How To Connect to Your Higher Self?

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When I Begin to Teach Openly In 1983, I Realize the Hippie Movement Had Invaded The New Age Movement, It Was the Hippie’s Next Phase of Evolution.


For The Most Part, They Were Childlike and Looking for A New Experience That Was Natural and No Longer Produced by Psychedelic Drugs.


But There Were 2 Big Obstacles in The Way That Needed to Deal with It, And Some Were Aware of It, And Most Were Not.



#1. Do I Truly Believe What Was Taught to Me by My Parents and Others Outside Authority?



#2. How Would I Learn to Be Centered and Grounded When I Discover My Truth? And Then They Walk into Tai Chi Gung Class. The Other Side Was, We Grew Up in Religion but They Seem to Be Holding Information Back from Us, And Why?



Watch And Listen Today: Rasaji Informs Everyone How to Connect to Your Higher Self.


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