Dr. Christiane Northrup Exposes The Public Health Establishment & Explains Multiple Mysteries


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Dr. Christiane Northrup Exposes The Public Health Establishment & Much More! 

In this video, Dr. Northrup talks about a variety of of health issues related to vaccines and the covid shot.

Can the covid shot affect couples having sex?

Will your insurance cover you if you or someone you love dies from the shot?

Watch and see!

This video in/was on YouTube here.

In that video, Dr. Northrup reveals some fascinating brain science.

She talks about how “righteous anger” can actually boost the immune system when utilized correctly! 

Dr. Northrup shares a lot of interesting information in that interview.

But wait, there’s more! 

Dr. Christiane Northrup Reveals Some Shocking Health Intel, Unusual Causes For Illness & More!

This video interview is/was on YouTube here.

In that video, Dr. Northrup talks about the Flexner Report, which was a report back in the early 1900s that was commissioned by John D. Rockefeller.

This report basically began the destruction of natural therapies and remedies and began the propaganda and genesis of big pharma.

You can see a short video on how John D. Rockefeller snuffed out natural cures and started big pharma here.

Dr. Northrup has a wealth of knowledge and information and if you resonate with her and her message, I invite you to learn more about her on her website at https://www.DrNorthrup.com

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  1. I love these brilliant people on exactly the same page as I am , saying even the same things and standing up against this madness we must work together , I predicted all this long ago and have been screaming about these agendas that have actually all been announced long ago, please contact me at Observant777@protonmail.com

  2. A lot of nurses are at that point now. But I have a family? But the universe will provide.
    What if all nurses walked out?
    Doctors too?
    Exposed the lies?

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