What Really Is the End of Times?

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With All the Craziness Going on In the World, Did You Ever Think We Were in the “End Times”? Well From Age to Age, You’ve Heard This Saying, Or Maybe a World Without End, How About That One?



The Word Age, Or Era in Sanskrit Means “Yuga”. The End of The Last Age or Yuga Was Around 1700 AD This Was Refer to As the Kali Yuga or Dark Age. A Lot of People Believe We Are Still There, In the End Times or Kali Yuga Especially If They Are Drinking the Cool Aid of False Prophets on The Internet.



People Who Do This, Do Not Want to Work on Themselves They Want a Handout Instead of a Hand Up.


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  • so many biblical promises ‘evolving ‘ before our eyes ,ie ‘no more shall a man teach his nieghbour about the lord for all will know the Lord ‘ ,rather fits in with ‘I will pour out my spirit on all flesh ‘ ,and ‘The whole eath will be filled with the [knowledge of the ]. spirit of the lord”, Bring it Oh Lord !? , exciting times .But not going to chuck the Trump Train under the bus ,way to many links . someone is going to have to make ‘His enemies his footstool ‘, the classic ,like a q car, some real grunt, hidden in a rough or,even human ,exterior . Certainly a whole lot of revealing going on [ie big mike is bigger dick than barry !?,to much info sometimes }.

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