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Thank you for visiting My Patriots Network.

My Patriots Network was created in 2020 to offer a web-based meeting place for patriots looking for like-minded people who want to restore and maintain Constitutional government and live free from collectivist interference. We support Liberty and the rule of law as codified in the Constitutional for the United States of America.

We encourage patriots struggling to restore liberty, freedom of expression, and the right to live their lives as a means to their own ends - comforted and supported by peaceful people living the same way, to join us here.

Sign up for a membership and join our forum to learn more about how we can stand against the rising insanity of an agenda controlled by those seeking to destroy American culture, rewrite and ignore its history, divide the people, and denigrate the American way of life.

We offer frequently updated blog posts with articles that inform and educate the reader about the multifaceted agenda of the enemies of America while offering ideas and solutions in our forum, contributed by enlightened members and the MPN Team, which can be used to push back and guide the narrative back to the world we want for ourselves and our families.

If you are interested in

  • Constitutional Government
  • Freedom of Speech
  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • Life-supporting morals, including reality-consistent ideas about gender, sex, and race
  • Peacefully forming strength in numbers groups and movements to push back against anti-life social agendas and collectivist social orders
  • A world that defends children and seeks to end human trafficking, pedophilia, and the normalization of traditional perversion
  • Honest Elections
  • Honest Judges and court systems
  • Fair Enforcement of Law
  • Privacy and protection from predatory technology
  • Competing currencies and honest money and financial privacy
  • Competitive and natural medical systems
  • Informed consent
  • Rights to decide what happens to your body
  • Rights to work and make a living
  • Right to Life
  • and more

Then you might find MPN feels like home.

Please join us and watch for our notices regarding missions that members can be part of that work to peacefully reestablish control over those things we, through lack of knowledge or effort, have let slip away.

Here are some of our current missions:

  1. Help us restore Constitutional Government County By County
  2. more to come

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