Constitutional Lawyer Talks Down Health Inspector In 5 Minutes

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Watch Constitutional Lawyer Rick Martin Talk Down A Health Inspector On Behalf of A Business Owner in 5 Minutes Flat

Rick Martin is an incredible Patriot. 

Over 10,000 businesses have opened up during this “Plannedemic” because he's filled them with the truth and the confidence to know the law is on their side. 

There's no law requiring you to close your business or enforce ANY covid restrictions. You can see more from Peggy Hall here about it.

In addition, Rick and his team have put together a MASSIVE amount of free resources for you on their website.

You can see for yourself at or by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post.

And here's another interview with Rick Martin you may find interesting.

Please share this page with ANY business owner you know because they DO NOT have to be closed or restricted! 

Rick and his law group have a phone number on their website for emergencies you or any business owner can call. They also they have a team of lawyers on standby 24/7 who will fight for your rights. 

Learn more about Rick Martin and how he can help you here. 

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