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The Key Is The Constitution!

My fellow Patriot,

If you live in the United States, we have a Constitution which protects our God given rights.

We also had Founding Fathers that channeled Nature’s Laws into our Founding Documents.

In addition to that, we have localized government that has more power in their area than the federal government does.

Some states do not have sheriffs, but if you do have a county sheriff, just know they were elected to their position!

Yes, the sheriff is elected by the people! (Not many people know that)

And they also swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

So the sheriffs are an important part to our liberty!

This is how you take back your county peacefully.

You work with your local sheriff to ensure they are honoring their oath and protecting your rights.

And this is where the CSPOA & MPN work together!

The CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association) was founded by Sheriff (ret) Richard Mack.

Sheriff Mack (who you see in the picture at the top of this page) started the CSPOA to educate both sheriffs and citizens on the Constitution, the limitations of government and the true role and responsibility of the sheriff.

With MPN, we unite Patriots locally so they can work together in talking with their sheriff, as well as doing other things in their city or county to ensure their rights are protected.

We will be sharing much more about this, how it works and how you can help ensure you have liberty in your area.

For now…

Here's What You Can Do Next

1. Become A Member of MyPatriotsNetwork (MPN) It’s Free.

2. Make Sure You're Logged In. Then, Go To The MPN Community Forum For The CSPOA.

In the CSPOA forum, you can post information, respond and comment. You will need to be logged in as a member to comment, private message people etc.

3. Join Sheriff Mack & Become Part Of The CSPOA Posse! This low cost membership allows you to ask Sheriff Mack questions directly, learn how the principles of the Constitution apply to today’s world and how to take action to ensure you can live with liberty in your area.

Thank you for being part of this Patriot movement!

Please get involved and share this page and this message with others.

The more Patriots we have, the faster we can achieve our mission of Liberty & Justice For All!

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