Drugs In Your Water? – March 17, 2023

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Did you know there are several pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water? (Including many bottled waters) 


Check out this story to see for yourself…and also what you can do about it.


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“The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”







What Is Tartaria? Have These Old World Buildings Been Destroyed Purposefully?







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Tip Of The Day




Tip of the day: Look for the good. As you go throughout the day, whether you’re talking with people you know or seeing some kind of news in the media, ask yourself, “What could be good about this?” “What good can come from this?” 


Not only will that help you find more good in life, but you will also be strengthening your critical thinking! You will be using your brain and attention deliberately. And you will also likely then begin to see opportunities and solutions like never before!






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