Garrett Ziegler Exposes Biden & Other Deep State Facts From Hunter Laptop

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Garrett Ziegler Exposes Truth & Deep State FACTS on Conservative Daily Podcast

Garrett Ziegler Exposes Truth & Deep State FACTS on Conservative Daily Podcast

You have probably heard the name Garrett Ziegler before.

Maybe you follow him on Telegram here

And unless you’ve investigated and thoroughly read through the work at Marco Polo in exposing the Hunter Biden laptop, you might not be aware of many of the specific crimes being committed.

Be sure to watch this great episode as Garrett and Joe talk about details in the laptop, naming names and revealing “The Plan” to help get justice! 

Garrett says he is OCD and what a gift when doing this type of work!

Garrett is so thorough in fact, he adds his corrections from the interview with Joe Oltmann in his Telegram channel…

Garrett says he plans to have this Hunter Biden Laptop Report out for the public next week! 

It will be free for everyone to download and read through. 

And once it drops, it’s going ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Garrett mentions in this interview that he’s sending a copy of the report to everyone that’s in the laptop! 

There is going to be memes and news for years coming out about that stuff. And let's pray for justice as well.

Be sure to thank Garrett for his great work he and the team are doing with Marco Polo! 

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