Texas Snow That Doesn’t Melt? Weather Modification Technology?

Weather Modification Technology

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Have You Ever Seen Snow That Doesn't Melt?

Take a look at this…

And this…

And this…

And this…

And if you think it is just a prank or something, take a look at this video…

Plus, according to this article from 2020…

Something strange is for sure going on! 

It will require more research and investigation.

Now I am not saying ALL snow won’t melt and is synthetic.

But I am saying it appears that more snow is synthetic than should be!

Are you in Texas? Or elsewhere with snow?

Take the #SnowDoesntMelt challenge and see if your snow melts!

If it doesn’t, post it online! 

If this is part of something bigger, We The People must know about it!

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  1. Take it from a Canadian, that is NOT Snow! Manmade for sure, HAARP needs to be stopped – how’s that for a conspiracy theory sick bunch of nut jobs this is crimes against humanity! Sorry, just upset at what has happened in Texas, Greece and not sure if true but snowing in the dessert? Please watch the Video by Jesse Ventura and HAARP 

    1. I live in Michigan, and have approx. 16 inches of snow. Out of curiosity, I went outside, got some snow, made it into a snowball, took a lighter to it, and it turned black, no dripping, and didn’t melt. It was a good experiment

  2. Actually, that does not appear to be abnormal. I am in Utah, we have had some snow fall; most of it has melted so it is NOT snow that does not melt. We have some patches in shade areas left. I gathered up a small snow ball and heated it over a candle and it did this same thing, in other words it turned black from soot from the candle and it did not drip. The snow was absorbing the water being melted. I did heat it until it dripped in my case. I had a snowball less than 1/4th the size of the snowball in the video and it took about 1 minute for any water to drip.

    Note, until I tried this out myself, I believed this video, it doesn’t look natural for flame to hit snow like that and there not to be any water drip from it. I was planning on taking this video and then showing how “Utah snow” melts but, it did the same thing as the video – and again, almost all of the snow the ground here has melted so the snow here is not “fake snow.”

  3. I went outside today February 19 2021 grabbed a big handful of snow and mine did not melt either smelled like burning plastic. I live in Provo Utah. Don’t know how to post the video

  4. I went outside where there is a fresh inch of snow today. I lite a tea candle outside and packed the snow tight (which is powdery). I put it over the flame and no water came down and it was black on the bottom. I am in Wayne county, Michigan.

  5. This is called geoengineering of the climate. Been going on for over 20 years, possibly much longer. This whole cold system hitting Texas and the rest of the country is being done with chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere and antenna systems, like HAARP and NEXRAD. We in New York and everywhere else have found the same fake snow years ago. Bill Gates is a big funder of these programs, as are governments like the US and many others. There are many reasons for this, and this website below has anything you ever wanted or needed to know about geoengineering. We are NOT conspiracy theorists. We are being poisoned, and when we find out, we are called conspiracy theorists to make us think maybe we ARE crazy. We aren’t. This non-melting snow is just the beginning of a nightmare you will become consumed with. Don’t listen to others tell you you’re nuts or are a conspiracy theorist. Join groups that are fighting geoengineering programs. Go to this website and read. One of the best websites about geoengineering https://geoengineeringwatch.org

    1. My stepdaughter to me about this stuff 15-20 years & I thought she was nuts … Not nutty at all! I’ve seen very strange (90° zig zag) ‘clouds’ & once I learned they ‘found 4 new clouds’ well then I knew this crap was happening — you don’t just discover ‘new clouds’. 🙄

  6. How do you get fake snow to fall from the sky? Not that I want to know, but is it dumped? My daughter lets my grandson eat snow. I have to share that some snow is not real so she will stop letting him eat it. Of course my daughter thinks I’m nuts so she won’t believe anything I tell her. All because I think the epidemic is a plandemic and that the fake virus was planned. I’ve seen some pretty convincing evidence. I’m not nuts. I won’t get tested for the fake virus and I won’t get any vaccines. I will rely on God to protect me.

    1. Awesome!! Stay Strong!! Tell Daughter to be safe and Take Vit C, Vit D3, a good soft gel type multiple with iodine and zinc, plus raw greens like spinach, tumeric/curcumin capsules, moringa capsules, beet root capsules, ginger, cayenne & oregano all help support immune health, as does 15 min daily sunshine, hugs, family & friends spiritual and physical & emotional support & togetherness!! TEAM WORK!! Also good research like videos of Charlie Ward, Billie Beene, KirstenW, Kerry Cassidy, Lin Wood, Juan O’ Savin, & Simon Parkes!! Family and Friends & Current “Plan” require alot of Faith & Patience!! Angel Guidance & Protection, Leading & Direction!! Stay Strong!!Amen🥰🥰❤🧡💛💚💙💜💟💕💟💕💟💕💯💯💯💯

      1. Just a little suggestion though, if you take these supplements, if you can any of them that are “cheated” or it’s called Picolinate, like using Zinc Picolinate, it gets to the issues for taking it and goes to work faster and more effective. Vitamins D3 should not be taken more then once a day of the recommended dose as it can damage the liver. But I used Zinc and D3 and B12, and it got me over the virus that relapsed 3 times . I thought I was a goner the 1st 2 times. I don’t wish anyone to experience this horrible virus, But Vitamins D3 & B12, and Zinc Picolinate, builds your immune system and gives it the right response for what your body needs to fight off any attack. I take it daily only with recommended dose, no more as it will work against you if you take more then recommended. D3 is toxic if abused but it will build your energy back paired with B12.
        A trending of Anemia is also happening of late, so just wanted to share that Drs are prescribing Iron , so I wanted to also share that Iron is metal. If taken especially in the mega doses I am seeing prescribed , will make most become very nauseated. I wanted to add that if you take Iron at bedtime and take Vitamin C at the same time, it will help break down the metal so it enters your bloodstream instead of fermenting in the stomach making you sick. In the morning if you still feel sick upon waking, try a chewable Vitamin C tab that tastes good to you, and it will also again help remaining metal that isn’t absorbed. Anyway, Just sharing , hope it helps. Be safe , Pam

      2. Oh I would love to but daughter thinks she knows better than I about these things so I have to zip my lip. I am terrified that she will get the vaccine and get very sick or worse. I think I watch all of the above! I can’t get anything done at home though. Wish we could go back in time and teach my children differently. They would not have gone to public schools and instead of working, I would have home schooled them. I thought I wasn’t smart enough. Very big mistake.

    1. I just put some snow in a frying pan to see if it would melt I live in New Jersey I took a lighter to the snow and it burnt black just like everybody else think it might be Corbin being absorbing in the snow when I put the snow in a frying pan it melted and water appeared if I knew how to put the video on and figure it out I will OK thanks Jacqueline

  7. Don’t be sorry, Tania! This is evil. People need to wake up, and turn to The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord!. This is getting stranger by the day. Great times to be alive. God bless us all and God bless America and President Trump.

  8. I’m in Central Texas in a rural area northwest of Austin. So far the snow on my front yard is definitely melting. It’s also melting on my roof and solar panels and running into my water tanks that collect it. I made a snowball and brought it in and held it up to a candle. To my surprise, it did turn black. However, there is a logical and scientific explanation. It is only carbon from the candle, like when you blacken a piece of glass to watch a solar eclipse. Any evaporation is via sublimation, which occurs when a liquid goes from a frozen state to vapor and skips the liquid phase. So, as a physicist, that’s my opinion of what is going on. The snow evaporates, but doesn’t melt, which only occurs if it goes to a liquid phase first. While the power was out we put our dairy products in an ice chest with this snow and it melted, as it is currently in my yard. An open flame causes it to sublimate.

    I do want to add, however, that I have no doubts that weather modification courtesy of HAARP was a factor in this freak storm. There could very well be some unfriendly chemicals in the snow because since it’s been melting my allergies have been going crazy. I saw chemtrails in the area last week, which isn’t that unusual, and of course once the cloud cover from the storm came in any such activity was hidden. These low temperatures are absolutely unprecedented and I have no doubt the system was deliberately driven farther south. Something about it felt suspicious from the start.

    Considering the EO issued by Biden that allowed China access to the power grid, plus our governor’s own EO resisting federal energy restrictions on January 28, and a DOE document that restricted our ability to generate enough electricity to cover demand, to say nothing of the fact the wind turbines in West Texas are owned by China, clearly there is plenty going on here that as yet does not meet the eye.
    You can see some of these articles on my blog https://wordpress.com/post/marcha2014.wordpress.com/6742 and read the DOE document here: Read the Department of Energy document HERE: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2021/02/f82/DOE%20202%28c%29%20Emergency%20Order%20-%20ERCOT%2002.14.2021.pdf .

    More evidence, albeit circumstantial, keeps surfacing quicker than I can keep up with it. This was a deliberate act of weather warfare, probably punishing Texas for pushing back on this administration’s energy policies and threatening to secede.

    This will not end well. Don’t Mess with Texas.

  9. How disappointing! This is FAKE! The only thing you show is the packed snowball, not the snow in the microwave or in a pot on the stove! Patriots shouldn’t try to trick other patriots.

  10. We in Canada and did the same thing, we noticed if we pack the snowball to dense it will burn, if it is loosely packed it wont. went outside and ran the lighter along the snow and it melts.

  11. Snow is interesting stuff. It will evaporate without thawing. It has a crystalline structure that will change depending on the conditions. You can fill a pan with snow and get very little water from it when you melt it. I cross country ski on snow, and have for 47 years here in Alaska. So, put the stuff in pan with a lid and melt it. Fill the pan up. You’ll see it won’t make much water. The Eskimos have many names for snow depending on its consistency. A cold weather snow is dry and fine. Damp snow is what you’re used to in Texas. And, yes, snow will change it’s structure and even evaporate at below freezing temperatures. Fake snow ? I don’t think so…

  12. This is normal. Melting snow with a candle (open flame) is not effective heat transfer. The black on the snow is a byproduct of an incomplete oxidation of a hydrocarbon. The candle, or the butane, propane, or methane is the hydrocarbon, not the snow. Snow can sublimate when exposed to an open flame and it leaves as a vapor. Skipping the liquid phase means no drops.

    Just put the snow in a pan, and put it on a stove. If it doesn’t melt, then you have something. The average gas stove, 10,000 btu gas burner with a 30% effective transfer rate to an average pan, would yield 3,500 btu/hr. This will roughly melt 15 lbs of snow from 32 degree ice to 32 degree water. Look up the latent heat of fusion for more info on this amount of energy required for a phase change.

    1. Fill a glass, bring it in your house. Watch it melt. When you apply flame to a snowball the melted water is absorbed back into the snowball. But if you let it melt inside a container you will see the water.

  13. Packed snowballs do not melt from candles. The crystaline structure of the flakes wicks the water into the snowball as it melts. A quick YouTube search has MANY videos explaining this quirk of science going back years.

  14. The snow is normal, nothing unusual going on here. When you put a candle flame to a snow ball, the snow is melting but the water is being absorbed by the snow which is porous like a sponge. The snow will also attract particulates from the flame and collect black soot on the surface (the snow is not burning!) Also, it’s unlikely that some secret agency has dispatched 1000 Jets to spray chemicals into the atmosphere from Texas all the way to New England without somebody spilling the beans!

    1. I agree, but am imagining, what if???
      I never thought we would have a world wide pandemic shut down the worlds economy, and form a “ Culling” like someone wishes to thin the herd?
      Or the REAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS, we all witnessed OUR COUNTRY BEING TAKEN OVER BY THE BIGGEST CREEPS EVER TO RUN THIS COUNTRY! Sorry for raising my voice, but MY BIGGEST CONCERN IS HOW DID WE ALL SIT BY AND DID NOTHING. I guess what I am really trying to say is, Most don’t even realize or believe what we all witnessed , and we all need to be thinking of all being within the masses? This is why we seem to look for more then what is happening in reality,
      Witnessing the worst case scenario watching these treasonous idiots destroy everything they can in the name of living way above their means on our dime!.
      Patriots should be aware that this country has been taken from within. As far as the snow, it could be something that’s being used in seeding the clouds maybe? With winter happening, ski areas could be more affected. Just guessing here but it’s all trying times now, and we all in the masses need a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. God Bless Us All!

  15. WHOA, NELLY! THE SNOW DOES, IN FACT, MELT! I live in the Bangor, Maine area, just went outside after watching all the Texas melting snow videos, very perplexed, grabbed a snow ball, and a candle and stood in my kitchen and I HAD THE SAME RESULTS – “CARBONIZED” SNOW (CANDLE SMUT), NOT MELTING (CANDLE FLAME NOT HOT ENOUGH). I then put the snowball in my microwave and it melted just fine (I think the microwave snow melting video where the guy said there was sparking was because he used a metal bowl!). It takes time for snow to melt and the hotter the heat source, the quicker, of course. So, EVERYONE RELAX! Texas has real snow, though, I am very familiar with weather modification and all the weird Cabal/military/alien stuff going on. But, in this case, if you want to melt a snowball, natural laws are working at the moment. You can’t melt a snowball with a candle flame. Look at hale when it hits the ground. It takes up to an half hour for it to melt and that’s sometimes in the summer – just my observation. Meantime, DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!! And, certainly, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

  16. I just showed this to my husband. He asked, “ Did they make it 17 degrees as well? I can’t believe you’re falling for that stuff”.
    So many people, my husband included, have no idea how advanced technology has come, or that it is being used for good and evil.
    When will the masses wake up?? Aghhh

  17. I watched all these videos and went outside and got a snowball and tried to melt it with a long lighter. It turned black with no dripping as well. I am in 70 Mile House, B.C. Canada. Many years ago when Vancouver had the Olympics (2010) I thought the snow looked way too sparkly coming down. I brought some in and put it on a napkin to melt. Afterwards, there were small little either silver or black pieces left behind.

  18. Wow. I just watched these videos and decided to try it myself. I’m in San Antonio, Texas, and there’s a little bit left in the yard. Mine did the same thing. I held a snowball and used a bic lighter, and I also held it over a small lit candle. It turned black both ways. The weird thing about it too is that I was going to try it again, but the wick on the candle will not light now. ???

  19. Same in COLORADO. Just had a snow storm a couple of days ago saw the ‘No Snow Melt’ video. Immediately after I watched videos, I tried it out myself, grabbed some snow made it into a snowball and the same thing happened. No melting just burned. Not last year, but the year before we had a snow storm in October and it was odd. The snow had a different consistency. It was shiny and solid and did not melt. It was almost like ice, but an imitation of ice. It stayed for months which has never happened before. They say its linked to the chemtrails from the planes we see, but I think those planes are spraying all kinds of things in our atmosphere. This may sound crazy but before March 2020, in February 2020 I was hiking and saw 10 planes spraying and they were flying very low, normally, I’veseen them high and far away. I remember one flying right above me, after my hike my throat was sore and after that I became I’ll and could not get rid of it and then finally after 4 weeks it cleared up because I made myself sweat, everyday doing some type of workout, drank homemade juices, did Netipot to clear out my sinuses and bumped up my immune system. Then March 2020, Covid and lock downs happened. And while the outbreaks were happening I kept seeing more and more planes spraying and the number of people getting sick kept going up. My question is how do we know they weren’t spraying a new virus strain into the air and that is why we had such rapid outbreaks? Just an observation but it makes me wonder.

  20. Try it in a frying pan. It does melt. The science is that as it melts water in the snow is soaked up into the snowball turning into mush – then water. It’s BOT engineered snow.

  21. So, I’m wondering what is going to happen when the weather warms up as it is now in South Texas. Is this white stuff that won’t melt just going to sit there? How will these people get rid of it? More importantly, who is responsible for this bizarre substance? Lastly, what is it composed of and is it potentially dangerous?

  22. I can tell you that here in Missouri, our snow is not NORMAL, I went outside and got it in my hair and on my shoes, when it dried my shoes were stuck to my carpet and a white residue was left on my carpet. When it dried in my hair it looked like dried Elmer’s glue, but it was hard it would not burn either!! Say what you want this is NOT normal snow I have seen so many chem trails lately it is ridiculous!! I don’t know about anyone else but I am pissed!! And I am sick of our Government treating us like lab rats!! There is no telling what is in this “snow” but I guarantee it is nothing good! I wouldn’t let my kids play in it, and for God’s sake don’t let them eat it!

    1. Right, ya gotta TRUST your gut instinct when what you witness DOESN’T add up! Govt is inherently EVIL, GREEDY & POWER HUNGRY. And the deaths of tens of thousands of decent, law abiding citizens doesn’t mean a damn thing to insatiable government!

  23. I live in England and we usually get the US weather shortly afterwards, looks as if we may get this eventually, where does this fake snow come from, ??? Hope you guys find this out and soon, it’s definitely WW3

  24. Attempted to melt the snow here in SW PA. Results were essentially the same as in the videos above. The only liquid I managed to find was some very light condensation on my hands while handling the snow. This quickly evaporated. No dripping at all, in fact, the “snow” seemed to slowly shrink in on itself when applied to flame. Going to test using other heating methods later today. Going to start with a preheated metal pot, then move onto the stove itself if the pot itself doesnt work.

  25. All. Please don’t rush to judgement that something is crazy with the snow. Snow already is impure with all types of pollution. I did 2 experiments, 1 with the snow and I live in KC, MO. It did the same with the fire by burning the snow. Then I took crushed ice out of my ice make and did the same experiment as a control. I got the SAME results. The black burning is coming from the wick and the flame. I do not believe that putting fire on snow or ice is a good test of its water purity. Maybe, we should have a chemist weigh in on this rather than being overly concerned. Now, that said, we are in a time that we are having a hard time trusting anything and I get it. When I saw the videos, I went and got my owns snow and then got worried until I feel my logical God given brain kicked in and created the control. I don’t think there is any great weather technology going on… I do think there is some things happening in TX right now with suspicious stuff and we’ll have to wait for it to come out. Just my take on things….

  26. Not accurate … Nah… not at all. Colorado snow does the same thing when direct flame is applied, but when the heat gun is used, it melts right away. I have a video of both right here in Colorado Springs with snow from two days ago — does same as TX snow when a match flame is applied but melts right away when simple heat is applied. Must be a physics phenomenon, NOW another China conspiracy theory.

    1. Ok but that doesn’t explain why it stuck my shoes to the carpet, and dried in my hair like elmers glue it was like hard plastic when I pulled it out of my hair and it would not burn either. Believe what you want , but they are chem. trailing the shit out of us, watch Mike Morales’ You Tube channel and you will see for yourself.

  27. I made the mistake of showing the videos about the fake snow to my husband. I have an open mind, but my husband’s mind is about as closed as they come. He keeps threatening to have me bakeracted and telling me I am full blown nuts. The worst part is that with this stupid scamdemic, he is the only one I can in theory talk to. Please pray for me.

  28. Just tested it here in Canada with fresh snow over a flame fr9m a picket lighter… and it does the same thing, with very slow/minimal change in snowball size. My first guess would be that the snow goes straight to a gaseous form without going through liquid form (?) and thst the black is from the burning of the gas from the lighter. I then tested in a pot on the stove and my snowball quickly melted to water… so I know we do have real snow here! I suggest testing in a pot like in the last video here to confirm if it is real snow or not. Not saying you have real snow in Texas right now, just saying you should not test directly over a flame in order to really find out… based on my own test here in Canada.

  29. I’ve seen a couple of videos where snow was placed in a microwave oven where electrical discharging took place.

    On another note, a positive one, I sure am looking forward to seeing President Trump publicly placed back at the helm.

  30. Snow that does not melt has been around for a few tears now, the cause was from Chem- Trails all over and when telling your so called EPA they lied and said it was vapor trails from air planes. If you noticed the chem-trails have now stopped. To many good scientists are proving the EPA wrong by taking air samples finding Aluminide and roundup in these trails according to website reports.

  31. Concerns should be directed to having a “chemical forensics analysis” performed on a saved chunk of the non-melting snow to determine long term effects on soil, crop safety, grazing repercussions, ground & surface waters. THIS CRAP HAS TO BE INVESTIGATED, PROSECUTED, PUNISHED & STOPPED! It’s a THREAT TO HUMANITY & LIFE ON PLANET EARTH.

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