Appointed vs. Elected

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According to Sheriff Bob Songer, most Sheriffs in his area are elected and they are Constitutional Sheriffs. If you give up this position to be appointed, you will have NO ONE to stand up for your rights.


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  • Hello, I’m really worried for the future of our country .
    There is so much propaganda and purposeful chaos and it appears it’s to distract us from what’s going on with our finances. Is there truly inflation or is there propaganda about inflation? No one is talking our finances. If we are truly getting rid of Fiat currency, what are we going to use for money?
    Who is going to make us whole? Or are we just going to be out of luck ? How are we going to pay our auto payments, mortgages etc? It’s not our fault for the fiat currency mess we’re in.
    We worked, purchased goods and paid taxes, and now we get left with crumbs and nothing else after a lifetime of working and sacrifing???????? What is the big secret? Why couldn’t the plan simply been told to the people. We’re not stupid, but we are getting angry.

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