COVID Test Has Silver Nanoparticles That Might Cause Neurological Damage!

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YIKES! COVID Test Shows Silver Nanoparticles & Comes “Alive” In Real Time!

I first saw that video a few months ago and it was pretty shocking.

However, after a phone call I had with someone today, it became even more real to me…

Watch this video and I explain more…

Now, I might be a bit late to the party on telling you to consider whether or not you take the test.


From my conversation today, it's more important than ever to realize THE TESTS ARE NOT SAFE! 

And like the woman in the first video said,

“They don't need to microchip you if they can get nanotechnology into your brain with a covid test!”

Now if you have already taken a test like this, I don't know what to tell you.

Do your own research.

See if there are ways to detox from it. 

Take responsibility for your reality.

If you haven't taken the test, congrats! I would suggest keeping it that way. (Just my humble opinion )

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