Dr. Carrie Madej: Credible or Debunked? You May Be Shocked When You See This

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Have you heard of Dr. Carrie Madej? 

She has been getting a lot of attention lately. 

And for good reason! 

She has been speaking about some incredible information.

Wait til you hear what she has to say.

But the question is…

Is Dr. Carrie Madej credible or debunked?

Listen to her speak and you’ll get a very clear sense of whether she’s speaking truth or lying to you.

Here is Dr. Carrie Madej explaining what she noticed when nanobots were first introduced to her from a military doctor back in 1998/99.

Dr. Carrie Madej on Nanobot Technology

Dr. Carrie Madej – Full Interview – Planet Lockdown

This sit down interview with Carrie Madej reviews the topics of the vaccine, freedom and where we are headed.

Watch more full interviews and educate yourself at

Dr. Carrie Madej & Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Vaccines & The Plan for Humanity

After watching those videos, would you say Dr. Carrie Madej is credible or debunked?

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