Are There Angels Among Us?

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A Lot of Time I Hear Questions Like Are There Still Angels Among Us? Well, In Revelations Jesus Is Giving Discourse to John the Beloved on The Island Of Patmos, When Making Reference to the 2nd Birth of The Father and His Holy Fire.


Jesus Mentions That There Are 7 Angels Staying at The Gates Of 7 Churches Which Basically Help to Open Up Your Portals or Chakras.


Also, A Lot of References Made to the Guardian Angel That Is in Charge of Looking Out for Us in This Present Incarnation. There Is an Angel for Every Function of Our Heavenly Father, for Example Healing and Warrior Angels, Like Archangel Gabriel and Michael.


When There Is a Major Increase of One Kind of Angels Over the Other, It Tells You Something Big in That Area Is Picking Up. So, The Answer to The Question Is Yes, There Are Angels Among Us Always, Stay Tuned!



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