Gov Abbott Goes One Step Further Than DeSantis In Fight Against Big Tech


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Texas Governor Abbott Shows The United States How To Fight Back Against Big Tech! 

Just a few days ago, we reported on how Florida’s Gov. DeSantis is fighting back against Big Tech.

Well Texas isn’t to be outdone! 

Gov. Abbott says, “Hold my beer. I’ll show you how its done!”

(Those are my words, not his) 

In DeSantis’ Florida Bill, it is there to protect political speech and political candidates. 

That’s fine, but what about the people getting censored that are NOT running for political office?

Their voice matters too!

So from my understanding and what I have read in the Texas Senate Bill, SB12 is that…

It protects ALL users in Texas, not just political candidates.

If that ends up being what becomes law, it seems like a good step in the fight back against Big Tech!

You can read more about it on News4SanAntonio here. 

Gov. Abbott is likely working overtime trying to smooth over the Texas Apoloclypse that he could have avoided if he wanted to.

You watch Alex Jones go nuclear about it here.

Should other states adopt and create similar Bills?

Let us know in the comments below!

And please share this page if you want to see more governors fight back against censorship!

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  1. EVERY state needs to have legislation prohibiting censorship since we can no longer count on the Federal government to support the First Amendment and the Supreme Court is still struggling to decide if there even is a constitution any more.

  2. IF DeSantis only addresses penalizing censorship of politicians, the problem doesn’t go away for “We, the People” who HIRED those politicians. FREE SPEECH for EVERYONE.

  3. Gov. Abbott has it right. Social media is that, a media, and when you advertise to the general public, you are saying speak here. I remember when Facebook started way back when, and it was a free for all on the page. However, after certain things in language and pictures were omitted, it was a fun place to go. Now its all political and you get banned or censored, still do, for speaking your mind. Here’s the kicker, they put provocative material on, once they know what party, or not, you are involved with so they can censor you. It is nuts. I won’t hold back, but a few of my friends have been kicked off of FB because they spread the word about this or that, which is what you do when you want to engage in talking about certain problems, whatever they are. Here again I stress, this is a media. They sell your info, though they say they don’t, but they do, just like Google, and then tell you , you can’t say that…? BS. The second you went behind my back to get money for my info for your little page, you breached your own policies FB. But you know, the other sites do it too. So I am all for The Governor going after them. Their britches are too big, they need to come back down to earth. Yes, Gov. Abbott gets it done!

  4. Exactly what I just said, its a wonderful concept but I feel like he (Desantis) only went half-way. I hope he isnt like the elitists who dont think beyond the political realm.

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