Dr. Carrie Madej: Credible or Debunked? You May Be Shocked When You See This


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Have you heard of Dr. Carrie Madej? 

She has been getting a lot of attention lately. 

And for good reason! 

She has been speaking about some incredible information.

Wait til you hear what she has to say.

But the question is…

Is Dr. Carrie Madej credible or debunked?

Listen to her speak and you’ll get a very clear sense of whether she’s speaking truth or lying to you.

Here is Dr. Carrie Madej explaining what she noticed when nanobots were first introduced to her from a military doctor back in 1998/99.

Dr. Carrie Madej on Nanobot Technology

Dr. Carrie Madej – Full Interview – Planet Lockdown

This sit down interview with Carrie Madej reviews the topics of the vaccine, freedom and where we are headed.

Watch more full interviews and educate yourself at

Dr. Carrie Madej & Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Vaccines & The Plan for Humanity

After watching those videos, would you say Dr. Carrie Madej is credible or debunked?

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  1. Wonderful information! I have a question: I have not and will not get the jab! but all of my family has gotton the jab, Iam invited for Mother’s day should I be exposed? shedding the vaccine etc to me?

  2. It was very convincing and came across to me as honest and forthright. I did not sense any motive other than the concern for people. I am a 64 yr old retired laborer,father of 3 grandfather to 8 who’s not about to trust a medical device called a vaccine come near any of us. It is time to make a stand and take the stage for what is right and do whatever we can to stop the wrong.i am still sort of new to how to use this tech we have today but if someone could let me know if there is a group of like-minded individuals in Newaygo County michigan I sure would appreciate it.ty for making this available to me be blessed bumpa

  3. Credible comments on most topics however age may play a factor. Both Carrie and Andrew stated many vaccines were for diseases they had never seen giving the example of mumps, measles, whooping cough. My brothers had mumps and measles in the early 60’s and my father whooping cough in the mid 90’s. I had a client in the late 80’s who died of hepatitus B. Just because you have never seen it does not mean it never happens you possibly may just be too young or isolated

  4. She is spot on. Thank you Dr. Madej and Dr. Kaufman for this excellent . presentationI. I was trained as a nurse, laboratory technician and ran a medical reference laboratory for 3 years. Truth and truthers are being discredited and “erased”. I got out of the medical field when I watched medicine being regulated and manipulated by big business, government, the insurance industry and big pharma. It was no longer about healing. Consequently the Hippocratic oath were kicked to the curb. (First:Do no harm) Profits and the “bottom line” became the law of the land in medical facilities and clinics. It’s all medical management for folks “ in the system”. Symptoms are now labeled as if they were diseases so they can be treated with new drugs, too. Healing people is not profitable. Think about it. Interestingly I opened a computer business and the stories about artificial intelligence and smart phones is spot on, too. Two excellent books regarding these topics would be; Bitten; the secret history of Lyme Disease by Kris Newby And Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Brucker

  5. I have done a ton of research on all things covid, for 18 months, I did 9/11 before that! It lead me to all things WiFi, 5G, chem-trails, GMO allllll the way’s “govt” is killing us, Eugenicist BILL GATES DEPOPULATION program is in full force, and, IS UNDENIABLE when it comes out of his very own dirty mouth!!! Covid lead down me into another govt, deep, dark bottomless rabbit hole! From Canada, to India, to GATES, to the (long) list of profiting oligarchs reaping the rewards of COVID!!

    I have no doubt in my brain, that her message is truth, she only confirms what I’ve also learned so far, in 4 feet of documents alone, when this Dr. talks, it’s never the other way around where I go, red frickin flag, she is RIGHT, not like the Alex Jones of the world, that leave crucial stuff out, to say the least! I know the patents she talks about, I have too many! She is credible, you just have to dig deep, and trust your spider senses!!!

    It’s too bad that some people? who ever they are? maybe zuckyberg botts?? are trying to discredit this Dr. they did that with me, with 5G, so, one has to look at “her” motive? and any pay off, follow the money trail and you will see, the true evil research!

    I personally don’t see this Dr. Carrie benefiting, from telling the truth, I certainly haven’t had an open arms welcome, just from wanting to warn people about nano tech and harmful POISON vaccines/ covid, it would be the other way around if? she wasn’t credible, and was some GOVT TOOL their to mislead you!!

    When I first read, several of these Dr’s were being discredited, I know it’s our vaccine force govt doing that! I had to wonder why? that was? I didn’t think? IF she was guilty of being a shill? never crossed my mind! It appears a few people are saying what they don’t actually know to be true, or, can PROVE to be UNtrue! Apparently just trying to mislead you, or, they are truly delusional? 🤔 I have tons of research if anyone needs a link, it’s hard to find truth these days!

  6. I watched Carrie to get more and more worried and now I get worried about Carrie.
    She was the One who opened my eyes and made me doing my own research. If it wasn’t for Carrie, I’d perhaps run around with masks all over my body (joking), no but really. Her insight is invaluable!

    Totally agree, we need to break down borders and unite globally since this is a war on humanity!

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