Panel of Medical Doctors Expose Covid Injection Facts, Effects on Others & What Can Be Done About It!


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Multiple Medical Doctors Expose The Truth of Vaccines, Shots, How It’s Affecting Others & What You Can Do About It!

Learn more from the doctors in this video:

Dr. Christine Northrup 

Dr. Lee Merritt 

Dr. Larry Palevsky

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Tenpenny online training webinar

Dr. Carrie Madej 

Additional resource with potential solutions: 

(Disclaimer: I am not making any health claims and this information is for research purposes only) 

Btw,after you watch these videos and continue to learn more, watch this professor teach West Point soldiers about technology for human mind & DNA control.

It might connect a lot of dots for you. 

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  1. We have lost our LEADERSHIP more than anything. So we now need to lead ourselves. The late 1960’s destroyed this ability, drugs from the VietNam war, cowardice, television, self-indulgence, and bad churches that have turned off people to the love of and for God. People have confused love with sex – problem as old as humanity – , confused ego with self-worth, and allowed indulgence and laziness to expect others to do our work.

  2. I have been a dowser for 29 years and had a spirit world regression on March 1 2020 and I made up a booklet on how to dowse. I have been sending this around the world through email. 2 months after, I got an email from someone in Tanzania Africa. Everyone can learn to dowse so that you will know what is right for your own body. Here is my booklet. Pass it on. file:///F:/Get%20Your%20Answers%20Now!!!%20(1).pdf

  3. Thank you All for this very informative and enlightening discussion as well as the many suggestions put forward.
    I totally agree with everything each of you shared. I have been trying to wake up others to this since last fall. The likes of us who come on these sites and calls are awake by doing so for the past several years. Unfortunately there is a huge percentage who are so brainwashed, conditioned and programed that they will continue to only believe what they see and hear on main stream media.
    They are not open to the possibility of the evening news being propaganda. I had to choose to stop trying to convince them as it was depleting my energy. Now if someone asks my opinion I share. If not I don’t. Unfortunately I live in WA State, one of, if not the most programed and controlled states in the country right now.

    However with the new financial system, The open and transparent audit in Arizona, Robert David Steele’s Arise America tour with Sheriff Mack, Sacha Stone and all the other great participants and All this new awareness regarding adverse conditions and reactions to these illegal jabs plus the new internet platforms opening up now, the next few months I believe will be a game-changer.
    We All need to Choose the energetic vibration of the 5th dimension and the New Golden Age right here right now and continue to choose it in every moment of now!
    We must let go of the heavy 3rd dimensional energy where all this sickness is taking place and Choose the energy of Divine Love and The energy of Divine Gratitude of the 5th dimension.

  4. You all are honestly a blessing from God! I keep finding myself getting so lost in this nightmare of sin and deception! Until I hear videos like this! Dr Sherry and Dr Lee And Dr Northrop I have been listening to you whenever I get a opportunity too!
    I wish and hope that you can find a way to get the “REAL” meds available for us at a cheaper and easier way! I live in Arkansas and have truther friends that live in Oregon, we are actually longtime classmates from school as far back as 1965, all in our late 60’s. A few of us went through frontline doctors and bought the Hydroxichloraquine but at $160 a Televisit with meds we are saving just in case we do get sick! It really would be nice to be able to take those and the ivermectin every day. But I myself am a recent widow on a very tight income.
    Please fight for us in getting the meds available, I would love to be able to get my entire family on a routine dose and not lose any more family!
    Again y’all are superheroes! Love to all, hugs, good thought, positive vibes

  5. My daughter is a college student and her college was given the Johnson and johnson vaccine. I told her not to get the shot and explained to her the dangers of these shots. Well because of peer pressure and the student’s desire to get back to normal on the college campus. She got the shot. What do we do now?

  6. Absolutely, stay out of fear-mode. Believe in the ‘one and truly divine creator-the source of love and compassion- the immeasurable, imperishable, incorruptible divine creator’. keep your vibration high

  7. It’s great to get more information about the shots, but surely we should be thinking about how to stop the shots being rolled out.
    Personally I think in the UK we should get the government OUT as some ministers have vested interests in vaccines, stop all vaccines ensure they are all destroyed, tell the people the truth.

  8. Great vid guys n gals. It was a long’n. Any chance of a more shortened succinct one, that’s easier for many to listen to and posting? Many like me with not much spare time on our hands ?

  9. Thank you for all this great info! I agree we must Unite to stop all the types of jabs now & stop the jab passport, now!

    I agree that until the how & how long will transmission last is determined. The jabbed people must be quarantined now! To protect all our children & unjabbed people immediately!

  10. We also must know once what ever is transmitted from jab person to the unjab person, Does this make the unjab person capable of transmitting what ever is transmitted be transmitted to others also?? Will it continue & continue to be transmitted by unjab to unjab to kill us all. If so it will be a historic uncontrollable Genocide unless we start now to see if HCQ & the other drugs the evil are trying their best to hinder & hide these drugs that might cure or stop-the protein spikes or what ever it is being transmitting from person to person!

  11. Thank You all for such a great get together. I am still not sure how to respond to a friend who has had the jab without causing fear!! Any suggestions?
    Here in Melbourne we are now going into another seven day lockdown, apparently due to the Indian strain of covid19. Of course its insanity. But the MSM has the whole situation sewn up. We are so dumbed down here that everyone, especially with this new so called cluster, are running to get the jab. I pray we all get through it without harm, but I know that won’t be possible.
    Anyways, thank you.

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