Child Trafficking Exposed In AZ! – September 21, 2022 Update

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Great day Patriot,  


Thank God for the courageous whistleblowers! 


There is a Senator in Arizona that is speaking out about DCS (Dept. of Child Safety) and child trafficking! 


Get more details here.


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“By the yard it’s hard, but inch by inch, everything is a cinch.”



Arizona Senator Exposes DCS For Facilitating Global Child Sex Trafficking Ring





Are We Human Beings or Human Doings?



God Bless


Jared James

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Tip Of The Day


Tip of the day: Continue to practice the fundamentals everyday. Martial arts masters have said, “If you want to be a master, master the basics.” They have also said, “I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know that you have practiced once. I am afraid of the one strike you know that you’ve practiced 10,000 times.” This goes beyond just martial arts. 


This is why doing gratitude daily is key. Exercising daily is key. Doing the “small things” each day that are getting you closer to your goals. It is those things repeated hundreds or thousands of times over years is what makes the massive changes.


You’re going to be somewhere 10 years from now. Why not be where you’d like to be?! You can start and continue on that path today.



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