[VIDEO] How Small Businesses Can Avoid Suffocating & Actually Thrive In 2021

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Here's How Small Businesses Can Thrive In 2021!

Below is a video/podcast I made. 

It's from my Truth Vendor Podcast, but I wanted to share it here also because it's that important. 

So many small businesses don't understand their rights or how to effectively market their business using the internet.

I decided to create a “public service announcement” of sorts and share several marketing strategies and techniques that almost ANY small business can use to stop suffocating themselves and actually start thriving! 

If you are a business owner, it is critical you watch the video below, take notes and take action, if you want to not only survive but thrive in 2021.

Now if you aren't a business owner, but you want to help local business owners, this might be a huge income opportunity for you to help these small brick and mortar businesses.

Here are a few strategies I mention in the video:

  • Give out branded informational material (postcards, flyers, biz cards, pamphlets, etc)

  • Put signs outside making it VERY clear we are OPEN FULLY! (And masks optional, no social distancing required)

  • Have website be central hub for content. Lead all social media back to website. Host videos privately and share on website.

  • Set up retargeting ads for everyone who visits your website.

  • Build an email list and SMS list of customers and potential customers.

  • Do local geotargeting ads for your ideal customers

  • Do videos and other social media content everyday! 

  • Use memes, infographics and user/customer generated content for social media content.

  • Get as many customer reviews as possible! (Have sign on tables with QR code to leave review)

  • Get involved locally. Network! 

Know Your Rights:

Constitutional Law Group

The Healthy American

If I were going to be a marketing consultant, the techniques I share in the video are exactly what I would focus on.

A marketing company getting paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per month won't share all the strategies I share in the video above.

The value and opportunity is there. What you do with it is up to you

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