The History of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in The US Military

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The Lies and Brainwashing Of Psychological Warfare Tactics | Secrets Of War 

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Psychological warfare has taken many forms since its initial widespread usage in WW1. 

In this video, you will see how the tactical use of truth and misinformation has swayed the tide of battle over the years. 

This historical video is great to provide a greater perspective on the world today. If the military was using these psychological operations over 100 years ago…

What could they be doing today??

Here is a short video about just one PSYOP done by the US military in more recent times. 

US Forces Use Psychological Warfare in Africa

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There are many more you can search and find. 

And a fun game you can play is “Who is part of a PSYOP online in the Patriot movement?” 

Once you see the tactics, it breaks you free from the hypnotic effect of the PSYOP. 

Considering the current war we are in is an information war taking place online, it makes you wonder how many online “soldiers” are really working for the enemy! 

Considering all of the people in the “Patriot” movement that have been exposed lately, it is very likely that in truth, the vast majority of people that say they are fighting for true election transparency and ending child trafficking are actually not on the side of We The People.

Almost all of us have been deceived and misled by so many people in this movement. 

That is why it is critical to know who is a real Patriot and who is not. 

The faster we research and get to the truth, the faster we will begin to take responsibility and get involved to help fix this country and make humanity great again! 

What A World We Are Living In!
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