11.20.23: J6 40000 ft. X advertisers exposed Win margin huge Argentina victory UNITE. Pray!

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➡ The text criticizes restrictions and policies around treatment of COVID-19, arguing they are unnecessary and potentially harmful. Additionally, it criticizes certain political and institutional bodies for their handling of the January 6th Capitol incident, claiming it was an inside job. The text also promotes a cruise trip in 2024 and suggests reform for the current system of government and representation.
➡ The discussion focuses on the high number of posts related to Nancy Pelosi, the National Guard, Ashley Babbitt, and the January 6th committee on Twitter, hinting at possible setup and manipulation. Recent video footage allegedly reveals discrepancies in Pelosi’s conversation during the same phone conversation. The same talks about the broadening of the January 6 committee, the release of new evidence, and companies pulling their ads from Twitter due to a disagreement with Elon Musk. The summary concludes with a list of ten events that were supposedly ignored by mainstream media, including potential health risks linked to COVID-19 vaccines and various incidents of election and political misconduct.
➡ The text covers various topics including accusations against the CIA and DoD concerning COVID-19, alarming miscarriage data, the implications for Apple after its CEO fails to reach an agreement with Xi Jinping, potential layoffs at Citigroup, and ongoing updates from the world of politics, news, and financial markets. It also highlights President Trump’s actions, public appeal and a potential shift in voter sentiment towards him.
➡ The writer discusses accusations of cheating and rigging in previous elections, speculations about Donald Trump’s authenticity backed by the narrator’s conviction about Trump’s significant contributions, and faith in Trump’s potential to regain a leadership role. The content also contains detailed praise for Javier Milei, likening him to Donald Trump and expressing optimism for Milei’s impact on Argentina, accompanied by a commentary on an ongoing culture war against the political left.
➡ The text entails a discussion on several issues including a potential lawsuit by X Corp against Media Matters, issues within NATO, suspicions of hidden wealth by influential groups such as the Rothschilds and Vatican, allegations of a pedophile ring connected with the UK’s top elites, the perceived downfall of central banks and an interview reflecting negative economic forecasts and theories surrounding President Biden. Furthermore, it touches upon dog comms, signalling a notable event and the death of Rosalind Carter.
➡ The text recounts an interview with Biden supporters and discusses their views on foreign policy, unemployment rates, and other current issues. It also addresses social and political changes in recent years, particularly regarding gender identity, and urges for an active participation in the voting system to uphold individual rights and freedoms.
➡ The speaker encourages unity in the face of internal oppressive forces and remains optimistic despite challenges, citing positive events and developments around the world. He extends gratitude for support, announces content updates on his and his son’s platforms, and asks for prayers for Jamie’s family’s new addition.


You. Natural immunity denial has prolonged this pandemic, and it has needlessly restricted the lives of COVID recovered people. Masks, lockdowns and other restrictions have caused great harm, especially lee in our children, and it has delayed the virus’s transition to endemic status. Health agencies and institutions must cease interfering with the physician patient relationship. Policymakers are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths as a result of institutional interference and blocking treatments proven to cure at a near 100% rate.

This is not medicine. This is not care. These policies may constitute crimes against humanity. Who. Sam there’s hard to hold back the excitement. Ilan is on fire. Trump is winning big. The left is losing its mind. We made it through the weekend without a big event cover up of J Six. Argentina had a huge win. Oh my goodness. And we got somebody big saying they’ve had enough of the Democrat party.

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It’s there for you at C with Lt. Hope you join us. That’d be great. We have all kinds of stuff to share today. First I want to make sure we start with J Six. Capitol officers were giving handshakes, if you’re looking at your screen, to the Patriots walking peacefully through the Capitol on January 6. Just handshakes and slow moving. Also you have here. We’ll probably show you a little bit more later on, but you had proof that January 6 was an inside job.

Capitol police officers uncuff January 6 protester. He takes the handcuffs and then he gets a fist bump. Oh yeah. All this footage now seems to be floating through the social media world and they are not happy with Elon Musk and more. I mean there’s just so much folks with this thing. We’re going to be talking about it more. But you know what’s really interesting about all this? Look at that number on your screen 40,000ft.

Remember that? We’ve reached our cruising altitude of 40,000ft long ago. 40,000 is kind of hanging out in its own you guys remember that number of 40,000? Oh, that’s the number of hours that they told us they had. Interesting how they cleaned up the numbers and said they had exactly 40,000 hours. Was that a calm puzzle coming together? What had to happen first, think logically. Think DOJ and FBI.

Think cleaning all they’re going to clean up the FBI and DOJ. How are you going to do that? You’re going to prove that they’re part of this whole mess, this disaster that was called J Six. The lies are not working. And the COVID ups are finally making its way through the stratosphere, where people are saying, Wait a minute, I’ve had enough. And again, I’m going to show you a little bit more of Woo’s news because you guys are going there.

I see in the description box below lt from sent me. Don’t worry, the stage was set. I’ve been sharing this like crazy. Folks are sharing like crazy. And I just wanted to share a few more minutes of this clip in case you missed any of my videos. You need to go check it out. Same time, and with impeccable timing, jonesy and his disciples make their way towards the east.

Come on, Jonesy. You know, they’re KFAB cops. We just showed up. Trump said, come down. All right, let’s take him up there. Use your houses up there. Voices. Yeah. Go make us all look like freak shows, Jonesies. At 02:00, Ceaseband sets up a live camera in Statuary Hall, which we’ve added a timecode to. Also, on December 22, 2021, the Goobament will release 3 hours of the Arc entrance tunnel footage, which also begins at 02:00 P.

m. . And there’s the timecode. Meanwhile, our actors make their way towards the east steps simultaneously. Notice this guy placing water bottles around the perimeter like it’s an Easter egg hunt. And there it is. Yep, spaced and placed. And here, our East Side actors are met with obstacle two. Meanwhile, things are getting really explosive out by this castle. Watch out. Tay. Tay. Hey, fire. How you feel? This man just got light on fire.

I love the fact that Taylor Hansen delivered these lines holding a lit cigarette. Now, as he retreats, a cattle of K Vape cops arrive, where on the megaphone, they play this message. All people must be the area. What are you doing? What are you doing? Yeah, what is he doing? You get them shots? Joseph Prezioso. Hey, here’s one for you. Notice this guy comes from the crowd to take a load off because he’s setting up their next shot.

They’ve got themselves meanwhile, over on the northwest lawn, aka heart Attack hillside, notice our stunt guy homeboy climbing up another show. But just a little love tap sends him to the ground with our photogs. Lock and load. Tay tay, I can see your price tag, but this guy in red Bossy is tending to homeboy while our cops play seam blockers, while Legs and Dilly just standing there like a couple of butlers behind that tree.

Notice this oddly placed rubbermaid container while Rufio from Act One records nothing. They’re off using a barricade as a makeshift stretcher. Oh, but not before setting him down for the camera crew to photo rape him satisfy. So as you can hear, he covers every angle that you can possibly put together, showing you all the fakery, all the acting, all of the video shots and pictures that need to be taken for the news.

So they could go out there, put it together for those J six traders, the ones that are out trying to blame everything on everybody else but themselves for the treason that’s coming. The January 6 truth has finally entered the American bloodstream writ large. Coupled with Mike Johnson’s releasing of the January 6 tapes, this judge’s written order will show their lies that they have been stacking up in the media for years against the January 6 not only defendants, but also what President Trump did in the days leading up to January 6.

And I need the War Room posse to go out there and put out my transcript. Which we just sent you the link to Steve Bannon from the January 6 Committee. The first guy subpoenaed the last transcript released, and this judge had a problem finding the evidence that I gave under oath. Selective inclusion of evidence is unconstitutional. This judge, a government gangster wearing a black robe, I call her the female version of Adam Schiff mrs.

Schiff Goes to Washington, just released her memo so that she could be lauded by the government grundoons and the radical left wing media. She set up the disinformation campaign on the narrative that Donald Trump committed a, quote, unquote, insurrection. Even though Special Counsel Jack Smith has refused to charge Donald Trump with the crime of insurrection, this judge went further than Jack Smith was even to go about with her lies.

And look, it’s not about me. It’s about getting the truth out on January 6. And why does she go out of her way to talk about my testimony? By the way, Steve, we also sent you the video compilation of my testimony from the Colorado courtroom to blast that out to the posse. So let’s compare those actual visuals to the testimony of Congressional reps and Senators as Spooked blog and Capitol Hill cops who testified that they feared for their lives.

I want those videos with those weeping liars to be shown side by side with the actual tapes. Then I want the CHP cops prosecuted for perjury. Then I want our guilty Congresspeople removed and prosecuted for treason, liquidate their assets, and compensate the J Six demonstrators for their unlawful imprisonment. We need to replace Congress with new uncorrupted reps and senators who work from their home offices for their constituents, not for lobbyists finally convert the Capitol building I like this one.

To a tourist center with the full story of how our country was corrupted by our elected officials who nearly destroyed our republic. Oh, yeah. Well, what do we have here? Here’s a January 6 video they’ve never shown. And that’s the public. That’s from catturn again. That’s the taking off the handcuffs and the fist pumps that we showed earlier. And what was trending on Twitter? Well, Nancy Pelosi had 98,000 posts.

Trending. I wonder why they’re looking her up and what they’re sharing. Must be some of the audio that was played showing that they set the whole thing up. Oh, National Guard had 26,000 posts. Ashley Babbitt had 55,000 posts. You guys go check out Wooznese with his video on that one. That one’s interesting. And the J Six committee was trending in political at 206,000 posts. Oh, yeah. Clay Higgins says no less than five to ten Democrats will resign from Congress after the January 6 footage was released to the American people.

And I’m hoping to play a clip from him at the end of this video. I’ve got it ready to go, if we have time. Of hips calling out to Americans to look, it’s time to step up. And I love it when he puts his messages out. So ultra MJ truth. Why wasn’t the clip played during the January 6 committee hearings? Metropolitan officer says they set them up. And let’s see right here.

Yeah, we’ve seen this one before, but here we go. Absolutely. They set us up. Yes. The cop says they set us up. He sees the whole thing playing out. He knows we’ve shown this video clip before and it’s been shared like crazy. And then the video emerges showing two completely different scenes of Nancy Pelosi talking with Mike Pence on January 6 during the same phone conversation. One scene shows Pelosi with Schumer and another shows Pelosi with Schumer and grassley.

Interesting. Exact same recording. Two different shots. So one with grassley and one without. Why would they do that? Why would the J Six Committee change the video with the audio? Well, let’s see. Here we go. They believe that the House and the Senate will be able to roughly an hour standing with the Chief of the US capitol Police. Now, you’re looking at the video with grassley in it, and you’re wondering, are they listening to the same phone call that’s HBO on the top right of your corner with CNN on the bottom right? Makes you wonder who played what.

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Visit Fieldofgreens. com and enter VIP as your code. That’s Fieldofgreens. com in the description box below. Enter code VIP today. Well, folks, here’s a little bit more following. Companies suspended all advertising on X yesterday. Twitter. The old Twitter. X oh, yeah. IBM, apple, disney, comcast, lionsgate, paramount, warner brothers, NBC, universal and european commission. Why are they so upset with Elon Musk? As a matter of fact, Wikipedia, you know, the wonderful world of Wikipedia.

Elon Musk is Elon Reeve Musk, a businessman, investor, and guess what they’re putting out there now? He’s a far right conspiracy theorist. How dare he put out this information that just goes against our republic and it’s going to put all of these people in prison and gitmo. And how could he do such a thing? Why? Come on, MAGA patriots. CNN wants you to enter through this door and you’re looking at a video clip right now.

I’m going to show you yeah, CNN wants you to go through this door. See? Yep, right this way. And check it out as they’re walking through. Thanks for being so patient and kind. Biden will have his FBI hunting you down in no time. See how they set this all up and come on, guys. Come through this door and they open it up and they lead everyone into the trap so that they can grab their photos, get their social media information, go to their homes and arrest them and scare everybody and make them think, you know what? I don’t think I’m going to go protest for our country legally anymore because they might just take my picture and arrest me and put me in jail.

You know what? I don’t think that I’m going to talk about Sandy Hook because they might just sue me for a billion dollars. You know how they set those things up to make us think that it’s all real? Just kind of throwing that out there because we need big investigations to prove all this stuff. But Mike Lee, he wants to empanel an actual January 6 committee. Finally, one that will not only deal with the evidence honestly, but will also review the criminals on the former J Six committee.

J Six is one of the most awkward, ridiculous, and baseless false flags in history. And it has been used to throw innocence in the gulag. Five have committed suicide. Time to show the world the blood on their hands. They better do it. It better get busy. And you tell you what’s interesting about all this. If you headed over to the Capitol recently, some other buildings in DC. Some weird stuff was going on.

Weird stuff. Check this out. Going on in the United States at the United States Capitol. I know this city is under high alert. We’ve reported this. But look at all the officers and others walking here. Right here. Let’s go this way. Look at the ambulance. Good morning, sir. The ambulance is here. I mean, are we expecting something? Is this a training exercise? It’s a trade exercise. He says it’s a training exercise.

It was posted on all the social media. Oh, it’s a training exercise. Well, we need to be trained and prepared for what’s to come. Okay, thank you to the officer. It’s a training exercise. Look at this. Early in the morning here on the grounds of the US Capitol. I appreciate the officer letting us know it’s a training, but why? Why now? Why do they train it for? We will keep you updated on this platform because we go where nobody else has found.

Early in the morning, we revisit the places and we give you the facts and the truth. I’m Armstrong Williams. All right. Way to go. Early in the morning. He kept saying early in the morning. A lot of weird stuff going on over there, like, just strange. These buses pull up, the fire trucks, the ambulance, the Red Cross, all kinds of stuff going on just early in the morning.

They usually don’t do those exercise like that, but it makes you wonder, is something strange going on? Have they been exposed? Are they being arrested? Who knows? Everybody’s guessing. Well, thank you. Elon Musk says Bilan F on Twitter on X. Make no mistake about it. The leftists have turned on Elon Musk for one big reason. Elon Musk is promoting free speech. That is not unlawful. Why did the left insist that the tapes must not be seen? Because they proved there was no insurrection.

There was just patriotic Americans fighting back against tear gas and worse, being thrown at them for peacefully protesting. Well, now we can’t unsee the videos that prove there was no insurrection, and neither can the gullible people who believe the deep state and their useful tools. Leftists don’t want the truth, but want everything to fit the leftist’s narrative. It’s obvious the globalists Marxists communists who are in power now want the UN, the who, the CDC, and every three letter agencies to turn our country into a manageable, controllable police state.

But first they have to tear it all down. If they can destroy our justice system with no law enforcement, then they have won. Real Ben Geller says Elon Musk is one of the keys to saving the 2024 election and saving America. Do you think any of us would have been allowed to share all the J Six videos today and yesterday? No. Take the wins and run. We are inching closer today to the win.

Yes. That is so good. The interesting information that just keeps flying in front of us. You know, Vigilant Fox always gives us the media blackouts, things that they don’t like to talk about. Ten news stories they chose not to tell you this week. Let’s see. Pilot warns of airline industry disaster due to COVID-19 vaccines. Number nine senator Ron Johnson presents the most censored chart in congressional history. Almost said congressional.

Oh, that almost sounds better. The con. Okay. Number eight yale study reveals the most common chronic symptoms after COVID-19 vaccination. Number seven bad news strikes the double vaxxed after with an alarming health risk revelation. Number six video footage shows alleged cash for votes scheme and broad deadline daylight. Number five toddler dies two days after receiving routine vaccinations. Number four soccer players are still collapsing and dying three years after COVID-19 vax rollout.

Number three attorney accuses the CIA and DoD of being deeply involved with COVID-19. Never before seen footage upends J Six committee’s insurrection narrative. And the OBGYN drops. GYN drops alarming miscarriage data. And I’m going to show you a clip from that a little bit later. She says she’s never seen this before. I believe it’s a police officer that I’m going to show you a little bit later on that one.

Yeah. So it makes you kind of wonder how this is all playing out. Why are they so upset and nervous and scared? And then you’ve got another one. Nay nay shayan saying all of the advertisers are pulling from X today because the real J Six tapes are released on X. And also the elites get Rug pulled on Monday. T two S and ISO. 20 00:22 larry Fink, BlackRock and Tim Cook, Apple CEO, did not get anything from Xi Jinping at Wednesday’s dinner.

What happens to Apple stock on Monday when the Apple hedge fund is liquidated of US. Treasuries and iPhone sales bottom out? Why would Citigroup announce massive layoffs beginning Monday? Citigroup doesn’t need people to manage U. S. Treasury bond market that won’t be there come Monday. Why did Gavin Newsom really go to Beijing? To see Xi Jinping. Gavin Newsom is a nobody because Biden wanted to liquidate California to China to get money from Xi to continue the fund.

Cabal whoops? I mean, the Federal Reserve. How did the United States acquire the Louisiana Purchase? The French had debts to pay because the United States has debts to pay and no more Financiers. Why did the bank of Japan collapse last night and get a temporary Fed patch while Xi’s was still in California? They have to keep the system going until the reset starts. All that happening while the DOJ wants J Six defendant, Victoria White to serve 90 days in prison after Capitol Police beat her 35 times in the face with their fists and sticks and nearly kill her on J Six.

And it’s a gruesome video I’m not going to show you here today at all, folks. We’re going to show you a lot more with President Trump and his Thanksgiving service. Some more from MJ truth and amazing revelations out of Argentina. Some big wins there. Storm writer official page put out some information I think is pertinent biden, flirting with six year olds in front of everyone and so much more.

We got a lot to cover before we go there. I just want to make sure you guys know you can come out to and we know that’s where we’re at. You can see the OC podcast is there. The partners shop contact about join. It’s getting some updates going on there. So you guys are going to enjoy that. Also, if you go to thepatriolight. com we have an amazing website that was put together by my son.

I’m going to show it to you real quick. He has made this thing absolutely amazing. It updates constantly, constantly. Updates, updates. Oh, I got to show it. I got to bring it back here. Bring it back to the recording here. Oh, boy, I messed that all up, didn’t I? Let bring this back and let’s see if I can get that showing. Once again, I messed that all up.

Anyway, there you go. You can see the social news on the top. You can see home. Go to the home page and you’re constantly going to be updated with all types of information, even some mainstream news media stuff that you can use. You got faith on the left with Bible verses. You’ve got the markets watching out for markets, what’s going on there, resources that we have posted there.

We’ll continue to update that. And world news so good, it’s almost like a drudge report for us for the truth errs, in a way. So I encourage you to go check it out. It’s in the description box below. And we’re also on social media at Instagram AUC underscore 828. We’re on Facebook with the AUC updates. You’re going to love that. It’s really good. And let’s see, what else do we have? We have some amazing merchandise for you guys.

Remember, we’ve got our hoodies, we’ve got our sweatshirts, we’ve got all types of goodies ready for the holiday season, Christmas and more. Go check that out. It’s in the description box below. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. You, Sam. I saw somebody who was willing to shake every single person’s hand that came through the line. I’ve never seen that before. He was willing to take a picture with every single person, even though his own staff was telling him not to.

He was willing to do that. He truly cares about this country. He truly cares about the men and women in law enforcement, in the military, and he’s shown that every single day. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the next President of the United States, president Donald Trump. So there he is, edinburgh, Texas. He was delivering, he was serving turkey dinner mills, Thanksgiving mills and more to the border agents and so much more, just hanging out with everybody and serving.

And that’s absolutely amazing. To be in service, to take pictures with folks and to see the smiles and the people surrounding him was absolutely amazing. And speaking of surrounding him, hopefully I’ll get the language out of this, but I think it’s important that you hear this clip from Joe Rogan. Remember, I mentioned that Joe has a follower base that is absolutely amazing. Millions and millions of people listen to him.

So folks that could care less about politics and more just want to hear him talk to others that he brings on the show. Well, they got a good dose on this one when he talks about the UFC and President Trump walking in and how the crowd reacted when he walked out of Madison Square Garden. Banan, really, it was the whole place was cheering. He walks out to Kid Rock’s American with Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson walking in like the right wing Avengers, and the place went nuts.

I’m telling you, crowd were nuts. I mean, it was overwhelmingly in support of him, and it lasted a long time. You had to hear what the crowd sounded like before he walked in. And then he just see if you can barely hear Joe. I mean, they put the sound on this a little bit louder than I expect, but Dance Cavino shared it basically that the crowd was super quiet before, kind of quiet.

And then he walks in, and they said it was the loudest he’s ever heard before. And it lasted for a full minute as President Trump walked in with the Kid Rock music playing. Get that? So imagine millions of people listening in, going, what in the world’s going on? Well, many so called us. Polls predicted that HRC would win comfortably over Donald Trump right up until his victory in 2016.

Remember, look what’s playing out now. Here it is. Donald Trump. We have at 46%, Biden, 44. And this is significant because this is the first time in the history of our poll that former President Trump beats President Biden. Still within the margin of error, but still significant. Yeah. 2019 2020, when Trump was president, he trailed all of them. This year, he’s trailed all of them in our poll.

First time in more than a dozen polls we’ve seen a result like this. Some of the other ingredients that go into that. Biden has long had an advantage over Trump. On Likability. Look, at the start of this year, 39% said they had a positive view of Biden, barely 30 of Trump. We’ve seen consistently a gap like this. Now the gap is gone. 36 positive on both. And actually, Biden one point more negative than Trump.

That’s been a significant advantage for Biden. Our poll says that advantage, at least for now, may be gone. And we talked about younger voters on foreign policy, and it’s true on a host of other topics disaffected with Joe Biden. We have 46% for Trump, 42% for Biden. Among the youngest voters, the youngest voters in the 2020 election were Biden plus 26. This could be a massive sea change.

And if you take a look here too, everybody sort of says, hey, I’m not too nuts about the possibility of this matchup. So we said, let’s measure this one way, and here’s how we did it. Biden against an unnamed Republican. This is just a referendum on Biden, basically. And look at this. He goes from being in a dogfight with Trump to being double digits behind. But then flip it around.

Trump against an unnamed Democrat. Trump goes from leading against Biden to being down by six points against the Democrat. Just a fascinating look at the state of the race with just a little under a year to go. Steve Kornacki. Great stuff. Thank you. In other words, let’s make sure that we put in the minds of the people that if we could just get somebody else in there, just any Democrat, then Donald Trump would be down by six points.

Yeah. So we’ve got to really work up the knowledge base and make sure that we switch them out somehow. We got to do it. So anyway, they were not wildly inaccurate, but they even had to cheat the results. Remember back in the election in 16 of several states in order to give Hillary a fight and chance and make it appear like a much closer race than it really was.

Trump crushed the enemy in 1620, and 24 is coming. No matter what the polls or the results may say. My guess is that the polls are still being rigged to give them between 20% to 30% more support than they really have. And this is I believe I got this from MJ. Truth, I’m not positive I forgot to put the name of that person. But anyway, thinking along the same lines, folks, I mean, I’ve mentioned it before.

I really believe that he hands down just whoops anybody that walks up this thing that any Democrat can beat him. That is bunch of baloney. But the psychological effect of soft announcing an early winner means that voters often just decide to back the winning horse because it’s already a done deal. It’s yet more election interference using psychological trickery. Imagine being that sinister and corrupt and the people don’t even realize it.

But now their techniques aren’t taking hold. The magic is waning faster than a COVID booster shot. When the polls all tip in Trump’s favor, you know that the win margin is getting big. And that’s hilarious that they put that out because I tell you what, these numbers I know are all doctored and the fact that they’re giving Donald Trump a two point lead and he’s probably up by 20, but they don’t want you to know that they’re a bunch of liars.

They belong to Satan, who is a liar. It’s a liar from the beginning. And let’s see if we can play a clip. Kind of remember this one. I’m going to read something to you from MJ. Truth. In my former life, I was an insider as much as anybody else, and I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad.

Not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it. I’m doing this for the people and for the movement. And we will take back this country for you, and we will make America great again.

In his former life hopefully this gets turned up so you can hear it a little better. In his former life trump in my former life, I was an insider and in a special club. Now I’m being punished for leaving that special club. MJ. Truth says I’m noticing there are some questioning Donald Trump’s loyalties because of symbolism and or things in the past. I think any decent researcher, if we’re being honest, at some point, had to have that conversation in our head.

So the conundrum some are batting around with is if Donald Trump is good or bad. Well, Trump said in the clip that he used to be an insider. Special club. He said he left that special club. Do we trust him? His word? No. The only thing we should ever place our trust in is God. But think about our journey together, and all of which we have been revealed and exposed since he became president.

Trump is bad and still in that special club. And he lied about leaving it. My friends, that was the worst thing they could have done. The enemy could have done the Truth movement flourishes like it has never done before. Millions upon millions of people have been waking up since that man has been elected. Millions upon millions have found God, myself included, or have strengthened their relationship with God.

Can anyone else attest to that with me? They would have been much better off keeping us sound asleep if he was bad, because that’s exactly where the majority of us were prior to that man becoming president. There’s something to be said about how Donald Trump makes you feel when you see him. Ask yourselves, why does he make you feel inspired and at peace when he speaks? My faith is not in Donald Trump.

My faith is through the divine intervention. God used Donald Trump as a trumpet to speak to his children before it was too late. My friends, faith is required to move forward. Faith is not in what’s seen. It’s in trusting what God is in store for us tomorrow, which is currently unknown. Unshakable faith is an unbreakable rock. Stand on it. Do not flinch. Good words. From MJ truth. Also good for you would be this CBD.

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I hope they surround him with all types of protection, because this man I’m going to show you some more from him in case you haven’t heard from him at all, is just a blast. I mean, this guy is a super ultra conservative. Not only that, he’s a fighter. They call him the Donald Trump of Argentina. Let me just play a clip from a couple clips from him. Let me show you one of these.

Here he’s saying here the tourism department. Gone. Ministry of Culture, out. Ministry of Environment, out. Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity, out. Ministry of Public Words, out. Even if you resist, ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, out. Ministry of labor employment, out. Ministry of Education. Indoctrination, out. Ministry of Transportation. Ministry of Health. You keep saying out. Ministry of Social Development. Out. The thievery of politics is over. Long lived liberty.

Oh, I love it. What else do we have? All right, here, argentina just elected Javier Malay as their next president, says Anne wogness. Now, what is interesting about this post with him, don’t tread on me. He’s standing right in front of that. Elon Musk put prosperity as a head for Argentina. There’s still hope for liberty in this world, says America memed. So right here, Benny Johnson even showed it.

He has been talking. And I have a video clip for you. I’m going to show you in a moment, but I’m going to try to get it to the right part because he cusses in it a little bit. Sometimes these curse words that he throws out are powerful. And for those folks that like to hear, it, because they feel that he’s a good bully to go against the leftist freaks.

So Tucker Carlson standing with them there, donald Trump even said the president, president Trump, congratulations to Javier Milet on a great race for president of Argentina. The whole world was watching. I’m very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly make Argentina great again. And so I want to show you this real quick. Let me just bring this up, if I can, without the bad words.

Let me get to the 25th minute and then I’m going to bring it up so you can read the words while he speaks. And then I’ll try to speak if you’re listening in. Okay, let me get rid of this. Let me bring this to the 20. I’m going to bring it up. You might see some bad words, hopefully you don’t. 25th second of this video, it’s in the description box below, and I’m going to read it for you.

If you give them an inch, they will use it to destroy you. And he’s talking about the leftists, the left tards. You can’t negotiate with leftards. You don’t negotiate with trash, because they will end you. And since we are so much better than them, we are defeating them. In the culture wars, we’re not only superior economically, we’re morally superior. We’re aesthetically superior. We’re better than them at everything, and it triggers them.

And since they can’t beat our arguments and ideas peacefully, they use the repressive apparatus of the state to try to destroy us with taxpayer money to influence public opinion and destroy us. And yet they’re still losing. You understand? They’re losing. They’re losing. He’s a powerful speaker. He’s made his way in. There is no cheating. A lot of great things going on on that side of the Earth. Oh, yeah, chris Povlowski even said, when I said that Calvary is coming, I was not joking.

In the coming days, we are going thermonuclear as well. Everyone is about to witness the greatest pushback against the censorship regime. The people’s support for all organization in this mission is critical. And he’s talking about Elon Musk who said the split second court opens on Monday. X Corp will be following a thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters and all those who colluded in this fraudulent attack on our company.

Of course, Chris Pavlowski is the Rumble CEO, and we’re thankful that he’s around so we can get these videos out to a massive public that’s growing big time on Rumble Q. The Stormwriter official page says bringing in the new pandemic has failed. Starting new vaccines and booster cycles has failed. Massively stopping the world great awakening on a mass scale has failed. Stopping the Epstein exposure has failed. And a powerful truth is beginning.

In the US Senate and Congress, this Epstein saga will only grow insured. NATO is falling, failing. And inside the NATO UN councils, committees and military heads, there’s a chaos as infighting and mistrust is at an all time high. With tensions rising in Turkey causing turmoil inside of NATO, what is evident is a major collapse is happening through the US, Canada, UK, most of Europe, and major countries. Why did the Rothschild hide their money and go private? Why did Switzerland hide their money in the mountains with military protection why did the Vatican Jesuits and Knights of Malta 33rd recall their money from all countries? Large part of the answer Q Stormwriter said I had told you three months before Queen Elizabeth’s death’s announcement, that her death announcement would be made real truth, she was already dead for a few years.

But a power struggle was already happening inside the royal family, UK military and intelligence and elites. The powerful struggle was over the power to control 15 commonwealth countries and money influence from resources to data to minerals and more. But a huge factor was the exposure of the UK pedophile ring connected to the deep state military elite’s government royal family. Behind the scenes, the military alliance, EU operations, Trump, Cheyenne Mountain, US space Force all warned the top UK elites and deep state military that white hats had it all.

All the evidence of the United Kingdom’s pedophile, blackmail, child trafficking, sex operation ring that connected to CIA, Mossad, Epstein, Seville now the UK government is under continuity of government and hidden military operations. Controlling the government is already in place. Now the deep state is forced to carry out some of their evil plans. But it will all be exposed in time frames and the exposure will connect to 2024 United States full corruption epstein.

Epstein. Epstein. Epstein. And will connect the late 2024 European child sex trafficking ring, blackmail operations and European banks elites. We are inside a massive storm, patriots. A storm that will uncover the world pedophile ring connected to banks, leaders, governments, entertainment industries, deep state military, all connects to a military coup of the 2020 elections and creation of the virus. Have faith, world patriots. It had to be this way.

The plan to save the world. Part of that would be again, a reminder of this amazing guy, president Javier Mile, as he takes down the central banks. In his interviews, I think there’s a previous discussion about dollarization. Actually, strictly speaking, it’s to get rid of the central bank. The dollarization is an instrumental issue. At the end of the day, there are four argumentative axes. One has to do with a moral issue, which is that stealing is wrong.

And seniorage is nothing more or less than a swindle by politicians against good people. Therefore, let’s say if we consider that stealing is wrong, one of the greatest thieves in the history of mankind is the central bank. The second point has to do with a technical issue, because in the Argentine case, it is more evident. When a product has no demand, its price is zero. So if the local currency has no demand and its price should be zero, the equilibrium real balances are zero.

Whatever amount of money a central bank wishes to impose, the counterpart is that the price level is infinite demand and its price should be zero. Equilibrium real balances are zero. Whatever amount of money a central bank wants to impose. The flip side is that the price level has infinity. And what do you do with the central bank? Would you close it? At one point, you made the joke that you were going to set it on fire.

Well, what you do with the building is a problem of what you decide to do with it. It’s a figure. It’s a metaphor. What I’m saying is that the institution doesn’t exist anymore. I am saying that in the transition, until you can transform the banking system into a free banking system, it will have to fulfill the function of regulating the banks. The superintendent of financial institutions will continue to operate until a free banking system can be set up.

Oh, yeah, I like him. I like him a lot. We talked about money in our interview. If you missed it yesterday, silver up 100% in three years. That’s from Dr. Kirk Elliot. Big stores slowing down huge bank layoffs. If you missed it, go check it out. I’ll play a clip from it. Now, remember, every time I mention them, you can go to Forward slash Gold and reach out to them, and they’ll help you out.

Because there’s not a retailer on the planet, I don’t think, that’s expecting a robust holiday season. Right? None of them. Walmart’s, not Target’s, not Best Buy, is not Amazon’s, not Amazon is probably the biggest buyer of cardboard boxes on the planet, and it’s down 80%. It’s not even down a little bit. Lt it’s down a lot of it. So this is what we have to look forward, moving forward.

But here’s where there is a very happy face to this storm cloud. Right? So over the last three days, with all of this bad economic news coming up, retail sales oh, they’re not there. Consumer spending is down. We’ve got this massive inflation. Oh, by the way, Moody’s downgraded the US dollar. They joined Fitch, and so the rest of the world now looks at the dollar as not the safe haven, safe harbor investment that it used to be.

So it’s a really good interview. I encourage you to go check that out, and you will absolutely be blown away. So as all this exposure is coming out, one of the big things that I noticed going into the weekend was Stacey Abrams brother in law was arrested in Tampa for human trafficking and attacking a 16 year old. And then let me play this clip. They call us crazy.

They say that we’re in a cult. But they only say that because, well, we believe that the election was rigged. Now, the reason that we believe that it was rigged is because when we want to go investigate it, we’re called election Deniers and Threat to Democracy for wanting to make sure that the election wasn’t rigged. On the other hand, they believe men can be women. And if you say anything contrary to that, well, they will cancel you and call you a threat.

Sound familiar? Yeah. Sound familiar? Also, when we keep talking about Biden and his past, the things he’s been involved in, diaries kept with his daughters, granddaughters taking showers with them. I mean, it’s just sickening. And yet here we have him, whoever this actor is playing him, continuing to show us exactly who this guy really is. Watch what he does to a six year old. Thank you. Thank you.

And I love your ears. I love them. They’re really cool. What’s your name? Catherine. Catherine. What a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name. Well, nice to see. How old are you? 17. Six? Yeah. What a creep. And so those Biden supporters happen to still be out there. I saw this interview from the streets, and I thought you guys would find it very interesting. Before I show it to you, I just want to mention right here that Dan Scovino put out dogcoms the other day as a dog running in and disappearing into the leaves.

And normally when there’s dog comms, that means that something must be happening. Well, Dan Scovino posted the dogcoms and Rosalind Carter, former first lady dies. Dan Scavito posted the dog video twice, while Jimmy Carter is apparently on hospice. So he could check out any day now, too. You see that? And so President Trump put out melania and I join all Americans in mourning the loss of Rosalind Carter.

She was a devoted first lady, a great humanitarian, a champion for mental health, beloved wife to her husband for 77 years, president Carter. Over a lifespaning nearly a century, rosalind Carter earned the admiration and gratitude of our entire nation. From her days as A-U-S. Navy spouse to the Georgia governor’s mansion, to her tenure as First Lady of the United States and her later work at the Carter Center and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, she leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary accomplishment and national service.

Our prayers are with the former president, the Carter family, and the entire community of Plains, Georgia, that she loved so much. So back to this take with a guy doing a pretty cool interview to a couple of Biden supporters. I love how he does it. Who was the better president with foreign policy, Trump or Biden? Biden. Biden, probably. Biden. Why? I lived overseas during the time that Trump was president, and honestly, it was really difficult to be able to be taken seriously while he was, unfortunately, kind of destroying a lot of our foreign policy and relations.

Really? Yes. I lived in France at the time. Oh, wow. France. I thought it was really good how Biden hasn’t started any new wars. Like, there was no Russia Ukraine war with Biden. There was no Israel Palestine war. I mean, they were both going to support the war in so, yeah, I was saying Biden hasn’t started any new wars, which, you know, really good personally for done. He’s done a know the first step jobs act.

Right. Record low unemployment for minorities, the child tax credit record low gas prices, record high 401 KS and stock markets. He’s done really good. I really didn’t know. Have a good day. Wait, I’m not messing with you. No, I know you are. I’m not an idiot. You have a good day. Lemon, let’s go. I didn’t say you were idiot, brother. You just walk away. You walk away, dude.

No, it’s all right. Have a good day. Oh, I just want you to defend your position, though. No, I’m not going to play the debate lord game where you pretend like we don’t know what we’re talking about. All right, have a great day, brother. See you. Wow. I guess I’m a debate lord. He’s a debate lord. He walks away. Now, my favorite part of this little clip was as he starts explaining, look at all the things that Biden’s done.

Step Jobs Act, the unemployment for minorities has gone down. And she turns and gives this guy a look. I don’t know if they’re related, but she’s looking at him like, wait a minute. I don’t remember Biden doing that. Then he said, the child tax credit. And she goes and she does a little thing like, oh, no, that’s not Biden. That’s what Trump did. He did those good things.

Biden didn’t do those good things. And then they realized they’re busted. Yeah. Just amazing how folks just don’t care. They don’t care about the terrible things that Biden’s done. Many folks still think that Biden’s all that and Trump is all bad. And tell you what, one of those that’s not falling for it anymore is this. Judge Joe Brown. Thank you for Lori, for posting a conservative diva. I’m an independent now.

I can’t stand a Democratic Party. Really? What happened? What caused you to change? They decided to be anti family and anti man, and I don’t buy into that. Has it always been like that? No, it wasn’t. Something happened. They kind of got stuck over there in that far left corner someplace and they forgot about the working people in this country. When do you think that happened, judge? Because you ran as a Democrat.

Now you’re it bothers me. Somewhere in the last 55 years, what’s happened is the country is switched over into Glorifying, what I call dysfunction. And at some point it’s just enough is enough. You’ve got a thing right now where they’re trying to groom children in school. They’re trying to install a secular religion as the official religion of the country. People don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore, so they want to give them one.

But in this one, it says, you have no duty, honor, obligation, responsibility, accountability, be what the hell you want to be. Just get your freak on and there you go. But that’s not sufficient to keep people working. Very good. So he brings that up. And some other things. I think if I can go on a little bit longer, he brings up obama is not from america. I can show that in another time.

But talking about being what you want to be, we had the transgender women go to lunch with Pope Francis. That was out on the AP. A group of trans Denver women, men actually living in a town south of Rome took a bus. Pontiff hosted the lunch for more than a thousand poor people to mark the Catholic Church world Day of the Poor. And the women on the bus were thrilled to be included.

How about the men on the bus? Why would AP put women so we’re not hating them, just saying. It’s just awful strange the things that are going on now in different parts of the earth with these different statements. So I saw this. Let me just get this straight. In the last few years, a biological male has been named Woman of the Year on several magazine covers. A biological male is referenced as the top ranking female in our White House.

A biological male was named the NCAA Woman’s Swimmer of the Year. A biological male is making tens of thousands of dollars being the face of womanhood for Nike, for Tampax, for Bud Light, for Kate Spade, and countless other companies. A biological male took home the award for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. Are we really still trying to make the case that feminism supports women? When the feminists are completely silent and or cheering on biological men taking over the space of women, something is wrong.

So the folks are using their gifts and they’re using social media to get this information out so that we can wake up to it all again. We see Dan Scovino even using comms here, walking into that one liberal family member their home for Thanksgiving dinner, knowing I was right about everything. I like that sound again. Let me do it one more time. Yeah, that’s from, I believe wrestling.

Can’t remember his name. I think I used to watch him. Anyway, if we go over and look at some of this posts by Dance Cabino, we always get excited. Why? Because there seems to be some little comms there for us. For those that get excited about it, he posted it at 652. Well, what’s interesting about 652, you say? Well, POTUS on terrorist and Guantanamo Bay. Let’s be clear.

Enemy combatants reread the executive orders and put it together. Remember, he was right about everything. And that kind of connects over to the 36 2nd video put out by Dan Scavino happening at Mar a lago Legendary. 36 2nd clip and it’s posted at 08:54 P. m. . You have the in the stage set for H is the stage set for drop of HRC plus plus raw Vid 55 eyes on, we have it all.

They’ve got videos of her doing stuff, you guys, I can’t even explain it. It would make you sick. The nail in many coffins. Liberal, undo, impossible to defend, toxic to those connected. We must work together we are only as strong as your voice. You must organize and be heard. And then the 36 second mark takes us to military intelligence. No media, no leaks. How many military generals have been in and out of the White House in the past 30 days? These are crumbs.

And you cannot imagine the full and complete picture. If Trump failed, if we failed and HRC assumed control, we as patriots were prepared to do the unthinkable. And those are perfect, comms Thanksgiving dinner, knowing I was right about everything. Isn’t that cool? Kind of cool. Little comms there. Ultra peppy lives matter. We’ve been tested, tried, and undergone an onslaught of spiritual warfare, yet God has kept us going, and we’ve made it unbelievably far during this time of trial.

Just think. Just think how far we’ve made it in this journey and how many obstacles that have been collectively overcome. When facing the mountains before us that stand in our way, it often helps to remember the challenges that we’ve already overcome. God brought us this far, and he’s not going to let us down. God, who brought you through so much, can do it again and again. Just keep going.

And I promised you the message I hoped at the end of this video where we have Representative Clay Higgins. I love it when he talks like this. Here we go. Come out here sometimes when I can, just to visit with these memory of these men on the wall behind me. You know, the debt that we owe our veterans and their families can really never be paid, but we should try.

I think about our beautiful nation and how precariously balanced our freedoms are in America right now. We live in an era where American patriots are called upon to stand. My brothers and sisters, you have to participate in the system, man. You have to have to vote. You have to register and vote. We can’t just let this thing slip away. These guys, they’ve literally paid for where we are with their life and incredible sacrifice.

My veteran brothers and sisters, millions of us cross the country. We have sadness in our heart when we think about how close we are as a nation to losing our individual rights and freedoms. And we look around, we’re not even sure many of our fellow Americans are realizing that the oppression that we face right now. We must stand up this coming year, the 2024 election cycle, man, we either going to save this thing or we’re going to lose it.

Not to China or Iran or Russia. Lose our country to oppressive forces, nefarious, insidious forces from within our country. Stand with me, America. Have faith and stand with men like me. God bless you, one and all. I’m in this thing for the final fight, and that is Hua for the army. And I’m grateful that he’s sitting there letting us know in a very calm manner how this is all playing out over and over again.

We have been challenged. We have been challenged with information. Are there good things going on? Bad things? Anything positive to celebrate? Well folks, this J Six stuff is absolutely amazing. These videos coming out the capitol, weird stuff going on there. President Trump serving Thanksgiving dinner with positive remarks. Argentina with a big victory. Big victory. And more comms on. So many things going on behind the scenes, difficult to fathom over and over again, how much good is going on when so much trash is being thrown at us every day? Just remember.

Just remember. For I’m persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, thank you once again for the reminder that you are in control, for the reminder that we do not worship men, for the reminder that over and over again, you’ve got good things going on behind the scenes, as an enemy is working overtime to destroy our minds, destroy our faith, destroy our ability to even function with others. Please allow us to continue to come to you when we’re struggling with hate in our hearts, when we’re struggling with everything that’s going on and those that aren’t awake, which just allow us to have the just have peace beyond all understanding, to be the Bible that most people will ever read.

Help us to be that walking word for you. We ask for continued guidance and protection over our lives, over those lives that are on the front lines for this winter in Argentina, for his protection, protection of President Trump and all of those around him. And we hope and pray that these folks who have bowed down to Satan, that have caused so much hurt and pain for so many, especially revolved around J Six and what they’ve done that it’ll be exposed.

Not only that, what they did to us in 911, what they’ve done to us with all these false flags and school shootings and more, that it would be exposed, that we would be able to take a breath of fresh air and realize finally we can start anew. May you receive all the praise and honor and glory that you deserve for it’s. The name of Jesus Christ, I pray.

Amen. Amen. Folks, thank you for tuning in. Thank you for your support. Thank you for going to my son’s bowling channel, Bowling Bros. It’s in the description box below and subscribing to them and showing your love. They’re excited. They recorded a huge video this weekend. Can’t wait to share it with you. It’s going to be so good. Also posted a video on my locals channel. If. You want to go check it out, you can.

It’s there. I’m not going to post it to the public. Also, if you could just keep Jamie’s family in prayer, they have a new addition to their family. I don’t know if I have the ability to give that information out yet, so I’ll wait. But just excited. Just excited to see life in the midst of all the stuff that’s going on. Okay, so this is lt saying Simplify with him.

We know. Signing out Sam. .


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