the share button again, we’re reaching the top one and two end on rumble and more. It’s absolutely exciting. Thank you for your support. So want to continue with this with the Nikki Haley? What they’re trying to do with her ultra peppy lives matter, says Trump made politics chaotic because he was the one who had the courage to upend the status quo.

She’s going to state that President Trump is chaotic. So she’s on the breakfast club, of course, they’re bringing her out everywhere, including Saturday Night Live. I’ll show you that in a moment. Since how has Trump changed politics for the good and the bad? He’s made it chaotic, he’s made it self absorbed, he’s made people dislike and judge each other. He’s left that a president should have moral clarity and know the difference between right or wrong.

And he’s just toxic. I think a lot of the things he broke needed to be broken, but he doesn’t know how to fix things again. And it’s not okay. To just break, you’ve got to fix it and make it better. So continuing just to go after Trump, why not bring up your talking points, what you plan to do for the country and more? Nope, can’t do that. Just attack him.

And so anyway, he had the courage to upend the status quo, pull the curtain up, and expose how wicked Washington DC really is. The only people Trump has made people dislike and judge is the elite establishment class, which is exactly where the target of our ire should be. He showed the people the cold, hard truth, his moral clarity. As Nikki speaks about his courage, he did what few had the guts to do.

And for that reason, the world has been changed. And if she thinks she has any chance whatsoever. I thought this was interesting. Dan posted this February 4. Just reminding us of the numbers against old Biden. Let’s just start with the bottom line. When you ask, folks, hey, if it’s the general election and it’s Trump versus Biden, in our poll, Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden by five points.

Compare that to the last time we polled back in November. Trump was ahead then, but it was only by two points. And it’s even more significant when you look at it this way over time. We have been testing for five years now going back to 2019, a Biden Trump matchup. Remember 2019? 2020. Joe Biden led, he led big in every single one of our polls. For the first time in November, Donald Trump polled ahead in our poll.

And now at five points, this is the biggest lead NBC has ever had in 16 polls for Donald Trump over Joe Biden. And of course, undergirding all of this is this question of he is the incumbent Joe Biden. We ask voters, what do you think of the job he’s doing? And look at that, Kristen, 37% approved and now 60% disapproved. How about that? On Meet the Press? They just having a good old time reporting those big numbers.

Plus five. Let’s just throw in maybe another 15 on that. She’s probably plus 20 up. They just don’t want people to know. And of course, back to old Nikki Haley. She tried to do a Saturday Night Live appearance. And we’re going to show you peppy lives matter. Put together something to show us that. Let’s show you the difference between President Trump when he goes on Saturday Night Live and Nikki Haley, who does poor acting and just can’t figure it out.

My question is, why won’t you debate Nikki Haley? Oh, my God, it’s her. The woman who was in charge of security on January 6. Join me at Donald Trump’s House of Wings. Trump, you know our wings will make you happy and you spent $50 million in your own legal fees. Do you need to borrow some money? You know our wings. We’ll fill you up if you want to play.

We love a chicken wing. Yeah, I see dead people. Yeah, that’s what voters will say if they see you and Joe on the ballot. Oh, that’s not very nice, Nikki. You know, our wings come with retail rates. And did you win your home state in the last election? I won Staten island. You know, he made it. I’ll. Good for you. What would you say was the main cause of the civil war? And do you think it starts with an s and ends with a laboury.

Yep, I probably should have said that the first time. And live from New York, it’s Saturday night. If you want to cheese Donald Trump’s house of wings. Donald Trump, that is so cool. And just show you the difference between when it used to be pretty hilarious and a lot of fun to where it is now, where it’s just sick and dark. These guys have no idea what they’re doing in Saturn live anymore.

It’s pretty sad. And so there’s been an uptick when it comes to President Trump. Anne Coulter says maybe he could die when she applied to stand up for truth. Anne Coulter has been right about Trump in the past. I’d love to hear what he needs to do, in her opinion, to help us take America back. She says he could die. And there was another show. I don’t even like to mention the show because I don’t want anybody heading over there, in my opinion, causes a lot of turmoil, a lot of screaming and yelling and in your face.

But they’re talking about President Trump dying also. Not in a positive way, in my opinion, at all. They’re trying to make it positive, but it’s really sick. As this rhetoric continues to grow and many people are starting to notice this and more, it’s sad. On the positive side, we got San Salvador. Salvadorans voted on Sunday in elections expected to hand Naib Bukle another landslide victory, with many happy to overlook the younger leader’s authoritarian drift after he crushed gang violence that had paralyzed life in the poor central american country.

Bukolay, 42, appears poised to become the first salvadorian president in almost a century to be reelected. Wildly popular, Buchle has campaigned on the success of his security strategy, under which authorities suspended civil liberties to arrest more than 75,070, 5000 Salvadorans without charges. The detentions led to a sharp decline in nationwide murder rates and transformed a country of 6. 3 million people that was once among the world’s most dangerous.

And so we got a speech prepared, wanted to show you that somebody showed why is he so popular? What made him so big? And I’m going to show you this right here from his speech right here. Here we go. For eight months, we have been fighting this war against the gangs. And thank God we are winning. This is very surprising victory that is nearly within our grasp. Let it be clear that glory is for God.

It is God’s glory. We humans are lucky to be instruments of God, all of us, to bring peace, liberty and happiness to the salvadoran people. We are the instrument to heal this land. Each of you is an instrument of God to do this. Peace is not reached through agreements between the corrupt, sharing power among killers. Peace is built with hard work, with sweat, with effort, and with the bravery that you and your brothers and the police have.

You must have something to be able to show that you are a part of something greater than yourself and that it’s worth. Excuse me, go back just a little bit. And that it’s worth right here, risking your life for that purpose that is more important than yourself alone. It’s values. Values such as bravery, such as courage, such as strength, discipline, patriotism, honor, loyalty and love for your fellow man.

These are fundamental values for human society. But these values are increasingly scarce in the world. If you watch the international news, you will see how the most important values for human beings, such as honor, loyalty, bravery, courage and love for your fellow man, are precisely the values that we are losing with each passing day. And that’s why you can see how societies that seem to have won now are degrading as they are losing the values that made them great.

These values were probably not strong in this land and were strong in other lands. And that’s why those lands grew and became great. But they are losing those values now. And on the other hand, in El Salvador, the values in El Salvador, the values that previously were degraded in our country, are now the most important ones. Just take a look at yourselves, young men and women who embody all these values.

How could a nation not rise up with values such as these? How could a nation not rise up when it puts God first and then puts in hard work and effort with these kinds of values? Now, that is an amazing speech, putting God first. So in that victory, as they had the celebration, I didn’t show you, but he’s excited, showing that the voting and excited, it looks like loved ones with him and more.

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To get you started, visit cbdistillery. com in the description box below. Use code Lt for 20% off. That’s cbdistillery. com. Use code Lt. Likely invasion of military age largely chinese males who are not forthcoming about why they have embarked on their journey and appear to be encouraged by something in China to do. You know, I don’t know is there? Given what you’re describing and what you saw with your own eyes, doubtless you have seen Senator Dick Durban of Illinois comments in the Senate where you said, hey, we should let people who came here illegally join the US military.

What does that make you think? Well, this makes me think back to the COVID crisis and some thoughts that I was developing then about the insanity of throwing highly trained people, in many cases out of the US military for refusing to take the so called vaccines. Now, my sense at the time was that that likely had the purpose of getting rid of the kinds of people who refuse moral orders and that it created a much more compliant force.

Now, what happens if migrants are given citizenship in exchange for military service? In the US military, that seems to create a major hazard because the perverse incentives for a migrant and the lack of allegiance to fundamental american values means that that would be just the kind of force that could be used to impose tyranny on other Americans because they would have no history with us. That would cause them to think twice.

We’ve seen this before with the roman legions. Imagine that your military starts filling up with people that don’t really care about this country and have no qualms when ordered to go to Americans’homes and start shooting because they’ll think I’m in the military. I’m doing what I’m told. MJ Truth showed this clip. Senator Dick Durbin recently made the request to allow illegal immigrants citizenship through the military service. So we’re asked, was the COVID purge a coincidence? They threw highly trained Americans out of the US military for refusing to make the vaccine or take the vaccine.

That likely got rid of soldiers who would refuse moral orders and created a more compliant force. You see, so folks know do Covid thing and then all those folks start jumping out and saying, no, I’m not doing this. My morals are strong. They get out and then they get replaced by people who don’t have good morals or are just thankful to have some type of job even though they don’t care about the country.

Right. What happens if illegals are given citizens? Well, seems to create a major hazard. And so these are some of the issues when it comes to this border. It’s going to cause a lot more problems in the future for many. Now, one of the things that I wanted to make sure you’re aware of, since we’re talking about Tucker Carlson and a lot of his interviews here coming up, he’s actually going to be talking or he’s currently in Moscow, Russia, to interview Vladimir Putin.

The media is in panic mode. They’re losing control of the narrative. Yeah, a lot of things are starting to bring panic to them and it’s stirring up the pot, folks. I mean, there’s major things that are going on with this information warfare when it comes to this border and all the information that’s popping out everywhere, there’s a lot of chaos. New York City is launching a $53 million program to hand out prepaid credit cards to migrant families.

Elon Musk says Biden’s strategy is very simple. Get as many illegals in the country as possible, legalize them to create a permanent majority, a one party state. That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple yet effective. I’m showing a picture here. Bumps on illegals’bodies. Who was detained from the caravan at the border is smallpox. Half of the detainees from the caravan, that particular caravan, they tested positive for tuberculosis, which there is no vaccine for.

Is the border wall starting to look good now? Somebody asks. So another thing I wanted to show you is at the border, somebody filmed this where a family with the child uses cardboard, puts it under the wire and tries to get into the other side. And it’s going to seem like she got her hands stuck. Mama. Come on. Wing Katie and Liani wings to crawl and gagate, look at the little girl here.

And then she got her sweatpants. So you’re watching them cardboard and all, try to get across the other side. My son was watching this with me as I was putting it together. He says, hey, dad, what would you do if you’re desperate to get over to the other side? You’d figure out any way to get over. And I said, yeah, I understand. What’s sad is these folks have been promised a lot of money, free place to stay and more.

And there’s plenty of documentaries now out on YouTube and more, where people are exposing just what’s happening when they get kicked out of these areas and these legal immigrants and more. And I saw this other clip I wanted to show you. Illegal immigrants are getting free rent, gift cards, free meals, and the US government is evicting a second homeless encampment in Minneapolis. Yeah, I mean, check this out.

It’s something you’d never thought you’d ever see. We should be the last people who are homeless in America. We shouldn’t be out on living in this kind of conditions or anything like this. It’s really sad that in 2024, we have people living in huts like this with having to have heat, with firewood. It’s kind of just, man, what do you think the city can do? Well, they could help with, like, because I’m not from Minnesota, but I was born here and I’m from Wisconsin.

And so it’s kind of hard for me to get housing because I’m a felon. And there’s other reasons why people. It’s hard to get housing, period. I have no history, rental history. And for some people, it’s easier just to live in a tent. And where are you going to go? I’m not sure. I have no idea. Yeah. So look at these conditions. They’re worse than the third world country.

We should be the last people who are homeless in America. It’s like, we shouldn’t be out on living on the kind of conditions or anything like this. It’s really sad that in 2024, that’s what she said, all this is happening living in huts, yet the illegals are being taken care of. I mean, it’s happening across the board. They’re starting to notice that in the cities, right? The cities that probably voted in droves said, hey, come on, open the borders.

Let them in. We’re sanctuary city. And next thing you know, they’re getting filled up with them and they’re realizing maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe it’s waking up a lot of people. Elon Musk most people in America don’t know that the census is based on a simple headcount of people, including illegals, not just citizens. This shifts political power and money to states and congressional districts with the highest number of illegals.

Right. The more numbers you get, the more money that they get. And President Trump chimed in on these illegals crossing the border. I understand. I’m told that the Chinese are paying $35,000 ahead, $50,000 ahead to come to the southern border. They’re paying the drug cartels this money, the number of chinese nationals, and they are military aged men. You’re right. Up 100% year over year. Are they being directed by the Communist Party to come here? I believe so.

I believe so. And I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack. 100%. 100%. During my term, I had no terrorist attacks. You know that, right? So they’ll be. How about that? All these folks coming across, it’s causing a lot of issues. But you go to MSNBC and you think, well, they’re going to interview some guys and find out that know, talking about politics and more. Well, check out what happens.

There are some people in your orbit who are either voting for Donald Trump or considering it for sure. A lot of my friends are obviously my age, so we’re a little younger. We’ve only voted once for a president. And Trump is kind of all we know. And they’re kind of Trump and Biden, they’re like, well, we were broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump. And that’s kind of the only thing that I’m hearing over and over again, over and over again, is that, well, Trump, we had money.

Well, okay, black voters in South Carolina, MSNBC, unenthusiastic about their presidential choices. That’s what they put on the screen. Yet they’re enthusiastic about voting for Trump, in my opinion. Why didn’t they put that there? Of course they’re not going to put that. So all of this border stuff seems to just be adding up more to wake up the masses. Wanted to show you some more on the border.

Time to defund the UN and kick the United nations out of America. Sheriff Lamb says the UN is funding the illegals through non governmental organizations and has spent $1. 6 billion to destroy America by flooding illegals into America. We also know that UNRWA employees assisted in October 7 massacre of innocent people in Israel. The UN is part of the globalist takeover plan. How much more proof do we need to cut ties with the United nations.

Here’s in December, Sheriff Lamb exposing the illegals receiving cell phones, plane tickets, and gift cards. Remember about a month ago, I put out a video saying that when many of these illegals are getting processed or people claiming asylum, they’re getting a cell phone, they’re getting a plane ticket across this country, and then even getting gift cards, some of them even getting cash. Well, the media went to work really fast to try to debunk me and say that I was putting out false information.

Verify said it was false information. Well, this is just one of the reports we’ve seen recently. Now, the UN is saying that they were handing out up to $1. 6 billion through ngos to illegal immigrants for things like gift cards and cash. Gift cards like this. We find these all over on the other side of the border and on our side of the border, and we find them with the folks that we pull over and stop that have come into this country illegally.

So once again, I’m here to remind you that the information that the mainstream media feeds you is what’s false. Remember about a month. That’s right. Feeding false information. And yet you head over to Dan Cavino, and he’s going to definitely let you know with this commercial crisis at the border with executive authority, is there more you can do? Absence put it on all I can do, give me the power.

All I can do. Give me the power. All I can do. Give me the power. All I can do, give me the power. You did this, Joe. He says he’s done all he can do, yet he’s a liar. Sure he’s done all he can do. Biden administration ends Trump era remain in Mexico policy Biden administration to halt deportations for 100 days Biden ends workplace immigration raids us will no longer deport people solely because they are undocumented.

You did this, Joe. Crisis at the border, one commercial at a time, hitting the airwaves, letting you know how this is all playing out. And so I wanted to remind you guys, we’re at amwino. com. That’s where you can find us. Very simple. Go there, you’ll be able to find our videos, our social media accounts and more. Podcast. You can also find tons of info on thepatriolight. com.

We created this for you so that you’d have something to go to to get your home. Politics, world news, markets, faith, social news and resources all in one area. Really cool. And just as a reminder, we’ve got our shop, amynote. com. You can grab your gear we think you’re going to love these right here. Heather Bay blue crew neck sweatshirt, everyday backpack, travel bag with am we know on it, Santa Cruz oc logo, hoodie.

And then this weekend you could take 10% off of Valentine packs. Hopefully you guys can get that. I believe it’ll still be going on just another day for you. You can go to shopdanamino. com, get accessories, hats, tees and tanks, and hopefully folks will walk up to you and you’ll have new friends. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. So when will Trump announce his VP pick? Mr.

President, when will you announce who your VP is? Not for a while. I mean, we have so many great people in the republican party, but not for a while. What criteria are you using to identify who your running mate is? Always. It’s got to be one thing. It’s got to be who would be a good president. I mean, you always have to think that, know, in case of emergency, things happen, right.

No matter who you are, things happen. It’s got to be number one. Who is your running mate? Well, I have a lot of good people. We have a lot of really good people. So you haven’t decided who it is? I have a lot of good ideas, but I haven’t and there’s no reason. So you haven’t told that person you’re my person. I speak to everybody I speak to know.

I called Tim Scott this because a lot of people like Tim Scott. I called him and I said, you’re a much better candidate for me than you offer yourself. When I watched him, he was fine. He was good, but he was very low key, et cetera, et cetera. I watched him in the last week defending me and sticking up for me and fighting for me. I said, man, I said, you’re a much better person for me than you are for yourself because for himself, he was low key.

For me. He’s been a real tiger. He’s been incredible and others have, too. So maybe it’s Tim Scott. Well, it could be a lot of people, but it was interesting. I was watching Tim. I’ve been know for a while. I watched him campaign as a candidate, but I watched him over the last two weeks, as you know, he endorsed me, fully endorsed me, gave me a beautiful endorsement.

And he has been really strong in terms of that. No, but that has nothing to do. I don’t want anybody to take even any inference. But it’s incredible. Christine Ohm has been incredible fighting for me. She said I’d never run against him because I can’t beat him. That was a very nice thing to say. What was the story that your team reached out to? I like him a lot.

Nope, never. Never happened. Is it fair to believe that? How about that? No. RFK mentions Tim, Scott and Elm too, huh? Very interesting. He’s going to continue to play with the media, let them know different things that are going on and more. And while that’s happening, while we’re enjoying the Trump thing, just wanted to make sure we get a little bit more information about the black community. Waking up folks.

They’rejecting Barack Obama. Black lives Matter in the Democrat crap party. It’s amazing. And so here’s somebody letting us know exactly how they feel. Abortion in Africa and other. We provide the money for his marxist socialist programs pushing abortion in Africa. This is talking about Obama and other things. He didn’t care about us. He didn’t care. That gave rise to Trump because Trump actually listened to us. He actually cares.

Many of us. I mean, it was bad. At least Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton Bs. And said, I feel your pain. Barack Obama didn’t give a damn. He should have never been elected before. He was elected in 2000 and he got elected in 2008. My mother sent may God rest her soul letters to black churches warning them about Barack Obama, saying he was so ungodly. I said, mom, that’s harsh.

She wrote it anyway. And everything my mother said, may God rest her soul, was right. He hates this country, but he wants to live off the fat of the land like the founders of Black Lives Matter. They don’t give a damn about black people. They didn’t have spent one dime to help build a black business. But these lesbians, they bought homes in predominantly white neighborhoods. See, they say they hate capitalism, but they love to use us and live off of capitalism while they spout an anti God, anti America rhetoric.

Right? That was powerful. That is what we’re talking about, about this wake up call that’s happening, this huge operation that’s going on. Q the stormwriter, always giving great opinions on things I enjoy it. Shares a lot of stuff from other folks. Hoping someday that we get a chance to get shared on there. Also, lots is happening in the US. The deep state cabal prepared to create near civil war events.

This all comes as us as the CIA, excuse me, Ukraine proxy war fails and russian military has annihilated the NATO operations. The CIA NATO operations right now, the United Nations Davos, NATO is begging the EU to create a military to fight Russia. Unfortunately, EU intelligence and several secretaries of defense have given military assessments that the EU countries are out of ammunition and munitions. This all comes as NATO has failed to produce the 1 million a month ammunition productions and less than 20% has been produced.

Ukraine is holding billions of us and EU tax dollars but have no place to buy ammunition and moreover the Ukraine military has nearly been wiped out and the last of reserves are being used pulling people off the streets to fight young and old. Major panic in the United nations is us military assessment and war gaming operations and simulation. War with Iran is a negative outcome. Iran has over 40 million men willing to fight and Iran military is highly advanced with weapons and has some of the highest military ammunition stock reserves in the world.

Turkey, Russia, China will be back, will actually back Iran and Saudi Arabia will completely shut off the US from oil. Well there’s wires. Intelligence reports state that the non jurisdiction of the US military illegally stationed in Syria is where the US soldiers came from. They were not part of the US military base in Jordan. Massive cover up is happening in the US military with Biden administration and the deep state news agencies pushing the false stories.

Several colonials in the US haven’t stated that Iran would not use drones to attack as Iran is some of the most advanced weapon systems in the world and the drone strike were made by local militias. Panic in the Pentagon see as the US military stock reserve is reaching all time low and the all war assessment confirms Russian Iran can easily take control of the Black Sea Mediterranean Red Sea.

Major panic as Turkey military mulls over intervene in the US attempt at World War II operations. Cables indicate Turkey sent strong warnings to UK not to intervene in the United States Iran situation. Massive panic in the United Nations, NATO, EU and US as the Epstein saga is moving forward. Behind the scenes, Cheyenne Mountain and military white hats Trump are staging for the perfect moment to bring Epstein saga more into the light.

Panic exposure comes closer. They’re trying desperately to start World War II and the US civil war to suppress Epstein right? Got to have a cover up. Stay safe patriots. If you’re in Texas, California, New Mexico standing with take back or border movement. White hats and the NSA and different agencies are trying hard with military and ex military to facilitate Texas operations and they are behind the scenes sending warnings and also warning FBI not to facilitate a black flag patcom operation.

Lot happening on the scenes. Great update. Here’s some more on some amazing information coming out about the medical side. But you’re saying that pharma buys tv spots not to convince people to ask for specific drugs from their physicians, but to subvert the news business. This is an open secret. Working for pharma. I never even thought of that. This is an open secret. The kind of silly ads you see between the news breaks the points of that is not.

It’s largely to impact the customer. But pharma has already got that. They’ve already bought off the doctors. They’re good on that. No, this is an open secret. The news ad spending from pharma is a public relations lobbying tactic, essentially to buy off the news. They’re not investigating pharma. Oh, I’ve noticed. The news has become basically a referee. That you are a terrible anti science Luddite for asking why the shots that we require our kids to get, that fundamentally by their own advertising change the immune system of that child for life.

Why it’s gone from 20 to 70 to even ask that question. The news referees that and calls you antiscience. When the two largest vaccine makers in the country are literally criminal enterprises, blacksmith, Klein and Merck, in the past five years, has settled two of the largest criminal penalties in american corporate history for bribing doctors and creating misleading research. Who are the two largest vaccine makers? So you literally have the media playing referee that you can’t even ask a question.

Parent is actually if you have a vaccine injury, and many people have, including some I know very well, even a profound vaccine injury, you’re not allowed to complain about. You’re anti. You’re anti science. Even if it can be shown this is a vaccine. The media plays referee because they’re funded. So in all levels, right? On all levels. And I’m not very dark, Callie, me. Well, I think it’s hopefully empowering.

I think this is why we have an opportunity here, Tucker. Like Ozempic, this is not some new know. It’s kind of this funny thing. It’s kind of vain. I can lose going. The reason the stocks are going up is because this is going to be a lot of government money. This is going to be the highest funded drug from the US taxpayer in history. We’ve got a society.

When are we going to say, let’s go another direction? Why are we trusting Pharma now when they’ve been completely acting to garner? No. Oh, yeah. Information’s flying out by the millions. Millions of people are paying attention. Here’s another guy. The Daily show writer, Tom Johnson’s gone. 55 years old. So young. Won two Emmys and two Peabody awards for his work on the Daily show. How did it start? He said, why aren’t you, you stupid blank? I’m vaccinated.

Gone. Julian’s rum said, had my annual physical a few weeks back. Not once did my doc recommend getting the COVID vaccine. A year ago he wouldn’t shut up about it. Wonder what happened. Anybody else noticing stuff like that? Here’s another big one for you guys to see. Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed from rocky movies dies at age 76. Guys, I just saw him on mandalorian. He looked pretty young, still in shape.

Then you go back and you start looking at social media accounts and people are already getting the information out as quickly as he’s gone. Said that they found him in bed gone, but he was out there bragging, pushing hard. He said, I’m also vaccine boosted and still tested positive and experienced the effects of COVID plexi adds another layer of protection. Thinking of and protecting myself and others. What else did he say? I’m no expert in medical issues, but when citizens refuse to get vaxed or simply wear a mask, how do we expect this virus to be controlled or eliminated? You can walk on a sidewalk, but if you walk on the freeway, don’t be upset if you’re killed.

Can’t have it both ways. And now he’s gone so young. The stuff is playing out day in and day out. The controls, levers of government taking over our lives continues to be an issue. It was amazing as I saw this clip from a movie where Hollywood accidentally actually tells us the truth about how they walk. These scientists came up with after studying tribes in India and Africa, South America.

The smaller tribes didn’t have any government, didn’t need any. They could sit down, talk out their problems, decide where to plant crops to hunt. There was just a big family, really. But when the number of people got up around 500, if there wasn’t any government, the strongest people would take advantage of the weakest. Every time, without fail, they would enslave, rape, steal, enrich their lives at the expense of other people’s lives.

Government’s man’s way of trying to control our behavior. But it can’t be controlled. That’s what we are. Sooner or later, the kind of people that would enrich themselves at your expense will use the government to do it. Mark my words. One day they’ll create laws to control what we say, how we think. They’ll outlaw our right to disagree if we let them. That’s from the paramount show, 1923.

Powerful worlds, everything coming together, reminding us day in and day out what they do to try to control us. This wake up call has been pretty enormous for all of us. Notice that in our interview that’s coming up this Wednesday with Todd Calendar, God’s guns God guns and country platform cloud hub. No more data stealing for online meetings. Open support for folks like J Sixers. Found it absolutely amazing putting this video together and discussing just how they’re doing all they can to control us.

Todd Callender spent a lot of his time and effort and money to provide something for us to help us all out. Not only that, this thing was actually you can go and watch videos and have them translated on the spot to whatever language you pick. Not every language is on there. It’s like 160, I think. I forget, but we were just amazed at watching this. So get ready for this one Wednesday folks.

And if you go in the description box, you can actually click on meetings, cloudhub. com, partneroc and you can have meetings where you can actually, when your meeting is done, it’s gone. It’s not like Zoom or they steal it all. It’s pretty cool. And so going back to the wake up call with all of the things going on here with medical issues, here’s something we saw from something called the Ruben report and another guy actually talking about the wake up call for them.

How much did your political evolution shift because of the COVID craziness? Because when I had you on last time in studio, still in LA, so it’s about over two and a half years ago, you were still sort of saying some nice things about Fauci. And I know you guys have a history. I sense you’ve shifted a bit on that, or at least you’re amenable to some other ideas.

I am open to everything now. I’m open to things that I never thought I would have been open to. And I really think that the door fully came open. I’ve realized that everything in the news is Bs. Everything. There is nothing that I can consume on any legacy media that I can trust. And that is shocking and that’s disturbing. And it makes you wonder how long it’s been going on for.

And I’m concerned it might have been a very long time. Yeah. Was there a straw that broke camel’s back on that specifically? Yes. I was going to tell you that my first interview with RFK Jr. He was so reasonable and so smart and so many interesting ideas and enlightened me to this cozy relationship between the regulators and the pharma companies, which I really wasn’t aware of. I mean, I can’t let a pharma company representative into my office to give me a pen with a drug name on it.

And yet those guys are living together and cross pollinating job. I mean, that’s mind boggling to me. And that he had a very sensible, didn’t necessarily fully agree with it, but a sensible idea about vaccine research that he would like to push forward. Not that vaccines are bad. His family’s all vaccinated. My family’s all vaccinated. And at the end of that interview, he said them to me. I’ve met him now many times since then.

He goes, oh, my know, Drew, you are so courageous to talk to. Thought it blew me back in my chair. I thought, I need courage to have a conversation with an adult in a public setting. And he was right. This is a time where I didn’t realize how much speech was being suppressed, how much was being manipulated. Then what happened after that was the Twitter files and they started seeing what’s going on.

And to me, this is all reprehensible and what has happened as a result. I don’t think I’ve shifted my political in the I never imagined I’d be in this point in my life at this age and place in my career. Freedom and freedom fighting and the courage to stand up for it have been the most important thing in my life right now. Fighting for freedom, freedom of speech and more.

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Com so visit ltpetclub 247 dot in the description box below. So folks, I’m going to show you a clip here. In a moment. MJ Truth shared Tucker Carlson’s episode 72, the case against Ozempic. Tucker Carlson on how fat Americans have gotten in one generation. A new pharma product has hit the market, and it’s called ozempic, a drug you can take to lose weight. Sounds like a good idea, right? No.

If a fish tank is dirty, you can clean the tank. You don’t drug the fish. Ozempic is a weekly injection for the rest of your life that costs $20,000 per patient. And there’s some catch to this Ozempic. It’s just being played out. I’ll share more in a moment. Funders of actual civil rights groups. So you actually can’t even believe this, but Novo Nordics is paying the NAACP to say that not supporting Ozempic is a civil rights issue.

Did you hear that? NAACP working together now with pharma. You’re racist if you’re against giving kids a diabetes drug. It’s on the NAACP website. And the NAACP is a registered lobbyist for Ozempic, saying that you are a racist because there’s disproportionate issues with obesity in certain communities, that you’re a racist for not supporting government funding for Ozempic. Of course. And the NAACP takes money from the drug maker.

They’re a registered lobbyist for the drug maker. How can the NAACP be a registered lobbyist? They have a lobbying organization. They have to declare who their lobbying clients are. And as reported in NPR very recently, they are registered as a lobbyist for Novo Nordicst. And on their website, they’re saying it is example of systemic racism to not support federal funding for Ozemp. Yeah, Ozempic drug medically a disaster.

Nova Nordisk is the company that makes this drug and is the most valuable company in Europe, but it’s not allowed to be taken in Europe. Lawsuits are already coming in on the gastrointestinal issues. Stomach paralysis alters your ability to digest food. It’s being fast tracked. The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending this as the first line of defense for teens to fight obesity. What? Nova Nordisk is paying off everyone.

One of the five largest funders of news ads, top funders of obesity research, largest founders to universities on the obesity topic. NAACP’s registered lobbyists for them, for Nova Nordisk. Wow. Making a civil rights issue. They’ve given them $30 million to obesity doctors Nova Nordisk has directly paid Fatima Stamford, the head of obesity research at Harvard, thousands of dollars to push this drug. 50% of teens and 80% of adults are overweight.

50% of Americans over 80 or 50% have prediabetes. 33% of young adults and teens. This is totally caused by our environment and what we’re eating. Us government spends $10 billion per year to go to sofa companies through the food stamp program. Sperm counts down 50% in just this past generation. 25% of women have polycystic ovary syndrome. What is going on? While this is happening? The House GOP proposed 17.

6 billion for Israel with no offsetting cuts to the IRS. Yeah, wait, there’s more of $3 billion to help the US military take a more active role in helping Israel kill geopolitical rivals. But wait, there’s more. This is compromise of previous $14 billion aid package that was shot down because it included cuts to the IRS to offset the cost. That means the IRS cuts. The only good thing about the bill was removed and they were going to cut the IRS stuff, folks, and they didn’t do it.

$3 billion for us military was added another aid package that will fund Israel, Ukraine, actions in the Indo Pacific and maybe border security if they feel like it. All this stuff about money and more we talked about yesterday with Dr. Kirk Elliott. Four states could lift precious metal. Tax Biden puts economic sanctions on America and tech. I mean, we just have amazing information in these interviews for you to see.

I’m just amazed that even you guys can reach out to them, give them a call, click on the link in the description box below, and we have direct conversations about your money and more. We talked about this. President Trump even talked about the Federal Reserve chair, Jay Powell. This leads me to the economy, Mr. President, because Jay Powell, the Fed chairman, is talking about a soft landing. Do you believe we will see a soft landing? Well, I think he’s going to do something to probably help the Democrats.

I think if he lowers interest rates. But you have the potential of having massive inflation again because the Middle east could drive up the price of energy. Energy has so much to do with it. And the Middle east again, the bombs are dropping all over the place and the ships are starting to get hit and hit hard. If that happens, you’re going to have tremendous spikes in the price of oil, and if you do that, you’re going to have big inflation.

He’s not going to be able to do anything. But it looks to me like he’s trying to lower interest rates for the sake of maybe getting people elected. I don’t know. So you think he’s political? He’s just going to cut rates to help Biden? I think he’s political. So, I mean, the Biden team can say, well, if things are so bad, how come the stock market’s on a roll? Because they think I’m going to be elected.

You think the stock market’s rallying because people think you’re going to. Yeah. If you take a look at Iowa, if you take a look at New Hampshire, the stock market’s been going crazy since then and long before then, when I announced I was running, I took the lead early. And then I beat everybody, including Ron DeSantis. I call him DeSantis now. I took the other names. Mr. President, back to the economy for a second.

Would you reappoint Jay Powell? No, I wouldn’t do that. You wouldn’t reappoint him? No, because he missed inflation. He did miss. He did miss. But no, I wouldn’t be in class. Who’s your choice for Fed chairman? I would have a couple of choices. I can’t tell you. Now, how about, huh, all this information with President Trump, he’s been dropping all types of cues on truth social. He mentions Fanny Willis.

The DA of Fulton county just admitted to having a sexual relationship with the prosecutor. She, in consultation with the White House and DOJ, appointed to get President Donald J. Trump. By going after the most high level person and the republican nominee, she was able to get her lover much more money, almost a million dollars, than she would be able to get for the prosecution of any other person or individual.

That means that this scam is totally discredited and over. He posted that 1336. Welcome to the deep states on 1336. Also with the 30 616 on there. The great awakening and the truth social 9711 matches 1179. Why are the DS aggressively attacking msms? Aggressively attacking. Are you awake? Because I think we are starting to wake up more and more every day. Just for a moment, I want to show you someone young who’s able to put some laughter for all of us together as we get ready to close this video.

I thought you guys needed a little humor. My parents are pretty old. They’re in their forty s now. They’re always telling me how easy I have it. They’re like, oh, your generation’s great. You don’t know how hard it was to be a kid when we were kids. Why can’t you be more like we were? Maybe because most of the crap you did when you were kids is illegal now.

I cannot walk to 711 and buy my grandparents cigarettes. I am not allowed to hitchhike. I can’t drink from a garden hose. I can’t play with lawn darts, which were banned in 1988. I have my own set of challenges. When I ride my bike, I have to wear half a bowling ball on my head because safety is a thing now. I didn’t have an iPhone my whole life.

For many years, I had to use a flip phone. You had to press a button three times to type the letter c. My wife, when my parents were kids, when they left the house, it was just, all right, see ya. Be back by dark. Don’t get abducted, molested, or eaten, and have fun. So there we are. Just a little bit of humor for you as we enter this amazing world of wake up calls for everyone.

Young folks are starting to come back together. They’re watching a lot of information. They’re learning more and more about the truth of what’s going on on this earth. There is hope for them. A lot of dangerous things going on, a lot of push and pull to get rid of us all on this earth. But as we continue this information warfare, folks, we need to just be aware. There’s a lot going on the border, a lot of information pouring in and out Texas, making sure nobody’s getting through.

If only they had done this three years ago. Why can’t we do this for more of the border? You can see it playing out. They’re guarding down Texas. Why’d they wait so long? Why now? What’s really going on? A lot of questions. We’re hoping someday to find out a lot of good answers. We’re hoping that this is continuing to wake people up across this earth. Brings me back to El Salvador again.

Remember when they told us that mass arresting criminals in El Salvador was a threat to democracy? Remember that? Well, 87% of El Salvadorans just voted for it. They were taken in. Crime has dropped. We’re hoping for the same thing that all of these folks that have caused so many issues still in the elections and more collecting money for it, they’re all taken away, and they have to pay for their crimes.

It’s really sad in some fronts, but at the same time, it’s been good because we are able to finally have conversations with folks who are waking up, realizing each day, each day that they were lied to. Each day. They know one day at a time they can trust God, and they can go to him and say, I need help. No matter what situation, what you’ve been involved in, how ugly it’s been in your life.

You can turn to him and say, I need help. He’ll be there for you. It’s time to wake up. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly father, thank you once again for how you continue to guide and direct our thoughts with all this information coming out, with the many interviews being done, with the hard work being done with so many really good americans, good folks around this earth that are supporting each other.

We’re watching the farmers in Europe pushing back against the government and their terrible laws that they’re trying to pass there, destroying farmers in their lives. Please continue to guide and protect them and give them the strength. It’s a mighty army surrounding so many to win these battles. Thank you for the information that we’re seeing. Even those that might not believe everything about the jabs, at least they’re realizing they’re being lied to in the media and more.

And we ask that you continue to guide and direct our thoughts, our minds, our voices and more to be crystal clear and loving to those that need help. And we continue to ask for protection for our own families. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Amen. Folks, thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for your support of this channel. Thank you for hitting that like and subscribe and follow button and sharing.

So many of you have written in, shared your thoughts, given us great comments and more and guidance. We really appreciate it. Just know that Wednesday we’re dropping an interview Tod calendar. I’ll be traveling for a couple of days. I won’t be able to get anything out during that time, but we have a great interview coming out Wednesday. Looking forward to that. For now this is lt saying separate with them.

We know signing out. .

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