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Shocking Signs About The 2024 Election (Ep. 2095)

Posted in: Dan Bongino, News, Patriots

In his politically charged show, Dan Bongino shares highlights from an eventful weekend, including a popular book signing and personal struggles. He addresses his audience with a heartfelt speech, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and live passionately. Bongino argues that the U.S. is under deliberate destruction, framing it as a spiritual battle of good versus evil. He accuses Democratic leadership of …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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9.25.23: Elections Borders Swampers COMMS Menendez 1871 PRAY!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

In this blog post, various opinions on President Donald Trump are discussed, including his alleged knowledge of election cheating and his involvement in criminal justice reform. Despite his successor, Joe Biden, Trump’s popularity in polls remains high. There is also speculation about his return to office sooner than expected, with a focus on current issues like immigration, drug trafficking, and public sentiments. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Update #732 – Monday, September 25th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

From Hillary’s Ukraine ambitions to the unveiling of a grand plan, our latest articles dive into global awakenings, looming financial crises, and political predictions. Also, delve into the mystery behind Trump’s hidden tapes. Curious? 🧐 Dive in for captivating insights and the truth behind the headlines. ➡️ Read on! 📖

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On September 25, 2023, economic indicators signal extreme risk with a 4.5% ten-year yield, a strong dollar, and an MMRI over 295. Global markets are unstable as stocks and cryptocurrencies depreciate due to mounting debt and increasing defaults. Experts predict a debt market meltdown and a potential shift to a digital economic system. Intervention measures may temporarily …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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5G Activated Zombie Apocalypse

Renowned military attorney Tod Callender has filed lawsuits claiming that mandatory shots may contain harmful pathogens and could potentially be released through the 5G network. He suggests that this could lead to a deliberate marburg pandemic, with recipients at risk of genetic changes resulting in zombie-like symptoms. Callender points to the CDC’s zombie apocalypse preparedness guide as evidence of government preparation. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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In his blog post, Gregory Manorino warns of a looming financial crisis caused by maximum saturation in the system. He highlights the impact on businesses, layoffs by corporations, and hedge funds betting against the debt market. Manorino predicts a meltdown and rising oil prices, while cautioning about growing risk levels, global inflation, and devaluation of debt securities. The market risk indicator is …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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How Lawfare Is Crippling Western Patriots Who Oppose Mass Immigration

In this blog post, Ron Partain of the Untold History Channel explores the impact of illegal immigration on world governments. He delves into the hindrances faced by countries like the U.S., UK, and EU member states, including rights’ dogma, guilt, and the crippling effect of lawfare. Partain also discusses the controversial Kalergi plan and its alleged …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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This Is What They Planned All Along (Ep. 2094)

Posted in: Dan Bongino, News, Patriots

In this blog post, the host of the show, Dan Bongino, expresses concern over the current state of America, particularly the ongoing crisis at the border. He believes that the actions taken by the current administration are purposefully destructive. The post also discusses various sponsors and product endorsements, a book signing, and charges against Democrat Senator Bob Menendez. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Impeach Garland?

In a heated discussion, representatives delved into the issue of political bias within the Department of Justice. Allegations of partisan actions in investigations involving ex-president Trump and Hunter Biden were brought to the forefront. Criticizing Attorney General Merrick Garland, they raised concerns about a two-tiered system of justice and the possibility of politically motivated legal strategies. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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John Stockwell: Former Chief CIA Angola Task Force: Nicaragua Reagan Lies War Under The Bush With The CIA | LIVESTREAM BEGINS AT 8:00 PM EST

Ron Partain, the host of the Untold History Channel, plans to introduce a new trend where every Friday night, the audience will watch something historical. In this episode, he discusses an old video from the mid-eighties featuring former CIA agent John Stockwell, who reveals the agency’s strategies to create enemies, provoke wars, and cause destabilization. Partain also mentions …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Michelle Obama For President!?! Ted Cruz Thinks So…

In this intriguing blog post, the presenter delves into the speculation surrounding the potential Democratic presidential nominees for 2024. With a keen focus on notable figures like Michelle Obama, they shed light on the uncertainty surrounding Biden’s position. Additionally, they introduce the innovative protection service, Virtual Shield One, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the discussion. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Update #731 – Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

From General Milley’s potential court-martial to Trump’s early GOP nomination, our latest blog post offers a whirlwind of political and financial insights. Mannarino tackles the volatile debt market, while Dan Bongino sounds the alarm on the global war against free speech. Don’t miss out on these essential updates. ➡️ Read More Now! 📚…

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Farrell: Court-martial GEN Milley

In this controversial text, General Mark Milley faces severe criticism, being labeled a traitor engaging in undermining activities against the president. The author passionately argues for his court martial, drawing parallels to the infamous Benedict Arnold. With a hopeful tone, the writer anticipates this happening once Trump is re-elected. A contentious perspective on a divisive figure. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Trump To Clinch Early GOP Nomination? Abbott Declares Border Invasion!!

In this blog post, the speaker expresses skepticism towards misinformation in the patriot community and emphasizes the importance of discernment. They also announce upcoming guest appearances on their channel and promote Virtual Shield One, a privacy suite. The post discusses political developments, particularly former President Donald Trump’s moves towards an early nomination and his urging of a government shutdown. Frustration with the current state of …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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This DEBT MARKET MELTDOWN May Just Be Getting Started. Important Updates… Mannarino

In a recent discussion, Gregory Manorino sheds light on the imminent government shutdown in the United States due to a cash shortage. He warns of a potential public revolt and reveals that large hedge funds are betting on a debt market meltdown. Manorino believes that the current crisis is not accidental but a deliberate act by central banks. He also touches on the introduction of central bank digital currencies …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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