Dr. Carrie Madej Issues Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

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Think Monoclonal Antibodies Are Good?
Watch This Video of Dr. Carrie Madej First!

You’ve probably heard one of your “favorite” governors promoting these Monoclonal Antibodies treatment. 

But have you researched them?

Here are just a few things Dr. Carrie Madej explains from the video above…

“First of all, they're brand new, they're experimental, they have very little research on them, okay,” she continued. “You're putting something in your body that we don't have research on. However, we know something about it.

“So, these are called a cocktail. So, what that is, they're taking antibodies from three sources. One is just a ‘human source.' What does that mean? Is it somebody from the street? I mean, what is that? Do we know if they're purified? We don't know. Okay, that's one.

“Number two, they're using aborted fetal cells. When they say they're not, they're lying. They're using a play on words. They're using the HEK line, the human embryonic kidney cell line. It's 293. What that means is it took 293 … living babies that were born. So they aborted them alive. They're still living with their heart beating. Then they take them to a cold lab and then they kill them there.

“It took 293 of them to get that cell line. So what they do is they make those lines cancerous so they never stop dividing. They don't want to tell you they're putting cancer cells from an aborted fetus in you so they're going to tell you that it's ‘immortalized' — isn't that a nice word. 

Then they tell you they're cloned. That's what it means. 

You're taking in an aborted fetus that was killed in a lab and then you had a cancerous cell line from it that's being injected inside of you. 

Okay, so you've got two sources.

“Now, the third one is from a human and a mouse genome pushed together inside of a mouse, and the mouse spits out a human kind of an antibody but from a mouse. So this is something called a chimera. A chimera is two creatures pushed together and they're going to be spitting out an antibody.”

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, DO NOT listen to politicians for health advice! 

And you may want to consider NOT asking medical doctors for health advice either. They will likely only recommend drugs and surgery. 

By the way, did you know the ‘treatment’ DeSantis promotes, Evushield is made by AstraZeneca?? 

Yes, the same manufacturer of the quaccine! (which is also funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

You can read more about Evushield on AstraZeneca’s website here! 

At some point, hopefully before billions of people have been killed, people think for themselves and seek out TRUTH before they listen to someone in a white lab coat or a suit and tie about what they should do with their life.

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