Is Glenn Youngkin, New Virginia Governor A Globalist RINO With Connections To Dominion Voting Systems? Have A Look At This!

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Is Glenn Youngkin, The New Virginia Governor A Globalist RINO? Have A Look At This! 

Glenn Youngkin was co-CEO of the Carlyle Group up until July 2020 when he decided to run for governor of Virginia. 

Youngkin was recruited by the co-founder of Carlyle, David Rubenstein, in 1995. 

Who is the Carlyle Group?

Only one of the biggest investment firms in the world. 

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at their history!

The Carlyle Group, The Bush Family And 9/11

Also, back in 2003, there was a Democracy Now! story: Why The Carlyle Group Pushed George W. Bush Off Its Board

Also, Carlyle invests in a biopharmaceutical company in China! 


“Former Carlyle Group & Cerberus Cap execs now part of Staple Street Capital.” Read more at 

Youngkin was co-CEO of Carlyle until 2020. State Street Capital owns most of Dominion Voting.

I WONDER WHY Youngkin doesn't want to do a full forensic audit! 

But wait, there’s more! 

Carlyle Group Connected with World Economic Forum. 

And Youngkin spoke at the World Economic Forum in 2020!

See more pictures from the World Economic Forum Flickr account here. wrote an article in April 2021: Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Urged Colleagues to Donate to ‘Social Justice’ Groups, Including Southern Poverty Law Center 

Do we have a RINO on our hands?

You can come to your own conclusions… 

And yes, like Garrett Ziegler says, “The past is the past.” 

Here are a few things Garrett suggest Youngkin can do to let the American people and his constituents in Virginia know he is on their side.

Let’s see what the people of Virginia can do about it.

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