Dr. Shiva Grows His Lawsuit With American Working People Fighting Back To Prove Election Fraud

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Dr. Shiva hosted a video call yesterday along with multiple ordinary citizens who have stood up and have been fighting the fraud that took place in the 2020 election.

This is what fighting for freedom looks like. 

Dr. Shiva also maps out the blueprint for what he’ll be doing next. 

Take a look…

I saw this video on Dr. Shiva’s YouTube channel, which is still here for now! 

Please be sure to subscribe to his channel and turn on notifications there to see his newest videos. 

Right now, Dr. Shiva and his team of Patriots are gathering local data and finding every county or town they get data from, the numbers of voters doesn’t equal the number of votes cast.

In several areas, you see that there were more votes than voters! 

How do you explain that other than they either scanned ballots multiple times or there’s an algorithm in the machines that multiply votes for a decimal. 

Either way, it’s fraud! 

You’ll see these people have also signed affidavits and Dr. Shiva is adding it to his federal lawsuit. This allows the judge to see that this problem is happening all over the country, not just in Massachusetts. 

This fight isn’t pretty and it’s not always exciting. 

It’s about knowing how to fight, what to fight for and not getting distracted with other things. 

That’s why you might want to consider becoming part of Dr. Shiva’s Warrior program here.

This is where you get to see private webinars where Dr. Shiva explains the game plan, how to take action and victories from around the country.

All that in addition to teaching about health, the immune system, systems thinking and more.

You’re basically getting an MIT level education from one of the smartest freedom fighters on the planet right now here.

Hopefully I’ll see you on one of his future Warrior webinars where you’re sharing your success story!

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