[VIDEO] How Small Businesses Can Avoid Suffocating & Actually Thrive In 2021


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Here's How Small Businesses Can Thrive In 2021!

Below is a video/podcast I made. 

It’s from my Truth Vendor Podcast, but I wanted to share it here also because it’s that important. 

So many small businesses don’t understand their rights or how to effectively market their business using the internet.

I decided to create a “public service announcement” of sorts and share several marketing strategies and techniques that almost ANY small business can use to stop suffocating themselves and actually start thriving! 

If you are a business owner, it is critical you watch the video below, take notes and take action, if you want to not only survive but thrive in 2021.

Now if you aren’t a business owner, but you want to help local business owners, this might be a huge income opportunity for you to help these small brick and mortar businesses.

Here are a few strategies I mention in the video:

  • Give out branded informational material (postcards, flyers, biz cards, pamphlets, etc)

  • Put signs outside making it VERY clear we are OPEN FULLY! (And masks optional, no social distancing required)

  • Have website be central hub for content. Lead all social media back to website. Host videos privately and share on website.

  • Set up retargeting ads for everyone who visits your website.

  • Build an email list and SMS list of customers and potential customers.

  • Do local geotargeting ads for your ideal customers

  • Do videos and other social media content everyday! 

  • Use memes, infographics and user/customer generated content for social media content.

  • Get as many customer reviews as possible! (Have sign on tables with QR code to leave review)

  • Get involved locally. Network! 

If I were going to be a marketing consultant, the techniques I share in the video are exactly what I would focus on.

A marketing company getting paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per month won’t share all the strategies I share in the video above.

The value and opportunity is there. What you do with it is up to you

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  1. Will share with my son’s who both have their own businesses.THANK YOU, We are having it really tough in Britain at the moment, all small businesses are being attacked by POLICE who lawfully have no power to ARREST, PLUS our government is paid by a foreign corporation. We have to throw our so called government out of parliament.

  2. Interesting you mention plexiglass. Went to walmart the other day and they took their cashier walls down. But, then, they’re big and do more contributions to government, etc., possibly assist trafficking from China with big container ships. Why more citizens didn’t wake up with the BIG box stores allowed to be open but not the local small businesses… PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAYers and God’s Blessings in Jesus Christ!

  3. Jared, this may be the most amazing and USEFUL business concepts video every put together!!!!! I’ve had my own private Suzuki Violin and Piano studio for 21 years but you’ve given me even more ideas to implement for success in this Plandemic! We never closed but I did lose HALF my studio last APRIL 2020, when we’d basically already seen the worst of it here in our N Texas bedroom community. Once the ‘Faucian Bargain’ was laid out and sprinkled ‘liberally’ with fear, falsehoods and feigned concern for the most fragile among us, those in my studio who had come from Communist or other Authoritarian countries, immediately disappeared with scarcely a word! This included families who’d been here for up to 10 years. I guess you can take the person seeking opportunity out of the dictatorship, but it may not automatically remove the fear and programming from the immigre’. This can be a reminder to all of us, that in this country, we do not have to submit to any blowhard dictator who chooses threats and knee jerk reactions over calm, reasoned consensus!
    Anyway, I LOVED your very generous, well thought out video and I’m sure it will help my studio flourish going forward!

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